Friday, January 25, 2013

Beep. Beep. I'm a LOVE bot :)

Haa < Peee > Furaidei. 

Beep. Beep. (Crash!)
(Hopfully not.)

 photo DSC_0407-1_zpse71ba45e.jpg

So, as most of you have seen this adorable guy over at SVG Cuts FB page,

 let me share with you some close up pics of him - 

more so, his charming points :)

 What inspired me to make him was all the cool knick knacks that I have collected -

 bottle caps, spinners, metal knobs, various colored wires, wooden spools etc... 
thinking there MUST be something that I can make using those things!
 (I NEED to use them and PROVE that I AM USING them, 
or else the next crafty shipment that arrives,

 I know my hubby will give me that look...  j/k.)

Coming up with exactly what boxes was a challenge.  

There were TOO MANY options.
 Do I make his head round? 
Should he have legs? 
So, this one particular project is hopefully an inspiration to you -
 and feel free to change it up -

 give your own 'bot some personality and originality!

So...yes... back to his charming points.

He can raise his hand!

 Yep, this guy is full of tricks, isn't he? 
(The shoulder is attached to the body via brads, so he can even move his arm around to the back! 
Bet you can't do that!)

 photo DSC_0422-1_zps24282a4c.jpg

I must tell you that I've programmed him in with lots of love. 

Look at that heart meter!

Don't you just LOVE those gears

Mary made them for me when I told her that my robot needs them to come alive.

You can download them, too, over at the SVG Cuts blog 
(for free! Can't get any better than that!)

 photo DSC_0411-1_zps7a500be3.jpg

He also has mini screwdriver and a wrench with him all the time,

 in case something goes wrong. 
(which will NEVER happen, 'cause I made him well)

But, if that's the case, he's clever - 
he can fix himself! 

 photo DSC_0430-1_zps4756a60d.jpg
 photo DSC_0419-1_zpsed9a3a9e.jpg

His feet have 'weights' inside them, so he'll never fall from a slight push. 

You DON'T want a wimpy robot, right?

So, you wanna know what my BIGGEST CHALLENGE was? 

It was in writing this guy up to submit it in as my project. 
What to name him.
 I'm sure Love Bot has been used everywhere, 
but when I googled that name,
 it was definitely NOT the 'things' that I wanted to be associated with! lol.
 So... what would I call him? 
Mary from SVG Cuts, suggested to give him a name..
. but let's say, Thienly's LOVE bot... 
sounded worse to me. 
Kinda creepy. 
Then Leo kept calling it The Love Machine... uh huh... 
after all that discussing,
 I decided that it should be better kept simple, 
and no one else wouldn't think anything of it. 
(Of course, after reading this, you may!)

So, that's my project!

To make this LOVE bot - 
you simply need to pick up these files:

...and then head over to the blog for exact files used, dimensions and instructions.
(Oh, and you can download these GEARS there, too!)

 photo gears_zps40899736.jpg

Aren't they awesome?

Before I let you go - 
I've gotta give some LOVE to the newest kit that just got released today!
It's SOOO amazing!
I've wanted a WESTERN THEMED KIT soo bad.

Introducing... Happy Trails SVG Kit!

 photo HappyTrailsSVGKit_zps7b18fbcc.jpg

This would've totally went well with this project I did last year!

 photo DSC_8327_zps89b8f699.jpg

Alrighty - gotta busy Friday night ahead! 
Have a great crafty weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love and Bravery hop :)

Welcome to another Unity hop!
You should be arriving from Shemaine's blog :)

Here's a list of participating blogs for your reference!

Thienly Azim - YOU ARE HERE!

This is a SPECIAL hop for me...
'cause SVG Cuts stamps are being released through Unity today!

I've got a few things to share with you today - 
some new, some not-so-new, but it all fits here today!

First is the brand new itty bitty that is being released today!
Seems like the new 'IN' thing is the nautical theme...
I've been seeing anchors everywhere 
(I just even ordered anchored embossing folder -
 should be perfect for upcoming projects if I'm predicting this right! 
All I need now is an anchor washi tape...
 or do I even have it? 
This is when I realize I've got way too much 'stuff' -
 I can't keep track of what I have. HA!)

Anyway - as soon as I saw this stamp,
 I KNEW that this porthole freebie from SVG Cuts would be PERFECT for it! 
(and it suits me so well, as I am going on a cruise vacation in a couple of weeks!
 Can't wait!
Then, with my vacation brain, I
'm sure I'm going to definitely forget my 'crafting supplies inventory' 
and probably will end up ordering another anchor embossing folder!)

 photo DSC_0439_zps75354e8f.jpg

Totally fun, right?

It's a pretty big anchor, so you can totally have fun with it!

 photo DSC_0435_zpsc611a904.jpg

The next up is a card that I made using last week's stamp of the week. 
'Lunch - grade school style'
It has been posted over at the Unity blog, but for those of you that missed it, here it is!

 photo DSC_0377_zps147a2f97.jpg

Remember - Stamp of the Week stamps will only be released twice a year.
So... if you think this is CUTE and don't wanna miss any more stamps - sign up here.

I don't usually use these colors, but with this 'lunch box' style - 
I think it totally fits! 
I had papers from Scenic Route from a while ago, and was perfect for this!

Next up are projects that I made for SVG Cuts a while ago, 
but these are the stamps that's being released today at Unity!!! 
The Valentine stamp set was so popular last year, 
so now is YOUR chance to snag'em!
 photo svgcuts_zpsd125942e.jpg
Super fun sentiment stamps, aren't they? 
These are designed by Mary - 
who also designs all the amazing cut files at SVG Cuts.
 I can't wait to see more of her designs!

Here's a project using the 'All you need is Love' set.
It's an all-in-one Valentine -
a card, a coupon book and some treats!
So fun!
 photo book1_zps113ab053.jpg

 photo book21_zpse18f0960.jpg
...and here's a card I made from Bunnies and Blossoms set!

 photo DSC_7642-1_zps93264cd5.jpg

Click here for this blog post on info to see more pics and info on files used :)
Here are the files used:

April Avenue SVG Collection
Everyday Cards SVG Kit

If you notice above - the papers are cut EXACTLY around the stamp image!
How cool, right?
For those of you that have cutting machines with the capability to cut SVG files,
you may download the 'Stampables' to complement your stamps!
Click here to download and for a video demo!

These sentiments make perfect touches to my crafts!

There's also 4 amazing background stamps being released today - from Liz Hicks
She's an amazing artist, and I'm sure you can tell by these stamps! 
I love them so much - I need to get them all!

 photo lizhicks_zpsda347468.jpg

...and of course, Unity knows how to give you a better shopping experience!
 There's TONS of LOVE and BRAVERY stamps on sale priced $12 and under. 
So go check it out! 
Click here to take you to the sale page!

 photo Unitypromo_zps3353633c.jpg

 photo svgcutspromo_zps59a591af.jpg

As you can see from these promo ads - 
from EVERY sale - 
a dollar will be donated to Melody Ross (Brave Girls Club!)

...and AS ALWAYS - 
from all the love left behind on all the participating blogs, 
3 winners will be chosen to win $20 Unity gift certificates! 
Good luck!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pennants of love.

Happy Tuesday!!
I'm up on the Unity blog today for DT Tuesday!

Today, I have a simple project to share with you -
a perfect way to give some love to your Valentine on that special day.

I had a bunch of brown glassine bags (you can buy them anywhere - lots on Etsy!)
and decided to 'alter' it a bit using some yummy Unity stamps!


Have you seen that new Grid Alpha stamp?
LOVE LOVE LOVE it - and just had to ink mine up!
I stamped them on a cotton muslin fabric with letters L-O-V-E,
and machine stitched them to make pennants.


I embellished it with felt rose, a man and a woman sprinkled with love in a jar, 
a heart button, some washi and twine.


It's simple, but I think it's so cute!
Wouldn't you die to get some Unity stamps in this bag for Valentine's?


These followring stamp sets were used:
Hearty Barley (tiny heart tag and 'xoxo')
We Treasure You (newsprint heart)
Lovely Bits & Baubles (tiny heart background)

I dunno if any of you have been wondering...
I haven't been working as much with my cutter lately..
I'm MISSING working with my SVG files!!!

I've had some trouble with my current Sizzix eclips...
However, they are sending me out a replacement machine, 
so that's what I'm waiting for!
Hopefully it arrives VERY SOON!

Meanwhile, have you seen the latest kit from SVG Cuts?
It's it the sweetest kit ever?
The strawberries look yummy, 
and I LOVE the heart struck pencil Valentine.
So cute!!!

It's the free gift of the week with $9.98 purchase or more! :)


Alrighty - time for me to go check mail! lol...
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Angela! - Hip Hoppin' Thursday

Hello All!!
It's another HIP HOP Thursday, and we're doing it in STYLE this week!

Welcome to the LAST STOP!
I know it's long hop - but we all worked so hard to make this a FUN ONE!

It's Angela's birthday celebration this week, so we're doing it BIG.
So so exciting, isn't it?
Unity Stamp Company just knows how to have fun!

First of all - have you seen all the new stamps on the website?

Angie Blom just totally rocked this release!!!
Look at all the amazing ANGIEgirls there are!
For those of you that are into mixed media, I'm sure, are gonna go crazy!

There's 3 others, as well - all SO AWESOME!

To make it easy for you to see everything in one place, 
I put together all the new release images into one place!


Isn't it amazing?

I have that grid alpha stamp (LOVE!) and just didn't have enough time to play this week!
Hopefully soon!

You can click here to go purchase these ones! (will link up when the website is ready!)

As for the SALE - yep, Angela is turning 40 this year, and she wanted everyone to go celebrate!
SO - ALL the stamps are 40% off.
AND, with $25 purchase or more, you even get a free surprise gift!
How fun is that?

Angela is one of the most AMAZING person that I've known - 
she's inspirational, so positive, and extremely giving.
She loves what she does.
She loves her family.
...and I know she loves us :)
She has a PASSION for life, 
and she'll turn anything that life has to offer into a positive.
and that just makes her so BEAUTIFUL.

Happy Birthday!!!


Now, as for the blog hop....
(I bet you almost forgot why you came here in the first place!)

You should be arriving from Stephanie's blog.
For your easy reference, here are all the participating blogs!

Thienly - YOU ARE HERE! 

For my card today - I had to use the MAGGIEgirl, 'cause it's Angela's birthday hop!

I tried to do a 'mixed media take' on my card, and voila! 


So fun, isn't it?


I got outta control with those rub-ons! HA!


I used Epiphany Crafts Round 25 button and kinda looks like party balloons, don't they? 
October Afternoon Woodland Park papers were used.

Now, for my second project, this has NOTHING to do with new release. 
It's a fun project that I did for Angela - for her birthday!

I made a balloon doorhanger 
(it's an SVG Cuts file, but I altered it a bit by cutting off the bottom, 
and attaching the basket with a cord).

I embellished it with TONS of Unity Stamps, 
and I'm totally happy with the way it turned out!
You can even put little candies inside the basket!
If only I lived close to her, 
I'd take this into her office and hang this up on her door :)


Don't you love these colors? 
Again, these are October Afternoon papers - 5 & Dime.





So, in case any of you are wondering what stamp sets I used, here goes!

1. Tiny Vintage Banners (banners, obviously ;) )
2. Ticket to Life (2 tickets from here)
3. Homemade 6 Bean Soup (used zig zag stitch stamp)
4. Spotted Owl Soup (ticket)
5. Sweet & Sour Soup (happy birthday sentiment)

Remember - all the stamps are 40% off! :) 
I'm not being an enabler.
I'm only helping you in advance, 
in case you want them when they are regularly priced :)

Oh, and that pretty flair button is made by my friend, Tamara, from Paper Play Studio.

Ooooh, and I hope that you all saw the exciting news this week!
Mary, the designer from SVG Cuts
is going to be selling her stamp designs through Unity Stamp Company soon!

I am thrilled! 
This is a match made in heaven,
and to know that my two amazing bosses are going to be working together.. 
that just puts a smile to my face!

I just saw this today!
SO SO EXCITING, isn't it???


Anyway, that's it!

Hope you enjoyed the hop today, and THANK YOU for coming by!
Have a beautiful day everyone!

(REMEMBER to leave some love for your chance to win one for 3 $20 gift certificates to the store! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mother, who I admire.

Hello All!
Happy Saturday!
 I'm up on the Unity blog for SMAK Saturday, 
am excited to share my project today!
I thought that I'd challenge myself and create a layout for you using the 
December SMAK - {love story clips}
Yeah, it's a layout.
You read that right. 
(Get excited!) 
A layout from Thienly only comes once in a blue moon!

It's a pretty set - and gotta love that clipboard.
Oh, and the hexagon background.. and the chevron strips...
It's a stamp kit to die for!
I created a page and decided to give it as a surprise gift to mom today.
(Just because.)
She LOVED it!

(She's probably the biggest fan of mine...
she's got tons of my projects all hanging pretty in her sewing room)

She's like my best friend.
We do everything together and is ALWAYS there for me.
I hope that, one day, I can be just like her, and do the same for my daughter.

Here's the page, which I created using Crate Paper Pretty Party.

I love the vintage feel to this layout!
I even took a pic on my iphone and added a vintage finish to it, to match the layout!


Some wooden chipboard letters (inked with yellow), and washi tapes..
makes everything pretty!


That's my mom.
Isn't she beautiful?
(Well, I think!)


This whole kit was so easy to work together - 
such fun stamps!


Had to add some rosettes, too - 
and on the green one, it was even topped with a stamp!

Hope that you liked my layout today - 
and also saw how fun and versatile these SMAK kits are!

Endless possibilities!

Here's the current SMAK - 


So that's it!

Oh, and don't forget about the SVG Cuts Grand Re-opening sale!
Use coupon NEWSTORE to get 25% off everything!

Thanks for stopping by here today - 
may you have a beautiful Saturday!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Years! and It's another hip hoppin' Thursday!

Happy New Years to you all!

I am so HAPPY that you've made your way over to my blog this year already!
(and hope that you're gonna be back many more times! :) )
Sorry for the absence since Christmas...
It was a hectic December for me, and think I needed a bit of time off :)
I feel so much more refreshed and my new papers and supplies are calling out my name... 


It's time to get back in business! 
I'm back in full creativity mode, and today,
is another HIP HOP THURSDAY!!!!

You should be arriving from Shemaine's blog -
if not, here's the whole blog participants for your reference.

Thienly Azim - YOU ARE HERE! :)

(If you have noticed, Carisa is our newest design team member, 
and it's her first Hip Hop Thursday post! 
So let her know how awesome she is and how it's exciting to have her on a Unity team!)

Today's all about PHYLLIS HARRIS.
She makes the cutest children's illustrations, and the stamps are so fun to color!

If you haven't seen the new releases yet,
(there's FOUR of them -
Beauty All Around You
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
I Will Give You My HEART
Easier with YOU by my Side 


See how cute it is?
As much as I love her art, I get so nervous, 'cause it's got to be colored!
I'm more of a paper piercer kinda girl.


Alright - we're not done yet...

I have two more cards to share with you - 
 one being this week's Stamp of the Week! It's sooo cute, fun and girly!


...and here's what I came up with!
Not the most flattering papers to use here,
(and for some reason - I've had the same problem in the past when I used these papers -
 I CANNOT get a clear shot...)
but thought that the idea was cute :)


 I was quite proud of using a pipe cleaner for the mascara :)

The last card (my favorite) is a card that I made from this month' KOM
Have you seen that yet? 
It's amazing! 
It's all to do with LOVE - 
so perfect for that special day coming up! 
I know I'm gonna be totally putting that set to use this month!



I stamped the electrocardiogram onto a transparency paper, 
and then backed it with a graph paper from Echo Park Note to Self papers.
 I even had a stethoscope to use as a prop!


That cute heart you see is a button that I made using Epiphany Crafts heart tool.

Alrighty - that the end folks.
Hope that you liked my projects today, 
and that you were inspired from the hop.

Make sure to leave some love on EACH of the blogs for your chance to win 
one of THREE $20 gift certificates to Unity!

I'll send ya back to the Unity blog - if you wanna let Angela know how much you've enjoyed this hop
or I'll send ya to the Unity store, if you wanna shop!

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED on FACEBOOK and the WEBSITE for a FUN and EXCITING Phyllis Harris promotion this weekend!
It all starts at 3PM Central time - 
and ALL Phyllis Harris stamps will have a PHENOMENAL price! 

Either way - bye for now - 
have yourself a beautiful day!


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