Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the MAN...

I'm back again with another card to share today! Let me just say that you're being spoiled as it's not very often I make a post 2 days in a row! LOL! (Okay, I'm editing this right now... wrote this part yesterday, and I had the best intention of posting this card, but ahhh, my camera had no battery and couldn't take pics! Yes, I learned my lesson.)

I've whipped up another card with Unity goodness.  This time, I was inspired by one ippity set - the Man.  This stamp set is just PERFECT for man cards - birthday, Father's day, etc...

Photobucket I stamped the shirt images on various patterned papers (Crate Toybox collection) and paper pierced the ties.  The shirt/tie combo looks cute on paper.. but really - if my man was wearing an orange shirt with a striped red/green tie - I'd die.  He would look like he was wearing a clown costume!


I love the little labels that come with this stamp set - the man, stud, father, my dad, my guy. I really wanted to use them all, but my dad just wouldn't work with my guy... unless... EWWWW! Okay, that would be just too gross... Father still works as 'your guy' can be the 'father' to your kids. lol...
I accentuated the bottom by adding some Epiphany epoxy Round 14, a bottle cap and a button with twine.


The measurement tape and the felt border is from My Mind's Eye - Happy Day collection.

Anyway, kinda short post - but gotta go! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Follow the light.

Hey all! It's been a while!

I got back on Wednesday from the most amazing vacation ever, and have been really busy getting back into the mode of things.  It's tough to go back to reality when you haven't cooked for a few weeks, there was really no "set" time you had to be here and there...  and I also came down with this really stubborn cold while I was away, and I'm still fighting it.  It's always hard for me to get crafty again after not having touched paper and scissors for a while.  I don't know if my mind is going crazy with all sort of ideas, or as if I forgot how to craft.  Not sure exactly, but I find that those moments, I sit and stare at my pretty papers and ribbons and end up surfing the net instead.

So... yes, some people thought it was hilarious, but really, I had to do a simpler project to 'warm' myself up.  So I made a card last night.  I actually like it.  Anyone that can cut square and circles can make this card. (Although yeah, I cheated and used my Sizzix :) )

Photobucket If you haven't noticed, I've been really loving Unity Stamps, and whipped this up using some of their stamps.

Stamps Used:

A Bit of Burlap - ippity
{...shine, shine, shine.}- ippity
brick wall - Christy Tomlinson

Basically, I just cut out a circle from a square cardstock and decreased the size of the circle by 0.4" every layer.  Then I just put a foam sticker strip between them to create depth to mimic the 'tunnel' look.

I love this brick stamp - so artsy, and because it has a distressed look, you don't have to do a perfect stamping job of it and looks pretty.

And, of course, without this sentiment - the card just wouldn't work :)

Photobucket Anyway, that's it! I'm working on another simple card, so hope to share that soon as well!

If you don't follow me on FB, you may have missed my announcement a couple of days ago...  I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to be on the 2012 Epiphany Crafts Design Team!  If you don't know what they are - they are the make your own epoxy and button tools, and they are just so neat! I'm so excited to play with them!

PhotobucketOh, and one more thing - have you seen the latest release from SVG Cuts - Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit?   Isn't this so pretty?  I'm trying to think of what I can do with these pretty egg containers..  :)  Brainstorming ideas for my next project, but keep your eyes peeled - I still have one SVG Cuts' DT project to share! Should be up fairly soon!

Okie, dokie - gotta go - have a great rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You COLOR my world!


Just a quick post to share a card with you today - I've scheduled this post, so I'm not technically here! 

So, you all have heard of Epiphany Shape Studio tools?  They are just so fun and that's what inspired me to do this card.  Basically, with this tool, you can customize your own epoxy stickers and buttons to coordinate with your project!  It comes in various shapes and sizes (you should see the recent released ones - they are amazing!) and the possibility is endless!

Anyway, so, I also had this stamp - 'You COLOR my world!' from Pink by Design - Simply Everything for the longest time, and have been meaning to use this for something - this and Epiphany round epoxy tool was perfect!!

Here's the card that I made:


So perfect to use these tools, isn't it? I just took various colored cardstock and made some epoxy buttons and placed them on the paint palette (SVG from Crafty Mice SVG Collection) Look how pretty they are! I used solid colored cardstock to make these, but just imagine making them with patterned papers! So fun! and because you can see the paper placement, you can pick out the perfect spot on your paper to make them!

I wanted to add more texture to the card, so instead of using SVGs to make a paintbrush, I used a real one instead!

Photobucket You notice the canvas and burlap here again? This has got to be my newest craze! I bought tons of it, so be prepared to see these elements over and over again! ... and here's the stamp that went perfectly with this card:

Okay, all - better get going, but wanted to say hi and that I'll be back in about a week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go. See. Do.

So, yes, it's ONE day away from my DREAM vacation! I've always wanted to take the kids on a Disney Cruise and YES! That is what we're going to do!  You know... just a little while ago - it hit me.  My oldest kid is nine.  He'll be ten soon.  Basically what that means is that he's going to be in Junior high school before we know it, and it'll be hard to go on vacation during his school, and what's worse - he may not want to spend time with his parents anymore... :(  (Hopefully not!) So, we've decided that it is important to go on these vacations, where we will be spending exclusive time with the family - no internet, and no crafting for me.  (Which I can't complain if I get to go away!We NEED to make sure that when the kids grow up, we want them to think that we ARE COOL and really FUN to hang out with.... AND it is important to make sure that we build that kind of strong relationship now.

Tomorrow, we're off to sunny Los Angeles, where we will be spending our first two days in Disney.  Then we'll be heading to Long Beach airport, to go on a Disney 7-day Mexican Riveira Cruise.  I've never been on a cruise before, so this is really exciting for me.  I'm sure that I'll be sharing some photos with you later.  We'll be hitting Cos San Lobos, and Puerto Vallarta where we've booked city tours there.  Then we'll be spending a couple of days in that port area after before coming home.

I've got one card that I made which I'll be sharing in a few days, and have one SVG Cuts project done - and hope that you'll get to see it before I'm back :)  My mom tells me that it's her FAVORITE project that I've ever done, so that says a lot.  She told me that when I did the Christmas Lantern Streetlamp, but she likes this one more! You'll see - hope that you'll like it, too!

So, I've got one little project to share with you today - it's an altered clipboard:  travel document holder.  It's perfect thing to hold your passport and your tickets - 'cause I know how disorganized I get when I start packing!

I've whipped this one up quick - I wanted some kind of travel project to share, so no SVGs this time! Instead, I used chipboard from October Afternoon Boarding Pass and used multi stamps from Unity Stamp Company to make this - it's pretty easy - you can do this in one hour! 

Here's the project! 

PhotobucketSee??? Do you see my Disney Cruise luggage tag??? I distressed the sides of the paper with the Distrezz-it-all, and then made some stitches with my sewing machine.  I glued that down, and glued the burlap down on the top of the chipboard.  Where it meets is not very pretty, so I covered it up with ribbons.

Photobucket The focus of my project is: Go. See. Do. I'm gonna go see the world and experience it!

The Unity stamps that I've used here are: Go. See. Do. (Simple Stories Itty Bitty), Thoughts from the Past Ippity and year.o.graphy - banners from Simple Stories Itty Bitty.)

Hope that you enjoyed my project today - just wanted to make something travel related to share :) Well... I'm off! Catch up with you all in a couple of weeks! Happy Crafting everyone!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweetheart, can you see?

It's less than a week away from my vacation and honestly, that's the only thing that's on my mind.  Packing, cleaning, planning out iterinaries has been all too fun, and honestly, it's hard to get down to crafting right now.  I touch and feel the papers, but all I can do is to think about how I'm going to be sitting underneath a bright warm sun next week :) (For those of you that missed where I was going - I"m going down to LA, doing the Disney thing, and then catching the Mexican Disney Cruise for a week)

Anyway, I did manage to get one card done, and thought that I'd share!  I got this Technique Tuesday stamp not too long ago - I love you - Eyechart, and had to make something.  Some little info about me - I used to work as a manager at an optometrist office for about 5 years before I had my first son, so I've always been drawn to any eyecharts because of that.  But this - I saw it, fell in love with it and had to get it.

I used Echo Park Yours Truly papers to make this card, and so proud that I actually used some kit stickers for this, instead of using diecutting files! I have all sorts of stickers that comes with the kit and never get to use them!

So, here's the simple card that I personally was proud of today :) 


I love how the Maraschino twine from The Twinery just added that 'umph' to my card without adding too much to it.


You like? I must say that I loved my idea of magnifying glass on the card. I made that file using shapes from the Basic Shapes folder in SCAL/eCAL. I stamped the image on a white paper, then I enlarged it by using a photocopying machine. I then just took the magnified portion and cut it and topped it with an acetate to make it look like a glass.


Hope that you liked my card :) I will try to get in one more little project done before I leave! Thanks for stopping by!


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