Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miniature Leather Crafting - My New Hobby.

Well... HELLO!
Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I did a blog post!

I was away in Japan for awhile - enjoying some family vacation time.
It was amazing, and love everything about Japan.

While I was there - I had the opportunity to stock up on some new crafty supplies!

Well... I'm excited to share one of them!

It is Leather Crafting!

I have never been a big fan of leather crafting...
that is because all I see here is to make some western belts and wallets,
and not-so-my-type leather stamping...

but then, I fell in love.

I saw the CUTEST crafts ever.
I knew I had to make them.

So I went all out and purchased all these new tools.

 photo leather2_zpsc7ac3650.jpg

Never in my life - 
I would just go and get all these tools that made no sense to me!

Oh, and I found the cutest wooden holder that I keep my tools!

 photo leather3_zps1cca6ba3.jpg

...and before I even knew how to make anything - 
I had to go get some leather scraps.

These nice ones are actually really hard to come by here.
I checked Michaels, and I'm just so glad that I stocked up as much as I did while I was in Japan.

 photo leather_zpsf12a035f.jpg

I had absolutely NO IDEA how to go about and what to buy.
I researched, watched YouTube videos, and read books...
and ta-da!

I created some things that I feel fairly confident now -
so I thought that I'd share what I've been working on.

 photo leather8_zpse0803d2b.jpg

 Isn't it the cutest?

They are all about an inch in dimension,
so it makes the perfect keychain, and pendants!

 photo leather7_zps57612600.jpg

You wouldn't believe HOW MUCH more things I had to buy...
after I got the tools.

Leather sewing thread, tiny eyelets, grommets, brads, etc.
buckles and charms,
as well as leather lace and cords.

 photo leather6_zpse27df794.jpg
 photo leather5_zps0858ed1c.jpg
 photo DSC_3742_edited-1_zps930bbcd5.jpg
 photo DSC_3739_edited-1_zps1fbeecf8.jpg
 photo leather4_zpsece6d809.jpg

So, what do you think?
I miss paper crafting (and I still plan to do them) 
but it's also really fun to learn new things!
(The best thing about this is that the completed projects don't really take up any space!)

I wish that our cutting machine would cut leather...
(I've read somewhere it can cut thin ones)
and if it can do that - 
if Mary from SVG Cuts can design leather cutting files - 
that would be a dream come true for me :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cuckoo Over You Valentine Clock. - the FINAL SVG Cuts project.

Hello all!!!
I'm so excited to be sharing my recent SVG Cuts project.
It's probably one of my favorite projects that I've done!

It's a CUCKOO clock!!! 

 photo DSC_3237_zps15a78131.jpg

I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest time...
but none of the files worked as the clock base until THIS one came out recently.
I've tried simply doing it on a Spring Birdhouse, or even some of the Gingerbread Houses...
however, everything was a bit too small to make it work.

So, when this advent calendar one came out - I just knew that this was the one.

I kept some of the openings from the calendar but simply removed the doors,
moved some of the compartments and deleted others -
to make the clock base fit.

For the roof, the base and the pendulum, I used my to-go cut file - CRATES.

 photo DSC_3229_zps5d2bf6db.jpg

For the top compartment - 
I put in my Cuckoo Love Bird... 
and attached it onto the house with a wire spring.

I love the little love letter he's fetching in his mouth!

 photo DSC_3225_zps96614d07.jpg

To make this project - 
I totally researched on what makes beautiful cuckoo clocks.
I studied their accents, their balance, and their colors...

For the middle of this clock -
I really wanted to do one of those animals that rotate around the clock - 
goes in one end, comes out the other!
However, that would be nearly impossible to make and to explain how I did it!

I decided to simply add in a bunny into each of the compartments,
carrying a big heart for each other.

 photo DSC_3241_zpsed87e4d8.jpg

The side doors can open and you can even put a little treat in there if you're giving it as a gift!

 photo DSC_3240_zps3cc52b6d.jpg

The clock kit that I used here can be found at any of the crafting stores,
or even better - if you can plan it in advance - 
Amazon is super cheap.

The arm colors were a bit 'off' from how I wanted - 
(it was a shiny gold!)
so I simply spray painted them with a beige paint.

 photo DSC_3235_zpsf60126ab.jpg

I accented both the sides of the base by adding in some pretty roses.

You can totally change the theme of this clock with how you embellish it!

For a wintery one -
 it would be so cute to have wintergreens on the side, with snowflakes as the weights.

For a springy look - 
add some garden flowers or even some fencing on the base.

Autumn clocks would be so cute with woodland animals and fallen leaves.

 photo DSC_3230_zps4778317b.jpg

For the weights - I adhered 5 of the hearts scored down in the middle vertically onto one another.
It was important to have the beads at the bottom as well to create some weight.

In case you're wondering about how the back looks like, 
and if battery changing is possible - YES!

 photo DSC_3242_zps61a74041.jpg

It's very clean at the back,
and the top part of the roof where the crates meet - 
there's a triangular opening which you can use as a hole to hang it up on the wall.

I hope that you liked this project today!

If you're interested - 
here are all the kits and collections that I used.

2. Be Mine Valentine SVG Kit (decorative accent/bird)

Refer to the SVG Cuts blog for detailed files used, sizes and instructions.

Don't forget to pick up the FREE KIT of the WEEK - 
including the amazing GUITAR!!!
(for purchase $9.98 and over, coupon: FREEGIFT)


Now... onto my announcement.
A bit of a surprise to many of you...
If you see the title above... it says the 'FINAL' project.

Yes, I'm stepping down from the SVG Cuts team.
For those of you that saw my announcement last week,
I'm also stepping down from the Unity Stamp Company team.

Why, you ask? 
Is Thienly okay? 
Did something happen to her?

Everything is fine. 
I'm healthy and I'm happy.
I just wanted something different in my life.
More time to explore other things that interests me.
More time to enjoy with the family.
Just wanted the flexibility without having deadlines.
Life is too short - I want to make the best out of it, 
without any regrets knowing that I've tried/done everything that I wanted to do.

Who knew that this little machine I bought from Michaels on the Black Friday sale
 would take me so far!
I just bought it because it seemed like all the crafty ladies were doing it...
I had no idea about the amazing journey ahead of me!

I've been with the SVG Cuts team for almost 4 years,
when they have been in business for 5 years.  
I was their FIRST member of their design team... 
I remember celebrating their 5,000th follower on FB - 
and now, they are almost at 50,000!
It was the hardest decision to make.

Leo and Mary are the sweetest people around.
They have treated me like I'm a part of their family.
I've seen them get engaged, get married, win an American Made Audience Award.
I'm honored to have designed with this company for long as I have - 
creating ... design team projects.
You can see all my projects HERE.

The design team and SVG Cuts' friends are also very special to me.
I've created some very special friendship with some of them, 
and know that no matter what we all do - we'd be friends.

My mom tells me that this 'stepping down' event should go in my life history book!

So what am I gonna do from now?
Of course, most importantly, be there for my family.
I want to volunteer more at school.
I want to be there for kids after school without having to tell them - 
I need to take project pics before the sun goes down!
I want to watch movies with my husband without telling him I have a post deadline tomorrow!

Well, I still plan on doing some paper crafts and using stamps.
However, there are new crafty things that's captured my heart and I need to pursue it.

Needle felting, and leather crafting.
Paint and wood-working.
I want to work with different mediums and extend my crafty knowledge to these areas.

I'm super excited about leather crafting -
making miniature shoes and bags,
and eventually would be cool to design my own iphone case or something! :)

I'm leaving on a vacation for a couple of weeks to Japan in February.
When I come home, I should be all refreshed and ready to try something new!

Thank you so much for your support and understanding :)
I will continue to post here when I can and share my new interests, too!
I hope that you will continue to visit here now and then!

Much love,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a Winter Garage Sale!!! (and plus my little announcement)

Hello all!
It's a pretty fabulous weekend over at Unity,
with LOTS of exciting things happening that I'm about to tell you!
(I do have one announcement to make...
which I will tell you later)

You should be arriving from Shemaine's blog,
and here's the list of all the participating blogs for your reference.

Thienly Azim - me!

So... first up - don't miss out on the GARAGE SALE!!!
TONS of stamps marked down, so I urge you to go check it out!

 photo UnityGaragesale_zpsee681350.jpg

Secondly... are the new releases.
We have all kinds of NEW RELEASES - to please everyone!
Vintage, Sentiments, Cute...

...and I tried to sum it up all on one image so you can see it all!

 photo Unitygaragesalerelease_zps61321708.jpg

Such a fun release, right?

I didn't have much time to play with the new release, 
but did manage to make some!
Here's a one for Valentine's Day!

 photo DSC_3265_zps23ded1a5.jpg

I used stamps from various kits for this.
The number tags that you see here stamped on canvas is the new one,
and the sentiment is from the December KOM,
the white tiny hearts on the frame and the heart circle is from Handmade Valentine's Tag Kit.

 photo DSC_3266_zps97384ed2.jpg

Did you know that the polaroid frame also comes from Unity?
I painted this frame and inked it with white hearts.

I also had a chance to work with the Vintage Passport,
and used the sentiment and the plane from the SMAK kit - 
using Carta Bella's Well Traveled collection.

 photo DSC_3273_zpscf2cd5b0.jpg

I cut off the cloud lines off of the plane stamp, 
and made one with a black wire.

 photo DSC_3276_zps6d99a3d5.jpg

My next card is from the current SMAK:

 photo DSC_3270_zps32d6187f.jpg

The Echo Park Happy Days papers were perfect for this card,
as well as some of my washi tape!
(Route 66 and the sentiment is from SMAK)

 photo DSC_3272_zps887c9a44.jpg

...and now my last card...
is another cute Valentine's card, made with the perfect DARTBOARD file!

 photo DSC_3267_zps6fae92ce.jpg

I didn't take a pic of the front, but the card actually closes to look like a dartboard cabinet!

 photo DSC_3268_zps9a46da5b.jpg

The darts and the stamps are from the December KOM,
and I cut out another stamped image of the flight portion and bent it in half to made it 3D.

I hope that you liked my cards today!

PLEASE LEAVE SOME LOVE on the participating blogs for your chance
to win a 3 month MEMBERSHIP to the kit of YOUR CHOICE!!!
(now, that's a pretty darn good prize!)

...and now onto my little announcement...
Hoping that I don't disappoint you...

I am stepping down from the Unity Design Team.
This is going to be the last hop, 
and will be making my last Stamp of the Week reminder post next Friday over at the Unity blog.

I have throughly enjoyed my time here being on this team - 
it was one of the most amazing things that's happened to me.
I LOVE Angela and Chris...
and the whole Unity team.
Their soul is all beautiful and I'm honored to have had the chance to work with them.
I believe it was the BEST stamp company to design for!

However, my time has come,
and I'm feeling like I need to spread my wings in a different direction.
There are lots of different things (they are all still crafty!) that I want to try,
and I want to make time to do them.
I also want more time with family and friends.

As Angela told me - 
sometimes you need to make a hard decision in order to go where you want to go.
That is so true.

I thank you for your support and love - 
it's very very sad, and I'm feeling a bit sentimental about this,
but I'm also excited for the new change.

Thanks again, and hope that we can all continue to be friends and follow each other's work :)

PS. I will still try to occasionally make some posts so I don't have any crickets chirping here :)

Much Love,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Angela's Birthday - let's have some FUN!

Happy New Year's to all of you!
It's been a while since I've blogged!

I actually just got a new computer for Christmas (YAY!)
and was busy setting everything up!

Feels good to be crafty again!

You should be arriving from Shemaine's blog,
and here's the participating blog list again for your reference.

I've got a few projects to share with you today...
so we shall begin!

First off is the NEW {be inspired} CHALLENGE!

 photo Beinspiredchallenge_zpsc6de7405.jpg

With this...
I created this!
(using the new sentiment kit!)

 photo DSC_3209_zpsd8937f62.jpg

What you see here is a glimpse of the new sentiment kit that just got released today!
Lots of useful sentiments with a pretty flower border to go with it.

With my card - I only used the rose part of the border... 
(just to be different. HA!)

 photo DSC_3211_zpse017374f.jpg

I stuck to the inspiration colours and the sketch - 
but you can use one or the other...
and it can be any Unity stamps to enter this challenge!
Challenge link here.

Secondly - 
it's Angela's Birthday weekend!
...and we're celebrating it in style with all Unity at 50% off!

 photo Unitysale_zps4758f355.jpg

...and there's also some fun itty bitty and Phyllis Harris releases!

I had time to make a card with one stamp that caught my eye...
it's a PICKLE stamp and had a BLAST colouring this!

 photo DSC_3212_zpsdb7a4c8d.jpg

I must say... this is probably one of my fave Copics colouring job I've ever done!

I love pickles by the way... 
I eat them every chance I get.
Made me crave them just colouring this card!
(and no, I'm not pregnant!)

 photo DSC_3214_zpse23b9837.jpg

Next up is a card that I made for Kit of the Month Monday...
(and I'm sure some of you have seen it already, so I apologize!)

 photo DSC_3190_zps4e888c7a.jpg

Using the current circle woodgrain stamp -
I cut out another circle within it to place a little nest for a birdie.

 photo DSC_3192_zps690a8f0e.jpg

So cute, isn't it?
It's a great card to give to my mama! :)

Lastly, but not least, is a 3D craft made using the current SMAK.

I made a suitcase box.... 
I had to after seeing so many fun travel stamps!

 photo DSC_3203_zps67d3b928.jpg

I used the Scoot collection from Echo Park - 
and THIS FILE for the suitcase.

 photo DSC_3207_zps271e06fb.jpg

I LOVE this file
the handle is super cute and the box opens like a regular box,
so it makes a perfect gift box!
(or keepsake box for all vacation photos)

 photo DSC_3204_zpsb090d124.jpg

I colored in the stamps, and purposely, adhered them onto the luggage with a bit folded over.

 photo DSC_3205_zps653220e9.jpg

... and see what I mean?
Lots of space to put treasures in!

 photo DSC_3208_zpsaf4b4b29.jpg

Okay, that's it!

Make sure that you leave some love
 as there's TWO LUCKY WINNERS chosen to receive this prize pack!

 photo Prizepack_zps52a07902.jpg

...and we have a guest hopping with us today - 
so I'm sending you off to Kassi!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recapping Unity 2013

Hello Unity Friends!

Today - I'm doing something different from usual as I recap the whole year of Unity!
I have a couple of projects from each month starting from January, 
showing you how much variety we have in in the Unity store!
With several artists drawing amazing designs - 
the fun releases kept on coming!

If you like a certain stamp - 
just click on the image and will take you right to the actual product in the store!

Hope that you enjoy my recap!


 photo JAN-LoveismyAnchor_zpsb35c800d.jpg

 photo JAN-AnnButler_zpsf4067af9.jpg


 photo FEB-SMAKGoingPlaces_zps04a7e543.jpg

 photo FEB-KOMLetLoveGrow_zpsd356f10f.jpg


 photo MAR-CARISAgirl_zps97286a07.jpg
 photo MAR-ClairefashionistaSassyPants_zps1d8a6a25.jpg

 photo MAR-TheHeartofaBFF_zpsbfc06225.jpg


 photo APR-MyViewofYOUOneNightOnlySavetheDate_zpse8341560.jpg

 photo APR-YouMakeMyHeartPuffy_zps844c6c52.jpg


 photo MAY-WhattheBuck_zps7b916660.jpg
 photo MAY-aBOUTBonAppetit_zpscf27cddb.jpg


 photo JUN-ARoundofCocktails_zps182d7124.jpg

 photo JUN-STRONGisyouronlychoice_zps257853b2.jpg

 photo JULY-SummertimeinaJar_zps461c5f16.jpg

 photo JULYPH-1105A-THANKS-FOR-BEING-FUN_zps99167591.jpg

 photo AUG-BottledUpBOOS_zps7edbaf75.jpg

 photo AUG-YOUcandoANYTHING_zps63b0f80e.jpg


 photo SEPT-Tabithafashionista_zps190ed770.jpg

 photo SEPT-AdventfullSeason_zpsa925fcac.jpg


 photo OCT-EverythingChristmas_zps33bc6ecf.jpg

 photo NOV-IamWoman_zpsd96e5b2a.jpg


 photo OCT-CharleeGirl_zps6ae9d167.jpg

 photo NOV-HandmadeValentines_zps8213f8e1.jpg

Here are the other participating blogs for your reference:

Thienly Azim - me :)

I can't wait to see what UNITY is going to bring us in 2014!
I am so excited to be a part of it!

I know that there is going to be a sale 
clearing out some inventory to make room for more stamps,
so click here to go check out the store!

Make sure to leave a comment here to win these yummy prize pack!
(Two lucky winners from the comments made from this hop)

Thank you,
and if I don't have any more new posts for the rest of the year - 

Best wishes to you all in 2014!


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