Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yay! Spring finally here??? or is it only here for a day??

Finally a day of sunshine in Calgary!  It was just a nice change from all the snow and white that I've been seeing.  I better enjoy this, as it's so impossible to predict tomorrow's weather here.  I think that it was snowing here yesterday??? but today, it's all gone!

Anyway, feeling very springish today, I chose a spring file that I was going to work with, and decided to make two totally different cards.   I picked the tulips from the Organic Spring Flowers SVG Collection.

The paper I chose was from the Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety collection. 

Tulips up-close and personal :)  The actual cut from SVGCuts was the blackout look of the tulip.  I cut that out, and layered another same tulip on top with foam stickers, but made a slit into the flower to make it look like petals.

The stamp here is from Technique Tuesday. I don't have a pic to show the grass, but it's actually two layers of grass (one mirror-image) layered on top with a foam tape.  It gives it the 3D feel!  The fence is Martha Stewart punch!

Here's the second card that I made.  It's rather simple, but simple is good, right???

The stamp is also from the same set from Technique Tuesday.  This card, I bunched up the tulips together and tied it with a ribbon :)

I added Ranger pearls to the petals...  not the greatest job, but it added a little "umph" to the card, I think :)

Anyway, are you guys all wondering about the upcoming SVGCuts collection(s) that coming out this week?  It is going to be amazing (well, it always is!) but I can rest assure you that it's going to be another week of fantastic files that you must have in your collection :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Spring Waterfall Card - an SVGCuts DT project! and my $5 Gift card winner!

My spring card was posted on SVGCuts blog today.  I had super fun making this one, mainly because of the cheerful colors, and I got to use my beautiful patterned cardstock from Echo Park "Springtime".  I always try to put some sort of twist to my projects - not always, but I try - to make it more fun, and innovative.  So here, I took the popular Waterfall Card SVG Kit (which almost made it to my top 10!) and instead of putting the waterfall feature on the front, I put it inside the gatefold card. 

Here it is!

Here's the front of the card, all tied up with a pink gingham ribbon! And, when you open it...

It's a waterfall card!

Don't you just love the wrinkled up ribbon look? and I just love the branch and the bicycle!

Funny story here - I had this beautiful "spring" stamp and I had planned it all along to use it here.  Then, when I went to use it, I just kept getting an image with a portion missing!  Then I had realized that my stamp had melted...  anyway, I took individual letter stamps that I had to form the word "spring."

My waterfall card feature...

 You pull down the tab, and you see an umbrella!

 You pull down more, then it's a nest with eggs and a pretty daffodil!  I used glossy accents on the raindrops and the egg.  Makes it look so pretty!

Well, if you are interested in getting the dimensions and all the pretty cuts that I've used, visit SVGCuts blog, and it's all there!

Now, onto my $5 giveaway!  Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my last post!  It was so interesting to see what everyone's favorite collections were.  The 3D flowers and the explosion box kit got a lot of points!  They really are all must-have files, so make sure that you get them before the 25% sale ends tomorrow! (discount code:  SPRING2011)

Okay... now here is my winner, as chosen from my

and, the winner goes to:

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I have all of your favorites except the explosion box and I have 20 or so more!!! It is VERY hard to choose a favorite and a lot depends on the season too. Humm.... I use a great deal from Moonlight Garden Party, Afternoon at Auntie.. and/ but the very most from My Happy Garden. OK...only because Spring is in the air, I have to choose My Happy Garden.

March 26, 2011 6:35 AM

Congratulations, Cely!  I will be sending you $5!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Can't decide what to buy from SVGCuts? I`ll tell you my personal all-time favorite SVG Collections/Kits! (and $5 SVGCuts giveaway!)

I thought that today would be appropriate for me to share my personal favorites, as they conveniently has a sale right now and can get them all for 25% off until next Tuesday! (with discount code:  SPRING2011 (you can only use it once, so use wisely!)

It actually was really hard for me to choose (they are ALL AWESOME!), and took a lot of thinking on my part... but here goes... my top10 (in no particular order) are:

1.  Robin's Return SVG Collection

I don't think that I need to explain this one - as you can see, all cuts are just beautiful.  There's also a great variety in this collection as well - borders, frames, images, and my favorite is eyelet paper on the very back. 

I did my explosion box using this eyelet paper last year, and for those that haven't seen it, you can click on the image and takes you to the blog post :)

I love how versatile this collection is.  You may look at this, and you may not see much excitement with this one.  However, I've used these so much, and it's so pretty to add to anything!  It can be a border, add a touch of lace look to the card, can be used as a bag handle, and my favorite project with this was Christmas ornaments.

I've used a lot of these files in my various projects.  My favorite one is the gate, also inside my explosion box (shown above), and a tag and raspberry that I used for my jam jars (will be shown below) and I love the lattice and the chair...  I just haven`t had time to play full with this amazing set!

I have a good old memory with this one.  This is the file that just had been released, when I was appointed the first member of the SVGCuts design team.  I made Homemade Jam Jars project with this one.

As I explained last week, I think that this collection is so girly and so pretty! Love each of the papercraft included in this set - and they are super easy to make.  I am not going to show you my shoes, cause they are in the last few posts, but this is a must have kit :)  (I am also partially biased to this, as "Amelie" is also my daughter's name!)

6.  Premium Pop-Up Cards SVG Kit

Everyone loves pop-up cards, can't go wrong with this one!  My all time favorite card will be shared along with the next set.

7.  Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit

These cards are amazing when you open them.  It looks complicated, but it's super easy!  I decided to think out of the box, and used the above two card kits and welded it together to make a pop-up lever card!

8.  Explosion Box SVG Kit

This is not just for scrapbookers - there`s frames and embellishments you can add to any project!  My big project that I did with this one was Date to Remember book, using the frame from the bottom right. 

10.  (okay, I cheat.... but it's allowed 'cause it's my blog :))

......ALL 3D Flower SVG Collections.


Okay, I`m sure you can`t miss my flower topiary at the top of the page, it greets you everytime you come here, but this was made with these files!

So, as you can see, if you haven't purchased any of their collections, you are missing out!  In each of the collections that you get, you can print a pretty PDF (with instructions!) to start your SVGCuts binder (my favorite bed time reading! LOL!) and there's tutorials and videos that you can catch to help you assemble the complicated sets on the SVGCuts blog.
Okay, I've shared mine!

Tell me what your favorite collection is from them, and I'll choose one person (randomly!) to win a $5 gift card to SVGCuts! (chosen Monday evening!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter baking anyone? and SVGCuts looking for SCAL Beta Testers :) Could it be YOU???

I'm on a roll - a blog post almost daily! Whoa!  I wonder how long I can keep this up?!?!

I've been making some quick cards, and perhaps, that's why it's easy to share something everyday...  but it's been fun, and I hope that you're enjoying my quick creations, too :) 

Here's another quick Easter card from SVGCuts collections - Easter Morning Egg Hunt.

It's paper, but looks yummy!  I used foam tape in between to add dimension, twine, and again, the lettering is "digs my heart" font just printed right on my printer!

Enjoy :)

Oh, and one more thing - do you have any other cutting machines other than Cricut???  SVGCuts is recruiting YOU to become a part of their beta-testers for SCAL with non-Cricut machines!  You must have one of these machines: BossKut Gazelle™ , Black Cat Cougar/Lynx series, CraftWell’s eCraft™ , Craft ROBO™ , Silhouette™ , Pazzles, Sizzix eclips.  You are to test the compatibility of SCAL software, make cuts, photograph them, report errors and offer suggestions... 

If you are interested, click here, fill out the form, and if you're chosen, you'd get a free SCAL program and $50 Gift Certificate to 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hopping by to share some Easter cards :) and don't miss this sale at SVGCuts!

So - that dream of becoming a shoe designer lasted one day...  I think that I love my paper too much and my scissors and glue... and those cannot be applied to shoemaking.

Moving on - I'm thinking Easter.  Easter is now a month away, and thought that I would make some quick Easter cards for fun giving.  I worked on a few, but will be showing you one of the types today.  I'm trying to produce cards quick, without giving too much thought (I do that enough for my DT projects, so before I start on another one, I'm giving my brain a break! LOL!).

I made some bunny cards (from the Spring Bunnies Easter SVG Collection) and really liked the egg hunting bunny, so decided to make more of those simple weld and shadow technique cards.  I decorated the eggs with Ranger Pearls and the eyes with black glitter.  I didn't have an Easter stamp, so printed them on the printer (Yes, technically I could made Easter stamps with my new stamp maker, but takes too much time!) and color matched the font with the card colors. 

Now, are you aware of this amazing twice a year sale going on at SVGCuts???  All those collections that you've been wanting...  all those collections that you never thought that you need, until you see others making pretty things with them...  it's time to buy them all! From today til next Tuesday, everything that you put into the cart is 25% off with discount code:  SPRING2011.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Okay, forget paper crafting, I'm going to become a shoe designer!

Who knew that I would have so much fun picking out shoe colors?  I love looking through my gorgeous collection of papers and trying to pick out what patterns goes with what and try out different color combinations.  I think that I would have so much fun being a shoe designer! LOL! I've just had too much fun with this file from Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit, and thought I'd share another one with you.  Hope that I'm not boring you with the same things, but I think that I like this one better.  What about you?  (Instead of twine and a button, I used a glitter brad in the center of the flower instead).

Okay, I promise I'll show you something different next time!
Anyway, hope that you're having a great 2nd day of spring! (It's snow all around me, though! - depressing!)


Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm in LOVE with this collection!

This card, you wouldn't believe from how it looks, was made in 20 min!  Super easy, and super pretty!  I just had to post it to show you!!!  All the files that you need to cut is in Sabine's Shoe Card within SVGCuts Amelie's Accessories SVG kit.  (and it's free gift of the week!)  No resizing, no welding - super SIMPLE!!! I used button and twine to embellish it and used pop dots on the upper portion/strap of the shoe (where the feet is supposed to slide in) to make it look 3D like.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My son's 4th birthday.... plus the cutest ever SVGCuts collection, and the best(est!) deal on SCAL2!!!!

Tonight was my son's 4th birthday party with the family and was it ever a success (in my opinion)!  I mean, my son never whined, or got too shy, or got cranky, or tried to open his presents before dinner.... he was very pleasant and so happy to get all the attention :) 

Last night, I worked on his pennant to hang by the fireplace.  He asked to get some decoration in the shape of a triangle...  Hmmm... the only thing that seemed easy enough was to make one of these.  I admit, not my greatest job - I mean I had few hours to do this and make cupcake toppers, but it added to the party feel :)  The files are all from SVGCuts.  I love the rosettes! They add so much to the pennant.

I also attempted to make cupcakes for the first time in my life.  I have made cupcakes but with store bought mixes and icing that I just slap on with a spatula.  This time, I bought a cupcake decorating kit and pearl sprinkles and even made cupcake toppers!

I also worked really hard last night and today to pull off a meal for the party!  I just had to add these pics in! :)

After his nap this afternoon, I surprised him with his birthday hat.  He loved it and wore it for the whole night! (and between putting it back on after it falls off, and his younger sister trying to pull it off... it stayed as one piece!)  That's something to say about those SVG files - they are quite durable!

So.... have you all seen the newest collection from SVGCuts???  I keep saying this, but this may have to be my absolutest fave one yet! (big portion has to do with the collection being my daughter's name!!!)  Here it is:

Introducing.... Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit! Isn't this adorable???  The Eiffel Tower box, the armour, the shoe, the purse... and the flowers... can't wait to play!

SVGCuts also came out with another great freebie - cherry blossoms!!!

With the tragedy going on in Japan right now, Mary decided to make something that would represent Japan, and wow - this is beautiful!  LOVE IT!  and stay tuned for next week - she's busy making a Japanese-inspired collection that is going to help raise relief funds.  Thanks Leo and Mary!

Okay, one more news before heading off tonight - for those of you that don't have SCAL2, this is the time to get it!  I guarantee you that this is going to be the best deal around!!!  As most of you know, MTC no longer is compatible with the Cricut, and with the lawsuit going on with SCAL2, you never know when it's going to be no longer compatible with Cricut! 

The deal is on at, and the regular price for SCAL2 is $74.95, but until midnight tomorrow, with coupon SCALSPRING, you can get $35 OFF, FREE SHIPPING and a BONUS $20 Gift Card!



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