Saturday, March 19, 2011

My son's 4th birthday.... plus the cutest ever SVGCuts collection, and the best(est!) deal on SCAL2!!!!

Tonight was my son's 4th birthday party with the family and was it ever a success (in my opinion)!  I mean, my son never whined, or got too shy, or got cranky, or tried to open his presents before dinner.... he was very pleasant and so happy to get all the attention :) 

Last night, I worked on his pennant to hang by the fireplace.  He asked to get some decoration in the shape of a triangle...  Hmmm... the only thing that seemed easy enough was to make one of these.  I admit, not my greatest job - I mean I had few hours to do this and make cupcake toppers, but it added to the party feel :)  The files are all from SVGCuts.  I love the rosettes! They add so much to the pennant.

I also attempted to make cupcakes for the first time in my life.  I have made cupcakes but with store bought mixes and icing that I just slap on with a spatula.  This time, I bought a cupcake decorating kit and pearl sprinkles and even made cupcake toppers!

I also worked really hard last night and today to pull off a meal for the party!  I just had to add these pics in! :)

After his nap this afternoon, I surprised him with his birthday hat.  He loved it and wore it for the whole night! (and between putting it back on after it falls off, and his younger sister trying to pull it off... it stayed as one piece!)  That's something to say about those SVG files - they are quite durable!

So.... have you all seen the newest collection from SVGCuts???  I keep saying this, but this may have to be my absolutest fave one yet! (big portion has to do with the collection being my daughter's name!!!)  Here it is:

Introducing.... Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit! Isn't this adorable???  The Eiffel Tower box, the armour, the shoe, the purse... and the flowers... can't wait to play!

SVGCuts also came out with another great freebie - cherry blossoms!!!

With the tragedy going on in Japan right now, Mary decided to make something that would represent Japan, and wow - this is beautiful!  LOVE IT!  and stay tuned for next week - she's busy making a Japanese-inspired collection that is going to help raise relief funds.  Thanks Leo and Mary!

Okay, one more news before heading off tonight - for those of you that don't have SCAL2, this is the time to get it!  I guarantee you that this is going to be the best deal around!!!  As most of you know, MTC no longer is compatible with the Cricut, and with the lawsuit going on with SCAL2, you never know when it's going to be no longer compatible with Cricut! 

The deal is on at, and the regular price for SCAL2 is $74.95, but until midnight tomorrow, with coupon SCALSPRING, you can get $35 OFF, FREE SHIPPING and a BONUS $20 Gift Card!



  1. If that is some of your best, I don't know what I would say about your best. Everything was great, I loved the colors and the food, mmmm.... Thanks for sharing and can you put something together for my birthday, lol, just kidding.

    Marcy S.

  2. YOU are amazing...everything you do is fantastic! The Banner is darling and I think it's perfect for my favorite pilot...
    I have to say the food looked so good, and I saw Mom in the background, it made me really miss you all. What a lucky family you have and I know how lucky you all lead a charmed life. Love you dollface!

  3. It looks like the party was a big success! :-D I love the pic of him with his hat on, he looks so happy! <3 :-)
    (Oh and those cupcakes!!!... :-P I want one and I am not even a cupcake person as you know... ;-))

  4. Looks like you had a blast, Thienly! Love all the color choices - not all blue, and worked great for a boy! Looking at your food pics has made me hungry! Yummy!

  5. Wonderful party decorations - love everything about it!

  6. your son seems to be enjoying everything.he looks great with that party hat.the banner is super cute.those cupcakes look store bought you did an amazing job i wished mine came out like that.yeah that new svg kit looks like a lot of fun.i love the little dresser.

  7. Oh, wow! This is amazing! You did a great job! I love The decorations... And cupcakes! mmmmm.. But wow, that FOOD looks awesome! I expect an invite to your next party!! yummers! Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy!

  8. Hi Thienly! WOW! I just found your blog while looking for ideas for two upcoming birthdays - my son and daughter... thanks to you I am feeling SO inspired! I cannot wait to go through your archives.... your style is amazing!



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