Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Teacher's Desk - an SVGCuts DT Project

With Teacher's Appreciation week next week (in US, us Canadians had it back in Feb) and end of school year coming up, the SVGCuts design team thought that it would be really cute to put together a project from each one of us to inspire you all with gift ideas for teachers.  It was quite the eventful night over at SVGCuts FB page, with 4 projects being posted one after another.  There was a super cute candy bar wrapper idea from Cheryl, a super cute teacher shadowbox from Amy, and an amazing book cabinet idea from Tamara. 

So... for my project, I decided to make a teacher's desk  - with drawers that you can actually pull out, and a desk top that opens into a card.  


The stamp is from Studio G (those $1.50 stamps at Michaels!).


I made two armoire from Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit as the desk drawer! See all the cute stuff on the teacher's desk?  These are all from Back to School SVG Collection!


I stuck a lunchbox at the side of the desk :)


...and a pile of books at the other end of the desk.


Then you untie the ribbon, and the desk top flips up into a card!
I actually got my son to write a special note to his teacher.


I filled the drawers with staples, push pins, clips and in the last drawer... a little treat to the teacher!

Hope you like it! It's super easy, so I hope that you will give it a try :)

For more information on exact cuts and dimensions used, please visit SVGCuts blog, click here.

There's a new collection being released from SVGCuts tomorrow!!!!!
You are going to be wowed by this one!

...and if you haven't joined me yet on my FB page, click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coolest iPad application - you can draw SVGs!

I just came across this coolest application on my iPad yesterday!  It is called neu.Draw and it's free! Here, on the picture below, you can see how you can start with a square and make it into a picture corner shape.  Cool huh?  You can even draw whatever you like, and just e-mail to yourself as an SVG - and then cut it out on your machine!

So here's what I drew... all free hand... a quick 10 sec test.

 Then you e-mail it as an SVG file...

When you open the file on SCAL2 - this is what comes up.  You can even break it apart!

So, I cut all these pieces and see how cute it is!

I'm sure with this free program, you can't do much, but it's sure fun to just doodle and cut them out right away.  I think that it'll be a lot of fun to get my son to draw something and cut it out!

Anyway, I've got some contests going on over at my mod paperie FB page

1.  Woo-Hoo! I'm celebrating my 100th follower!  So, I'm going to be giving away $10 SVGCuts gift card to one random winner.  All you have to do is to post YOUR favorite/best project that you did on my wall...  (one entry per person!)  I'll choose the winner Friday at noon!

2.   I just heard from Mary over at SVGCuts what she is making for the new free gift collection this week.  It's a theme she's never done before, so I thought that I would have a guessing game..  On that post, the first person to correctly guess the theme of the new collection will win $5 SVGCuts gift card.  So, come on over, and start guessin'!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope that you all are having a great long weekend.  Last night, I had a little bit of crafting time to put together little treats for the kiddies on the dinner table for tonight.  I got the carrot plastic containers, filled them up with spring pastel colored M&Ms, and decorated them with SVGCuts files.  I used the grass stand from the wonderful freebie (Easter Egg Characters) we had last week and embellished each carrot with the rabbits from Spring Bunnies SVG Collection.  My oldest likes blue, my middle son likes yellow, and my daughter - of course, she can't talk, but I know that she likes pink, 'cause she's my girl! lol.. so made the bunnies in those colors.  Simple project, but I'm sure that they're going to be excited to have these on their table setting.  It may force them to eat faster, so they can get to their chocolates???? If that works, I'm setting a treat on their table every dinner from now on!





I just also finished another little SVGCuts DT project - so there's two projects now that I am anxiously waiting to share!

...and did you see this week's free gift over at SVGCuts - it's the Lunch with Mom SVG Kit , and it's yours with purchase of $9.98 or more!

Anyway, that's it for now!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Digital papers and graphics opens up another BIG door for me - made a super pretty card, and two gifts from my lovely friends :)

So, I've been collection lots of digital papers and graphics over the years.. and I have A LOT of them, but the same story from me... never got around to playing with them.  I do have probably a binder full of it, and I use it here and there to make quick birthday cards, and simple scrapbook pages to show my pics on FB... but I've never really explored what you can do with them, and how awesome these print out.

Last night - this is after finishing up my last SVGCuts DT project (which should be up this weekend??), I felt like doing something different.  I also am into exploring different techniques and styles - and it's probably more fun for you guys, as you never know what I may do next and are always in for surprise from me :)  I came across a $1 sale (only yesterday - reg. $5.99 paper and $3.99 elements) on the Echo Park Little Girl paper and the elements pack - and a ha! That's is what I'm going to do! You know, I could've easily pulled up tons of paper and images from my computer, but to have had a sense of "I went shopping!", I had to spend $2 to get both!

I started by printing the papers out on vellum...

Isn't it pretty???  Then I printed out some elements on a cream paper... (the crib and the wardrobe is from Riefka Designs)

Then, I had to choose...  what to make, what to use???  I decided to make a card.  Then I plugged away... using my lace, my sewing machine, and my distressing stamps... here's what the final card looked like...


I sewed the vellum to the cardstock and crinkled up the edges, and inked with Papertrey Ink Vintage Touch Stamp.

I took some lace, and twisted it, and wrapped it, and used heat glue gun to hold it together!


This flower, I took a piece of fabric, folded it and layered portion of it at a time, and again held together by a glue gun.. it was complete with a touch of corduroy button and twine.

I love how this look turned out - so pretty! I think that I'm going to get more lace this weekend!

Okay, now I'm so excited to share my two wonderful gifts that I got (actually one is still on the way)...

Here is a "just because... thanks for being my friend" card from Bee (Dare to bee creative).  I am so touched - it's a beautiful, stunning card.  It's a technique that I haven't done before, so she inspired me!  We often Google chat, she makes me laugh and listens to my problems, and puts up with my rambling on and on.... oh, she is the sweetest girl!  Make sure that you visit her site - she makes some amazing things!

The other gift is still in the mail... haven't actually got here yet.. but cannot wait to get it!  This one is from Jessica (Jessica's Crop Corner) and she's another sweetie!  I met her through SVGCuts, and she made this beautiful project for my family (a family shadowbox) for the Cherry Blossom Challenge going on at SVGCuts forum.  That is absolutely amazingly beautiful and I am just overwhelmed that anyone would put in such effort and time into making something for me.  Thank you so much Jessica and I have already decided a home for that shadowbox.

Speaking of the challenge - don't forget about to enter - you still have a week and a half before it ends... plenty of time to still make something beautiful! For more info - please visit SVGCuts Challenge forum.

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Make life simple :)

I was looking at my Technique Tuesday stamp set that I purchased a while ago (of course, until today, hadn't been used...).  I bought them 'cause I love this font, and I thought that I could totally use these... so I decided to challenge myself and make 3 cards out of them today.  However, it's one of those days... I really didnt' feel like turning the Cricut on, and I really didn't feel like unloading and loading the papers on the mat... do you have one of those days? I just wanted to be simple.

Anyway, the stamp set is made out of just single words, all separate, and can be matched together in different ways to make all sort of statements.

So, these are the three that I made: (and they were super easy! and I loved this simple look!)


These cards are made out from my favorite embellishments - ribbon, twine, buttons only.


So these words are all separate - and just stamped them together...  I thought the "sew" look would be cute... like sewn parts captured all the little ribbons... get it?

I used double sided tape to hold down the ribbons first, then placed a thin strip of cardstock on top and sewed it.


Here, I used the Quickutz embossing folder and I placed some twine-tied buttons on some squares.


Okay, the next one, I cheated... it's not from my stamp set, but kinda matches the font... (it's the "Digs My Heart" font - my fave <3)


I tied square pieces with double twine.  The sentiments is printed from my computer.


 Each of the gifts are adhered by foam tape so it gives dimension.

So, here's the stamp set that I used from Technique Tuesday "Everyday Words". 

Pretty, huh?  Now, I want your help! In order to be able to utilize more of this stamp set, can you help me put together a sentiment?  Especially with the word delight - I'm having trouble!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Only hearts can build a home.

Hi, it's me again!

Today, I've created this simple card using a stamp from Unity.  I LOVED this stamp when I saw it, and I had to get it... Now, the question was, how was I going to incorporate this into my craft?  I don't do the Copics (and not planning to... only because if I start, I'll know I'll love it, and will get addicted to it, and will want every single color available! so it's better not to even be exposed to it!) so how could I perk up the card without looking too plain?

I needed a fun backing paper... and what I chose is from Echo Park - Life is Good collection (LOVE that paper!)  It had some fun colors and I liked the fact that the colors are kinda distressed...

So then, I stamped my image on to a tan paper, and decided to "build" up the background matting with A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG kit.  Brown lace hearts with red in the background, and then this was backed with lace hearts blackout and embossed with Swiss Dots embossing folder.

I had a perfect ribbon to go with this - "home Sweet home" from AC ribbon, so here it is!



Don't you just love the stamp?


So, I started working on my next SVGCuts DT project... I am attempting to make something different this time (not really "outside the box" per se, but it's a project I normally wouldn't do) and I hope that it turns out!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I need a pink girl birthday card!

Yup, that's my friend placing my first card order in from me! She told me that it's for her 2 year old niece and anything was fine, but in pink :)  (Good choice!)  ...and that's what I was doing for the past several nights :)  The 7 cards that she ordered were pretty simple (but excellent choices, I must say!), and she picked them out from the cards album on my Mod Paperie FB page.  You know, it's kind of hard in a way to go back and try to make the exact same card that you did before...  You would think it's easy, but trying to find the same/similar papers and refiguring out the dimensions, and the stamps I used... But I did it and will be in her hands today!

Here's the girl's birthday card that I made - similar to the doll card I made a while back for my DT project.  It's the same doll  (and even the dress color!) from the Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection, and then added some balloons from the Birthday Elements SVG Collection.  I used pink twine to tie her hair and natural twine on the balloons, Martha Stewart punch to add some lace elements to the card and the stamp is from Papertrey Ink.


Anyway, I'm off.... and I'm hoping to get started on my next DT project today (won't get to it 'til late tonight though...).  Got a busy day ahead of me!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My crafting "space".

Hi! Hope that you all had a great weekend! 

I've been in more of a cleaning mode, and while it's still fairly clean, I thought that I would take some pics of my craft "space" and show it to you guys!  I don't have a craft "room" per say, but slowly, but surely, our computer room is transformed into my crafting room...  just a few more years and then it'll be all mine! Mwa hahaha ;)  I haven't finished taking all of them - just posted about 12 pics tonight, but if you want to see it... I decided that just to get you girls to join me over on the Facebook page, I'm not going to post it here.  Hehehe...  aren't I mean?? 

Please visit!/album.php?fbid=176038535778560&id=160713313977749&aid=39902 where it'll take you to my goodies!  And, while you're there, make sure that you "like" me so we can stay connected :)  Deal?

Here's just a sneak peak pic of my drawers!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A slice of cake anyone?

Looking at so many birthday cakes in the past month have actually inspired me to make this card.  I had way too much sweets in the past month (and I still am snacking on chocolates now! Hehehe!), and I really should not be looking at any more cakes, but I must say... this is what brought on my idea!  Since I have a cake SVG and a slice of cake SVG... I thought that it would be really cute to make a cake card, with a slice that you can pull out from it!  Clever, huh?  Anyway, I used the files from Birthday Elements SVG Collection and here's the outcome:


I made two cards - the paper is from My Mind's Eye - be loved collection.  Pretty!


I inked the edges...


See.... you pull the ribbon and voila!  A slice of cake pulls out!


The stamps are from Papertrey Ink Birthday Bash Sentiments (including the candle stamp on the candle! How perfect is that???)

Here's the collection where I got the files from:

Oh, and did you see all the great entries on the SVGCuts Cherry Blossom Challenge??  Amazing entries and it's only been 3 days! Remember... I'm hosting this, so come join and support me! 
I can't wait to see what other greatness is to come!

And... have you joined me on Facebook yet???  I find that I'm getting to personally know so many people through my Mod Paperie page on Facebook, so come say hi and we'll have some fun :)

Anyway, that's it for now! Happy craftin' everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess what????

I have one exciting news (at least very exciting for me!) for you all - it's one more reason to procrasticate, and another way to stalk me! You know what it is?? 

Yes, you've guessed it!  I'm now on Facebook - under Mod Paperie!!!  I actually opened up the account a couple of months ago, and I was really meaning to upload all my pics and links and all the stuff up before I actually opened it, but decided that hey - it's kinda boring to do this by myself without making any friends on the way... 

So - it officially opened up a day and a half ago, and I'm loving it!  I hope that you can all join me there as well :)  I would ideally like my page to be a place where you can come and say just "hello" or ask questions (doesn't have to be craft related :), that you can be comfortable enough to load up your projects to show me (especially if it is SVGCuts files or anything inspired from me, or anything - like cool tools you just bought!) or tell me anything interesting really!

Anyway - here's another quick spring card for you...  I used the American Crafts stamps and I stamped the cloud on a vellum (the background layer) and another same image on the white cardstock.  I cut out the cloud on the white paper and using foam stickers, placed it beside the one on the vellum.  The raindrops and the boots are directly on the vellum, and the butterfly is the cut from SVGCuts Patio Party Cupcake Wrappers topper.  Then I sewn the vellum to the white paper with brown thread before adhering to the backing cardstock.. The bird was stamped on a tan paper and also adhered to the corner with pop-dots.  Simple, but cute, I'd say :)

A close up of the stamp... this sentiment was made using my Teresa Collins stamp maker machine! Do you like it???

Anyway, in case you missed my yesterday's posting, be sure to check it out - a beautiful Cherry Blossom SVG Collection from SVGCuts and read all about the challenge on the SVGCuts forum that I'm hosting!

Have a great day, girls!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cherry Blossom Challenge at SVGCuts! and I'M hosting it!!! Come join in the fun!

I am proud to say that I'm hosting this month's challenge over at SVGCuts!  and I am soo excited 'cause it's a different kind of challenge - nothing like we ever had, and I feel so connected to the theme of the challenge!

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11, and as a result, they are facing numerous problems including an immense death toll, supply shortages, and radioactive leakage from a nuclear power plant. Having a half-Japanese background, all of my extended family are in Japan and I feel directly connected with this tragedy. Many of you have shown support for Japan and I personally wanted to thank you for that.

So – to remember all the victims whose houses, jobs, family and their lives have been lost, I thought that it would be appropriate for all of us to make a project, with a cherry blossom theme.  These delicate flowers are often associated with Japan and April is the month when they are in full bloom.

Mary has provided us with an AMAZING set of these lovely flowers for you to download for FREE available now at the store (Cherry Blossom Challenge Freebies!)! Create ANY project using any of these pretty flower files, or the cherry blossom branch (Free SVG Download 03.18.11) or any other cherry blossoms that Mary may make in the future (Hint!). You may mix and match any of these files as well.

So - to kick off the challenge, I've created a simple project to show you how beautiful these files are!

I cut the 3D Blossom center (2" wide) and the petals (2.2" wide)...  I also colored the top of the center.svg with dark brown (it's easy to do this before you take the cuts off the mat)

Curled the petals with my fingers... and made another layer on top from Single Blossom bottom (0.57" wide)... (glue gun works the best... don't have to wait for long to dry!)

Cut a rectangle (8.5" X 3.5") and score it vertically on both sides and horizontally on one side at 1" in.  Fold the bottom flap in, and then the two vertical flaps on top of each other. (Used ATG gun for this - works great!)

Cut branch.svg from Cherry Blossom Branch (free SVG 03.18.11) at 2.75" wide.
Assemble it all together, and it's a chopstick slipcase!

Isn't it pretty?

So, now - it's your turn to make something!  Go on over to the forum for detailed contest rules, and click here to get your freebie mini-collection to start cutting!  The contest runs til May 1, 2011. 

Have fun! and can't wait to see everyone's entries!!!!!!!


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