Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Popcorn Cupcakes. - Epiphany Crafts DT Project.

Hey everyone! I'm back with another Epiphany Crafts project to share! I've got another project up for  Epiphany Crafts and this one is a super cute and simple one to put together! If you have some kids, this is the perfect treat to surprise them with! (Actually I really loved these, too!)

Do you like white chocolate?
Do you like buttered popcorn?
Do you like Easter M&Ms?
Well, then, imagine a treat that's all combined together!
That's heavenly! and it's possible!

I made Easter popcorn cupcakes, and you can make these in no time! 


These little cupcakes are even more adorable with just a simple packaging! Okay, I warn you - you'll be seeing lots of pics, and I couldn't choose as I thought all the pics were cute!

All you need are clear bags, wrap them around with twine and top it off with Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Round 14 with a vintage setting.




To make the packaging, here's all the stuff you'll need:

Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bags 2.5" by 6" wide bags
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool Round 14
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings - Tea Room (light pink, brown)
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings - Cabana (turquoise)
Twinery Twine (Carribean, Blossom)
Trendy Twine (Chocolate truffle)
Patterned Paper to match pink, brown and turquoise (I used Echo Park Dots & Stripes Candy Shoppe Collection) as a base for the epoxy Round 14

...and when you open these bags, here's what you'll find!


Don't they just look so yummy? Well, they are!


I think that this picture has got to be one of my fave pics that I've ever taken! It's so cute and colorful and looks delicious!

So, you want to know how to make these?

All you need are these ingredients:

(recipe derived from Mommy`s Kitchen) 1 bag Buttered Microwave Popcorn 6oz. Vanilla Candy Coating/Chocolate (white) Vanilla Candy Coating/Chocolate (blue and pink) Easter M&Ms Cupcake Wrappers

1. Pop 1 bag of popcorn, and place them inside a pan.
2. Melt white chocolate in the microwave at a medium setting for a minute, and at 30 second intervals thereafter until melted.
3. Pour all over popcorn and mix.
4. Mix in M&Ms while the chocolate is still soft.
5. Form into a ball and place them into the cupcake wrappers.
6. Place them into a freezer for a minute to harden the chocolate.
7. Melt pink and blue chocolate in the microwave at a medium power at 30 second intervals until melted and drizzle over the popcorn cupcakes.

Hope that you liked my little Easter treat ideas today using Epiphany Crafts products!
If enjoyed my posts today, I'd love it if you can leave me some love over at the Epiphany Crafts blog!

Thanks for stopping by and have a super duper crafty day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Treat Bags - Epiphany Crafts DT Project.

Hey all!

I'm excited to be sharing with you all my first Epiphany Crafts Design Team project with you all!
We were to create "Easter Treats" using Epiphany goodness.
So....  of course, I had to pull out my Sizzix Eclips and make some treat bags.


So cute, right? I love the kraft with a bit of color kinda look. So simple and modern. :) I love Miss Tiina graphics, too!


I used the EC Flower 20 Button in the middle of the pinwheel - it adds so much than just a regular button! and I was able to match the look with the rest of the project! The little flower button by the pennant "e" is also EC epoxy as well!


Here, I used the EC Shape Round 14 to make the inside part of the flower 'pop'!


I love these EC tools because I can just center the tool to exactly where I want it to be to make my epoxy sticker/button. Here, I centered the flower right in the middle to make the cutest embellishment! I even got to use my washi tape to seal the top of this treat bag!

To make these cute little packaging, you will need:
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool Round 14
Epiphany Crafts Button Studio Tool Flower 20
Crinkle Ribbon
Twine/Jute Twine
Washi Tape
Foam Adhesive
Wooden Dowel (for pinwheel base)
Scoring Board (yes, having scoring board makes a HUGE difference.  It can make anything look 'homemade' to 'professional')
Betty's Bags and Boxes SVG Kit (shopping_bag_tall.svg and altered with various openings)
Zipper SVG (SugarGem) (You may also use an alternative method to achieve similar results - explained below)
Easter Beans Kit (Miss Tiina) Instead of using computer clip arts, you can also substitute by using stickers/rub-ons/chipboard accents)

So, to make these bags, open up the shopping_bag_short.svg file (8.30" wide) and you can either break them apart to delete the holes that are at the top of the bag to replace with the zipper file, or even add in a shape 'window'.   The windows that I used are from:.. well, hmm... I didn't seem to note that! lol... but you can use any shape inside! After cutting, score all the areas to be folded including the little score mark at the top of the bag where the bag opening closes together. The open shaped areas were sealed with a clear acetate from inside.


After these are cut out - I scored them:


So, my fave one outta these is the 'zipper' one. I thought it was the coolest thing, and I had fallen in love with this idea when I first saw it on the Papertrey Ink die selection... Then, one of my blog friends who sell the coolest SVGs that she's made, created zipper SVGs! Pretty clever! I had to use them! So what I did was instead of having the circles to allow ribbon to go through, I deleted that, and replaced it with this zipper file. Here's what it looked like:


...and when you fully unzip it, it opens up like this!


For those of you that does not have the cutting machine but wants to create this similar effect - you can do it on your rotary cutter if you have a perforation blade! I tried it and it works!



The pinwheel is simply made from a square piece of paper with a diagonal slit going down from all the corners. Then each of the corners were glued to the middle. I wrapped washi tape around the wooden dowel, too!

Inside the bags, I filled them with jelly beans and Easter M&Ms. It's really cute to color coordinate your candies to your project - it helps to bring out the 'wow' factor in your projects :) 

Anyway, that's it! Hope you liked it - thanks for stopping by!

Oh, feel free to visit Epiphany Crafts blog page and let them know how you love me! Hehe... and they have a giveaway for one of their tools, too!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Memoir Keepsake Stand - SVG Cuts DT project

Hello! Yay - I'm so excited to share my next SVG Cuts project with you all today!

I had the hardest time coming up with my next project.  I don't know if I was just out of ideas, or all the things that I thought of doing was way too complicated - and there was no way I was going to explain how to make that in my directions.  Then, as I was flipping through my SVG Cuts' bible (my PDF binder), I came across that crate file from Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit.  Hmmm... boards and slats.  There's gotta be something cool that I can make using them.  Really - carpenters do amazing things from wood...  so then, I started thinking about all sorts of fun wooden projects that people make... and ta.da! My project idea was brought about!


I first contemplated on doing one of those wooden ladders with both sides at an angle... and make it more like a spring garden project.  That would've been cute, too, but decided upon a bookcase stand - where you have endless possibilities of customizing your project.  You can add embellishments, boxes...  wherever your imagination takes you - and you can pretty much change it up according to the theme and style.

Here's the side view:


Anyway - to make the actual stand - all you need is the Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit.  Yup, that's all you need!  You don't need to weld or break apart elements and such like all my other projects! How easy, right?  Just resize the boards accordingly to the instructions given on the SVG Cuts blog!

I used 3 other collections for my project - yes only THREE (this doesn't happen very often and they are:  Bundle of Joy SVG Kit, Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit, and Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection.

And, of course, you want to see more pictures, right?

This is my Amelie - she's now 3 years old and she's my sunshine! :) Of course, I've got to add in my favorite crinkled ribbons...

Aren't these blocks cute? I LOVE them, and you can pretty much make these blocks into any size! Wouldn't it be cute to spell out your child's name here?


And... these drawers that's on the bottom shelf can be used to store some memorabilia items! It slides out - just like a real furniture!


Photobucket So, on the inside of the boxes, I collected some keepsake things of Amelie - birth info, hospital ID wristband, first lock of hair and a little bag to put the first tooth.

 I also thought that it would be so cute to decorate the side up a bit - and decided to use that cute romper SVG and hung it at the side using a clothespin.

My mom told me that this is her favorite project EVER of my creations! That's saying a lot - and she even said that about my Christmas Lantern Streetlamp, but this tops it! and I must say - I fell in love with this project as well. Maybe because I know this is going to be given to Amelie, so I put my 100% HEART and LOVE into it. Hope that you enjoyed this project and for directions and actual SVGs used and its dimensions - please visit the SVG Cuts' blog.

So, I have another cool idea using these slats... stay tuned - maybe I'll do a summer project with this!

Thanks for stopping by - and have yourself a wonderful lovely day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How we spend our lives.

Hey all! I'm here to share another card that I made with my Unity stamps! These sales that they have on a 'weekly' basis are awesome, but really bad for my bank account! Nevertheless, I am so happy that they put on the sales that they do - I can build up my collection way faster that way!

Today's card features stamps from several different kits, but my whole idea of the card was inspired by the latest My Mind's Eye paper collection - miss caroline. I love their papers... so classy. A little bit of vintage, and a bit of elegance. Just my kinda paper.

I had this pretty 'ferris wheel' stamp from a while ago (retired now)... but it only occurred to me to use them together with tickets. Carnival = tickets... seems like an ordinary idea, isn't it? So, I pulled out my stamp sets, and put finally pulled off this card!


Some upclose pics:



I made a little 'tab' with one of the stamps from All About Today.


I just love this sentiment... I love how Unity stamps makes me think about the way I live. The way I feel. The way I am...


I just love these little token in epoxy... I used Epiphany Shape Studio Round 14 and these token sizes were just perfect size for it!

The sets I used in this card are:

Ticket to Life
All About Today
Splatters & Stars - all boy (Itty Bitty Simple Stories)
Ferris Wheel Unfortunately, this one is retired :(

Anyway, that's it for now... gotta get back to my cleaning (or start...)... which I've been putting off... gotta face it now. Ttyl!

April Showers Bring May Flowers.

Happy Spring! To celebrate the first day of spring - thought that I`d make a quick card!  Plus, the new collection from SVG Cuts is just way too darling, I couldn`t help it but to play with it.  As I`m working on a few projects, these PDFs were staring at me... "Come play with me!"...  Can I really leave these bunnies alone?  I'm sure you won't be able to either :)

So... the collection that I'm talking about is the April Avenue SVG Collection.  Too cute, right? (This is the free gift of the week, by the way, with the purchase of $9.98 or more and coupon: FREEGIFT)  So many cut files to choose from!  I picked the painting bunny, but instead, I made the bunny hold the umbrella, and decided to make the stand up-dimension card from Everyday Cards SVG Kit.

Here it is!


The sentiment is from the all new Bunnies and Blossoms Punkin' Patch Stamp set, and stamped this image on the perfectly-cut-just-right-for-the-sentiment.  How do you get them cut perfectly? Well... there's a SVG set  that's made just perfect for these stamps, so all I needed to do was to cut this out first, and then, stamped the image right on it.  So easy, right? You can get it perfect every single time.  Gotta love that!


What I love about these cards is the dimension that you get out from it.  By being able to adhere elements at the front face of the card and the inside, it really makes the card a lot of fun!  You can even add more dimension by adding foam adhesives as well.




If you are interested in making this, I've written out the sizes that I cut these elements for ya!

Everyday Cards SVG Kit - Party Card - Card_base.svg   5.50" wide

April Avenue SVG Collection
Painting bunny - body.svg   3.50" wide
pink.svg (ears)   0.57" wide
tulip - leaves.svg   0.694" wide
         blossom.svg   0.473" wide
Ballerina bunny - skirt_bow.svg   0.592" wide
boots.svg   1.46" wide
raindrops_top   0.348" wide (I personally think that they can be smaller - think it looks better that way)
Label - mid2.svg and mid3.svg... I broke apart the card_base.svg and deleted the inside frame and replaced with this

Robins Return SVG Collection
cloud_top.svg   1.770" wide

Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
Picket fence card - fence.svg   3.125" wide

I used Echo Park Springtime collection for the patterned papers.

Anyway, hope you like! Oh, and go check out their other spring collections, too... if these bunnies are not perfectly your taste, there's cuter ones, and there's more elegant ones! All in one place - Mary does it all!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest lately...

Gosh... I never knew about Pinterest until like 5 months ago... but wow, what an interesting site! I could spend hours and hours looking at people's ideas, and get inspired by it, or just dream about how amazing it would be to have a 'space' like that. The ideas are fabulous - really, some people are GENIUS.  They take the simplest ordinary thing and turn it into something amazing.  I'm really bad about 'pinning' it, but I really enjoy stumbling across many creative projects - so thank you to all those that I follow that have been doing great 'pinning' them onto your sites.  I enjoy looking at them.

Anyway, so just a few days ago, I came across 'burlap bunnies', and thought that they were the cutest thing and so simple to make (the site reference below).  I've been loving the burlap look, so it was perfect! I needed a 'simple' and 'fast' project to do!  There's quite a few of them online - but most of them have a 'country' look to it, and I'm not a big fan of that... as you know by my blog name, "mod" paperie.  I decided to take these burlap bunnies, but just make it abstract... to not put any faces on them, or to ink them... just keep it the way it is.  I know how some of you are bothered by not having a 'face' on them, but hey - it's my blog :) Hehe.


These little bunnies are really cute as table setting decor, or in my case, I left the top open, so you can even fill them with little chocolate eggs or something and make it an Easter treat bag. It's great for favors at a party!


For mine, I filled up with rice, but you can fill up with beans, or anything that your heart desires. They can sit up all on its own! Good bunny!


The only embellishment that I decided to put on was the crinkled ribbons, which I used to tie the bag together, and added a button that I made from Epiphany Craft Button Studio Tool Flower 20, and tied them with a yellow vinyl cord.

For more inspiration on these burlap bunnies, I came across these cute ones: The Little Green Bean, Oopsey Daisy (This one has a little tutorial on how to make one. The only thing that I changed was I left the top open and instead of using a rectangular piece, I rounded out the bottom)

Okay, I'm off - gonna enjoy the rest of the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Can't LEAF without you!

I have a quick card to share with you all today! I just got this Itty Bitty Unity stamp - 'Leaf Without You!' (Bella Blvd), and was inspired. I also was in need of a project that's 'something green' - whether it being color green (esp. St. Patrick's day) or being recycled decor item.  There's a linky party that just started over at Paper Issues and of course, being on their creative team, I wanted to have something to link up! If you have any thing that you can link up, I'm sure that Paper Issues would LOVE to see!

I challenged myself to keep this as clean and simple as possible (CAS) and this is what I came up with.


So, I was really excited about this card, and I show my hubby what I had made last night... and he looked confused. Didn't he not like it? What was wrong with this card? After asking him why he reacted the way he did, he told me that he doesn't get it - why would I make a card like that? It turns out that he thought that the 'leaf' was in place of 'leave'... "I don't know how I'd leave without you!" LOL! My hubby must've been out of it. He's usually pretty clever and 'gets' things faster than I do!

Anyway, a couple more pics:


The leaves totally follows the 'style' of the stamp, right? I stamped the same image on various green patterned papers and cut each of the leaves out to add 'color' to the stamp. The actual cut out leaves were from here. I layered the leaves with dark brown paper on the backing and added dimension by having some adhered with foam tape.


Beautiful stamp, isn't it? That green button was custom made by me! (with my Epiphany Button Studio Round 20)

Okay, so that's it! Oh, and don't forget about the BIG SALE happening over at SVG Cuts! All of the files are 25% now through Thursday, March 8th.  Use coupon: MOVING2012 to get your discount!

Happy crafting everyone! :)


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