Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Spring! Swing Set Decor - SVG Cuts DT Project

Hello, it's FRRRRIDAAY!
Oh, so can't wait!
(Not that I 'work' but still so nice to sleep in a bit on the weekends!)

I get to share my latest SVG Cuts project with you all today!
For my project -
I wanted to show you how cool it is to 'alter' a file a bit,
to make something completely different!

Remember the 'base' file from the Ferris Wheel that Mary made?
Well, I just simply took that file,
and reworked the file a bit to make....


 photo DSC_0642_zpsa8c36f0d.jpg

See, how it becomes totally something different?

Basically, the file was lengthened a bit and the inside 'triangle' shape was enlarged.

 photo DSC_0639_zpsf1feb5b7.jpg

It's not a box, a card, a layout....
not particularly 'practical'...
but my kids loved this, and it was super fun to make!
Makes a fun little springy decor, too!

It was fun to also take so many collections to put together into a project!

 photo DSC_0637_zps9e4ad7b7.jpg

This cute stamp is from 'bunnies and blossoms' - also designed by Mary,
available at the Unity Stamp Company website!

You see the pleated grass?
It's easy!
Just take a simple strip of grass cut out and just fold it back and forth,
and adhere it on just like that!
(You can also place the pleated grass on a double sided adhesive to hold it together 
before placing it where you want to go!)

 photo DSC_0634_zps2d94a0fe.jpg

I don't personally care for ants,
unless they bring me flowers :)

Aren't these bugs adorable? 
It's hard to hate them when they are oh-so-cute!

 photo DSC_0591_zps9562c778.jpg

I've used this branch in so many of my projects - 
it's so versatile and adds so much!

The swing is simple - 
just a 'paper slat' with jute twine tied around it!
Just this makes it so cute!

 photo DSC_0598_zps357b08f6.jpg

Now, if you look at the bee on the swing set rope, 
it's a fun addition, right?

But this brings me back a TERRIBLE memory for me...
I was about 4 when I just was able to get on the swing set by myself.
I was so proud, and wanted to show my grandma that I can do it.
I got on, and the instant moment I grabbed onto the rope,
There was a bee on the rope and I must've wrapped my little hands around it.
You can imagine how my rest of the day went!

 photo DSC_0627_zps149ba89e.jpg

I love adding the 'smallest' details onto my projects...
if you pay attention to the back - 
I've got pretty flowers blooming by the back fence.
Yes, even if it's a dandelion, it's still beautiful :)

 photo DSC_0638_zpsab127e81.jpg

...and here's a bunny enjoying the swing!
Luckily she sat on the right swing - 
otherwise, she would've been bitten by a bee!

That's it!

 photo DSC_0601_zpsfd81e879.jpg

Here are all the collections that I used in my project:

and if you're interested in the full instructions and dimensions of the files I used - 
please go visit the SVG Cuts blog!

Oooh, and a few things - 
a new KIT just came out right now!

.... and I have ANOTHER SVG Cuts project done - 
and will have that posted SOON!

Lots of goodness coming your way!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

HELLO SUMMER! (well, almost.)

Not quite, but I can so wish.
Actually in Calgary today - we're expecting some flurries... BRR!

Anyway - I'm sooo excited about the latest kit from SVG Cuts -
and I just had to make something right away!

Picnic basket (so excited about this one, too!), a gift bag, amazing cards ... and a rowboat.
Well, wouldn't that have been a super amazing file to have when I was working on my pirate ship!

Anyway - I've always wanted to make a little SAILBOAT.
It just sounded so cute and would be something that my son would LOVE to see me make!

So... late last night,
I had the opportunity to play and made a little decor for his room.


 photo DSC_1172_zps8546a4db.jpg

Do you like?

I used the Echo Park Paper Paradise Beach collection,
(I've been waiting for the perfect kit to come out, and I knew that this was the one!)

 photo DSC_1168_zps5d1fd905.jpg

The rowboat file was made without any alteration or resizing,
except that I added a 'sail' with canvas, eyelets, wooden dowel and wire.
I just cut the fabric by hand -
measuring roughly 2" by 3" for the smaller one,
and 3" by 3" for the larger sail.

Then I was stumped.
How was I going to hold this wooden dowel into place without falling?
I then came up with the perfect solution!

I inserted my dowel into a wooden spool from Maya Road!
I was able to achieve this without it looking tacky...
Other options would've been to stick into a styrofoam?
Play-doh? Make a little box with holes just to hold it?

Wooden spool was perfecto!

 photo DSC_1157_zps27378696.jpg

(I just love that added sandals stickers inside the boat!
Wish they were my sandals... would love to be in the sun)

The bottom base box was the box from here,
but you can pretty much use anything.
(I guess it would be practical to actually make a box that you can use as a gift,
but for this project - just wanted it to be a decor :)

 photo DSC_1152_zps666fd0a1.jpg

I needed to add my fave jute twine somewhere in the project... :)

 photo DSC_1167_zps6a109829.jpg

Using embellishment stickers are so much fun -
they all match with the collection, and everything just looks so cute!
I added some foam stickers to made the elements stand out :)

Anyway - hope you liked my quick project for today!

This is a super fun kit to play with -
and why not get it when it's the free gift of the week!

and with purchase of $9.98 or more!

 photo newkitboat_zpsd36bba59.jpg

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
May you get more sun than I do!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

{be inspired} - Unity Challenge Hop!

Well, HELLO there, girls! (and boys!)

There's always lots going on over at Unity, and today, we're excited to start another

You should be arriving here from Shemaine's blog, and here's the rest for your reference!

Thienly Azim - YOU ARE HERE


Hope that many of you had a chance to participate last month -
I just popped in there few days ago,
and left some love :)
(would've LOVED to comment on them all as they were all so beautiful!)


 photo challenge_zps8b3313a7.jpg

What pretty combination of greens and patterns, right?

So anything goes - make a layout, a card, mixed media canvas...
as long as you use UNITY STAMPS!
Click here for more info!

Wanna see what I came up with?
I actually found this to be pretty challenging for me -
I love to mix up colors, so sticking to greens and white/grey/black involved a bit of thinking :)

Anyway - here it is:

 photo DSC_1112_zpsd0bdc464.jpg

Fun, right?
I used the 'You are WORTH it!' stamp set - 
and created a little border using the tire tracks stamp!

The side borders are created with thin washi tape, 
and I added a wooden star on the gas pump,
another epoxy star - using Epiphany Crafts tool.
The rosette I think makes the card fun, 
as well as addition of frayed canvas fabric under the sentiment.

 photo DSC_1103_zpsbd9e376c.jpg

Alright - onto next thing!

It's a kit created to raise awareness for LUPUS
by offering hope and support to those who are fighting these issues. :)

You can still use the kit for anything else, too - 
lots of pretty stamps in there!

 photo sentiment_zpscae06c5e.jpg
For those of you that are new- 
every month, there's a set of sentiments that you can purchase for $10 - 
BUT only for THAT month.
After that - it goes up to $26, so make sure you grab it!

The color purple is the awareness color for Lupus, 
and decided that it'll be cute to take those H.O.P.E. tiles
to make a 'scrabble' board card.

 photo DSC_1128-1_zps279f5396.jpg

Again, I don't usually focus on one color for my card - 
but it's simple and cute!

I even make scrabble tiles for these letters using files from this kit.
The background is actually a crossword file from here.
(I just took a little section from it)

 photo DSC_1127_zpsbca9065e.jpg

Lastly, but not least, 
I used another sentiment from that kit, 
and created a little spring gift box!

 photo DSC_1139_zps7809f2a1.jpg

Isn't the sentiment pretty?

I love the sweet pastel colors in this Echo Park Sweet Day kit.
Oh, do you see that lovely flair? 
It's from my friend, Tamara's shop!

 photo DSC_1123_zpsc4cf23df.jpg

I love this gift box - 
it has scalloped edges and it's perfect to put in a pair of gloves, or...
my hubby says 'CRICUT CARTRIDGE!'
Sure enough - I tried it - fits perfectly.
But come on - 
don't you agree that SVGs are better?
Maybe stick in an online gift card instead, so you can purchase the files? lol.

Regardless - it's a pretty box :)

So, what's the dealio with the sales this week?

 photo promo_zps0f945af1.jpg

PLUS - ALL JILLIBEAN SOUP stamps are also marked down 40% or more!
It's a crazy good deal, if you think about it!

That's it!
Thanks for stopping by here today - 
I'm sending you off to our fabulous Joslyn's blog!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friends with Flair - a blast from the past :)

Ooh, it's FRIDAY!!!

My Friends with Flair friends, 
and the rest of my peeps - 
What's happening this weekend for you? 

Well, the weather here in Calgary doesn't look all that pretty - 
so I think that I'm gonna finally craft!
My cutting machine was in a bit of trouble recently,
so got it replaced and such... 
and now, I'm back in business!
Today - I'm gonna share what I shared on the Unity blog on Wednesday 
(in case you haven't seen it yet!)

Before I get on to that - 
have you seen the amazing sale that's happening there?
It's another Throwback Thursday -
meaning that they've taken some 'retro' stamps and released some retired ones,
as well as put some of them at a crazy good deal!
21 itty bittys marked down to $2.12
oldies but goodies markdown
plus, new angie girls
grab bags
and $2.95 shipping upto $400 USA only.
There's two cards from the past that I've made using the ones on sale - 
so thought that I'd share!
This is using Numbers, Etc. - only $2.12!

 photo DSC_3898_zps436a040c.jpg
This one using 'On the Bright Side' - only $2.12 throughout the weekend!
 photo DSC_6292_zpsc526dd04.jpg
Now, onto my recent card...
I've been totally loving the 'restored' vintage funiture look recently, 
and found this photo that inspired me today!
 photo inspirationphoto_zpsca879c3c.jpg

This picture reminded me of my dad's cabinet that he used to have when I was young.
He would put everything in there...
from his glasses, keys...
to his cool gadgets and tools...
and his favorite books :)
So... being inspired and feeling nostalgic about this photo - 
I decided to take some 'square' pieces of paper, 
and line them up to make it look like 'cabinet compartment'.
I love the father-themed stamps in this current KOM,
and worked so ever perfectly as some of those were square! 

Here's my card!

 photo DSC_1064_zps49c3da13.jpg

I placed some of the square tiles with a foam tape, 
to make some 'compartments' pop!

 photo DSC_1067_zps2a00df6e.jpg

The mustache (LOVE THIS!) was stamped onto acetate, 
and was cut, and raised using black foam stickers.

 photo DSC_1066_zpsad887c4f.jpg

I also added some wooden chipboard - 
always completes the look that I want :)
Anyway - hope that I was able to 'inspire' YOU today!

Alright - have a great weekend everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Ship Cupcake Holder and a Birthday Card for my lil' PIRATE! - SVG Cuts design team project.

Happy Friday to my crafty friends!

If you're looking for the Unity Thursday blog hop - click here
I shared a few cards there, so if you missed it, come check it out!

Today, I'm excited to share with you 
(although I'm sure most have seen it - but trust me... I do have a few more pics!) 
my latest SVG Cuts design team project!

I've used my super cute Pirate Madness Unity stamps in my project,
so hopefully, my FRIENDS WITH FLAIR Unity friends can also appreciate!

Now, I was inspired to make this project as we just had a 
PIRATE-themed party for my son that turned six.
(He had this party last year, too... 
and I must've done a pretty good job, 
as he wanted to have it AGAIN! 
Now, I'm a master at this! lol. 
Anyone thinking of pirate parties? 
If you can get me tickets to fly to your place, 
I'd be happy to organize it for you :) )

Anyway, I decided to make a pirate ship to hold that 'special' cupcake and a birthday card to go with it!


 photo DSC_0719_zps76d4dd70.jpg

I was so excited by how this turned out.
Canvas Corp papers were just PERFECT for the look that I wanted!

The base was made from a milk carton file and I wrapped paper around it.

 photo DSC_0738_zps9d64f6f9.jpg

It even has the Crow's nest!
 It was made from a pail from this kit, but I scaled it way down.

 photo DSC_0735_zps13ae743f.jpg

I love that anchor at the front... 
I was thinking that it would be a super cute addition, 
and WHOA - 
Mary must've been on the same wavelength 
as she came out with a kit with an anchor on it the same week I was working on this!

 photo DSC_0727_zps8cfc2443.jpg

Have you noticed how much I LOVE these crate boards
I used them to make slats on the ship!

 photo DSC_0729_zpsd2e07327.jpg

Here, you see the background shot of how I wrapped the wire around the wooden dowels...

To make the ship, you will need the following files:

...and then head on over to the blog to see the exact files/measurements,
and the full instructions.

Now, onto the pirate birthday card! 
I was inspired to make my first easel card, and it's so cute! 
I've got to make some more!

 photo DSC_0712_zpsd14bf605.jpg

I love how the Unity stamps worked SOO well, and it's so fun! 
My son LOVED it!

 photo DSC_0740_zps49964971.jpg

This dude totally looks like Johnny Depp, doesn't he?

 photo DSC_0741_zpse1055436.jpg

Love the inside sentiment, too!

Now... onto some to share some pics of the party... 
didn't get so much though... 
I was busy being the host :)

If you're interested in making this card,
here are the files that you need.

...and then head on over to the blog to see the exact files/measurements,
and the full instructions.

Here's my guy in the Captain Hook costume :)

 photo DSC_0763_zpsd5b9a36d.jpg

If you see, I got little wooden tags from Michaels, 
stained it and stamped 'pirate' on it.
It added so much to the look! Made a few more tags, too!

 photo DSC_0798_zps49a19e9d.jpg

Got these awesome pirate cupcake toppers and these were for the guests.

 photo DSC_0756_zps411681db.jpg

Kids LOVED these... 
I think that they went for these before the cupcakes!
I saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago, and had to do it!
(I got the files from this kit to make the flags)

 photo DSC_0778_zps4fdfd160.jpg

Another idea from Pinterest... 'fish n' chips'. HA! 
Loved this, and wanted to make a cool sign but ran out of time. 
My 10yr old son came very helpful!

Oooh, see the little handmade treasure chests at the side? 
It's also from that same Pirate Birthday SVG Kit
I cut them out in advance and got little ones to assemble and decorate.

 photo DSC_0774_zpsd9f9f3ff.jpg

I stamped the same pirate stamps onto a cotton muslin bag from State Line Bag Co
and kids got to put their little jewel treasures inside them!

Lastly, but not least, I made a super cool pirate pennant banner out of red and black striped fabric, 
and hung it all across the room... 
unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of that... 
so here's an instagram pic of when I started cutting it.
 It really was cool.

 photo piratepennant_zpsac689fea.jpg

Anyway - hope that you enjoyed my post - 
and that you liked my projects!

Thanks for coming by -
wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Oooh, don't forget to pick up the new collection that just got released, too!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

'Tis the Season for some Unity FUN!

Welcome to another Unity Thursday!

It's another week of fun stuff going on over at Unity -
new Christmas sentiment release,
  'itty bitty' releases of the past popular images from SMAK/KOM,
60% off selected Fall/Christmas stamps,
(just in time for publication submissions)
and a free stamp with EVERY $8 purchase!

Sounds like fun, right?

First of all, you should be all arriving from Shemaine's blog -
if not, that's quite all right...
just carry on and make sure that you hit all the stops
and leave some love
as there's going to be 3 more lucky winners this week to win $20 gift certificates!

Here's the participating blogs for your reference!

Thienly Azim - YOU ARE HERE! :)

There are 12 itty bittys,
and one FUN Christmas Sentiment stamp set (Naughty is the New Nice) from Erin Lee Schreiner.

 photo Unityrelease_zpseaf6bd87.jpg

I've got a few things to share today - 
first up is a card that I made from stamps using the current KOM and SMAK stamps.

 photo DSC_0907_zps8e696a40.jpg

The card was created using For the Record 2 papers from Echo Park.
I love the bold vintage look that it's achieved in this collection.

 photo DSC_0912_zpsd5b5c157.jpg

The film strip was stamped on to acetate and backed with paper.

 photo DSC_0914_zpsd59a1ed6.jpg

Camera images are SO hot right now, 
and I'm sure you've seen them everywhere.

I quite love this new one...
it's different from what I've seen :)

The next one is a card that I made using compilation of VARIOUS stamps
 that are being released today.

 photo DSC_0925_zpsd1ac3217.jpg

 Clever, huh?
(me trying to kill multiple birds with one stone!) 

It has the fun ticket from One Night Only,
fantastic viewfinder from My View of You,
used two stamps on top of each other to create a long banner... using Save the Date,
and the Good Times sentiment from One Day at a Time.

 photo DSC_0921_zps1d281935.jpg

I just love how all the elements came together here...
and went so perfectly with the Take Note collection from Echo Park.
I've always loved what my friend Tamara from Happy Life, Crafty Wife did with folding the paper over... 
and I had to try it!
I love how the tickets are coming out of that corner!

 photo DSC_0924_zps91617de5.jpg

Lastly, but not least...
this is a card from last year, 
but when I made this - 
many of you had asked for this stamp only for me to find out that it was discontinued!

However... Angela brought it back!
It's called Good Times All Around :)

 photo DSC_7635_zps6797f65e.jpg

I made this before I got onto this design team...
(think I was secretly trying to impress Angela back then! :) )
brings me back memories when I just discovered Unity and fell in love!

 photo DSC_7638_zps0e7b8a3a.jpg

It's really a fun stamp - so much you can do with it!

Does that make you wanna go shopping?
Of course you do!

 photo Unitypromo_zps87231e72.jpg

The warehouse sale is ON,
so let's have some fun!

 photo unitypromo2_zps9bd12306.jpg

Click here to go to the store to check out the WAREHOUSE SALE stock.

But HEY! 
It's not over yet...
there's one more STOP - 
(Thanks for coming by! :) )

I'm sending you over to amazing Joslyn's blog!


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