Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go. See. Do.

So, yes, it's ONE day away from my DREAM vacation! I've always wanted to take the kids on a Disney Cruise and YES! That is what we're going to do!  You know... just a little while ago - it hit me.  My oldest kid is nine.  He'll be ten soon.  Basically what that means is that he's going to be in Junior high school before we know it, and it'll be hard to go on vacation during his school, and what's worse - he may not want to spend time with his parents anymore... :(  (Hopefully not!) So, we've decided that it is important to go on these vacations, where we will be spending exclusive time with the family - no internet, and no crafting for me.  (Which I can't complain if I get to go away!We NEED to make sure that when the kids grow up, we want them to think that we ARE COOL and really FUN to hang out with.... AND it is important to make sure that we build that kind of strong relationship now.

Tomorrow, we're off to sunny Los Angeles, where we will be spending our first two days in Disney.  Then we'll be heading to Long Beach airport, to go on a Disney 7-day Mexican Riveira Cruise.  I've never been on a cruise before, so this is really exciting for me.  I'm sure that I'll be sharing some photos with you later.  We'll be hitting Cos San Lobos, and Puerto Vallarta where we've booked city tours there.  Then we'll be spending a couple of days in that port area after before coming home.

I've got one card that I made which I'll be sharing in a few days, and have one SVG Cuts project done - and hope that you'll get to see it before I'm back :)  My mom tells me that it's her FAVORITE project that I've ever done, so that says a lot.  She told me that when I did the Christmas Lantern Streetlamp, but she likes this one more! You'll see - hope that you'll like it, too!

So, I've got one little project to share with you today - it's an altered clipboard:  travel document holder.  It's perfect thing to hold your passport and your tickets - 'cause I know how disorganized I get when I start packing!

I've whipped this one up quick - I wanted some kind of travel project to share, so no SVGs this time! Instead, I used chipboard from October Afternoon Boarding Pass and used multi stamps from Unity Stamp Company to make this - it's pretty easy - you can do this in one hour! 

Here's the project! 

PhotobucketSee??? Do you see my Disney Cruise luggage tag??? I distressed the sides of the paper with the Distrezz-it-all, and then made some stitches with my sewing machine.  I glued that down, and glued the burlap down on the top of the chipboard.  Where it meets is not very pretty, so I covered it up with ribbons.

Photobucket The focus of my project is: Go. See. Do. I'm gonna go see the world and experience it!

The Unity stamps that I've used here are: Go. See. Do. (Simple Stories Itty Bitty), Thoughts from the Past Ippity and year.o.graphy - banners from Simple Stories Itty Bitty.)

Hope that you enjoyed my project today - just wanted to make something travel related to share :) Well... I'm off! Catch up with you all in a couple of weeks! Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. This is awesome Thienly! I love altered clipboards, they are so much fun to make! Have fun on your cruise! :-)

  2. Awesome! Love all the little details and somehow nothing says travel like that blue-white-red twine! :-) I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time on your cruise! It's on my to-do list one day too... ;-) ENJOY your vacations! :-D

  3. I love your clipboard! With so many embellishments & colors, it is so fun to look at! It is so inspiring, TFS! Have a fabulous time in your trip, it sounds like a blast!!!

  4. What a clever idea! And adorable too!

  5. I love the clipboard! Such a fun project!



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