Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just because cards.

Oh, when does my busy life ever slow down?  I'm sure you all can relate, but I feel like I can never catch up.  I perhaps procrastinate too much.  Maybe it's Facebook and Creating the Hive, and all the cool shopping sites...  maybe it's my parent's great food in the kitchen (I live with my parents temporary) that I get pulled there more often than to stay put in my craft chair.  Perhaps it is all the painting, packing, organizing that I'm doing.  Or, life is just simply hectic with 3 kids.  Nevertheless, I managed to put together two simple cards today.  And, I just started on another SVGCuts project tonight.  It may take a while, so don't get too excited just yet!  I hope that all of you are well :)

I just learned how to make these 3D flowers out from a flower shape and a circle cut 4 times each.  Ink the edges, crumple up the sides, take the flower shaped cuts and fold them in half and layer it over another, and glue them on to the bottom (circle pieces on top of each other) and then I added button in the middle.


  1. You fixed the link problem AND you made those oh so gorgeouso cards! Bonita muchachita muey Bonita! (Beautiful lil lady Very Beautiful! I love the word muchachita- it's from Skippy Jon Jones the Siamese cat that wished it was a dog)
    Have I mentioned you take GREAT pictures too...I need to get better at that WELL better at it all...

  2. Beautiful cards... I love them both

  3. I can relate to the crazyness, LOL.... And even more to the procrastination, I think it is my middle name. I swear when my computer was done there was much more done here... ;-)
    Beautiful cards. At least try to take advantage of being pampered at your parents... ;-D

  4. BEAUTIFUL card!!! I LOVE that flower!!!

  5. I gave you an award...I'm sharing the love baby! Go to my blog to see



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