Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Craft Haul from US!

So, aside from all the fun that I had on this vacation going to all the attractions, another big excitement comes from all the shopping and online ordering that I did while I was there.  (All the online orders were made weeks prior to, and had it shipped to my relative's place.  I had seven packages waiting for me when I arrived there!)

I'm still putting all the things away, and trying to reorganize my craft space.  Now, I really need my own room!  I think that slowly my husband's stuff in this computer room is moved to the basement or in boxes, and I'm taking over these spaces...  Just a few more years and this room is mine :)  Hehehe!  Anyway, it will take me a while to get around to using all of these, so you may not see me use these right away, but I just wanted to show off all my goodies that I brought home!

Firt of all are the AC Cardstock from Pumpkin Cart Crafts (same cool owners Leo and Mary from SVGCuts own this store).  I have never tried AC Cardstock - mainly because I've never seen them sold where I live.  They are the recommended cardstock enforced from ProvoCraft - supposedly it cuts the best.  I can't wait to try cutting them!

Next are all my beautiful patterned cardstock from various companies.  I personally love Echo Park and Cosmo Cricket.   All the packaged ones are in collection, so it will make it easy for me to choose coordinating papers.

Here's some loose sheets that I also purchased: 

Now, I wanted to introduce another one of my favorite companies - I actually just gotten to know this company, but their designs are super cute, and it'll suit all the Echo Park and Cosmo Cricket fans, I think.  So, this is from My Little Shoebox.  Aren't they adorable??  I just LOVE looking at cute paper!

And, more paper.... the core impressions is what I'm excited about - it's beautiful cardstock and it's all embossed!

Then, I also happen to come across a super duper President's day sale at Joann's where all scrapbooking items were 40% off.  (and the original prices are soo much cheaper than Canada to begin with, so what a deal!)  Mom bought me about $100 worth of stuff for me and I was so happy :)  As you can tell, I stocked up on my favorite Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive!

I also got some punches, Cuttlebug folders, Sizzix texture plates, Yourstory book covers...oh, and the Sizzix flower dies.  I can't wait to try these with the felts that I recently got from Papertrey ink.

And, as I've mentioned before, my Teresa Collins Stamp Maker - haven't opened this yet.  My first project with this will be to make a "mod paperie" stamp!

And, I caved in and got Gypsy...  I think that my main reason for getting that was so I can "select all" and copy the projects that I've made multiple times on the page - great for when you're trying to make batches of cards at once.  I don't know how many times I wished I had this feature on the Design Studio.  Also, if you register your Gypsy by the end of February, you get free cartridges, so I was all up for that, too!  Oh, and I got a new cart "Wrap It Up" cartridge - it's so cute and can't wait to play with them!

The twines from The Twinery - beautiful colors and great quality.  It makes me so happy to look at them!

And, lastly, but not least, more Letterpress stuff from Lifestyle Crafts.  I've been making some cards and starting to get the hang of it - I just needed more ink colors and that's what I got along with some more paper and templates.

So - that's the end of my haul.  I don't even know where to start - there's so much for me to play with, and hopefully, I'll refrain from shopping until Christmas... yeah, like that'll happen :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Themed Birthday Party Invitations. SVGCuts DT Project. (lots of pics!)

I've created 6 fun themed birthday party invitations hoping to inspire all you crafty people out there to make party invitations rather than buying them.  They all have the same basic base from Elegant Framed Invitations SVG Kit from SVGCuts.  I added embellishments and cuts that were specific to the theme, and used fun fonts that would match the feel of the party and voila!  How fun are they?  This project was posted on SVGCuts blog a couple of weeks ago, while I was away on vacation, so - for those of you that has seen these - I apologize for you having to see them numerous times.  However, I do have lots more photos for you to enjoy!

For more detailed instructions on how to make them, and the files used, visit SVGCuts blog.

Dinosaur Party Invite.

Birthday Dinos SVG Collection

Carnival Party Invite.

 Construction Party Invite.

Cliff's Clubhouse Cards SVG Kit (tools)
Play All Afternoon SVG Collection (dumptruck)
Winter Bliss SVG Collection (border)

Garden Party Invite.

Make Up Party Invite.

Paula's Boutique SVG Collection

Tea Party Invite.

An Afternoon at Auntie Elaines SVG Collection

 Now, just to get your feedback - which one's your favorite???

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm home!!!! Missed me?!?!

Wow - I've been away from home for 13 days, but felt like I was gone for a month!  Considering we had 3 young kids with us, we cleared everything that we wanted to see and do, and more!  I can't believe that we fit all the major attractions - 3 days of Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, Wildlife Safari, Sea World into this trip, and still had time to check out Santa Monica, Hollywood, the outlet, the beach, the malls and trip to JoAnns :) It was an amazing vacation - and the weather was wonderful for the most part.  Here's a pic of my three kiddos at the San Diego La Jolla beach.

I had the pleasure of meeting Xochitl Rico (Cricut Critter blog) in Anaheim for a drink after we put our kids down. Coincidentally, we were both staying at the same hotel so it worked out really well!  We got to know each other better (share our holiday experiences) and it was great to have some "crafty" talk with someone after being deprived of creativity for a week.  She is very friendly and extremely easy to get along with.  Thanks for a great time, Xochitl (and thank you for the drink)!

One of my highlight of my trip was meeting Belinda Brown (Bee's Hive O'Drama blog) in California Adventure.  We've never met, but she pulled her two kids out of school and dragged her husband on his day off to drive two hours to see us.  We were both leary of how it may go - I mean, we've only chatted online - never actually talked to each other until we met!  She made a joke about how I could've been a 78 year old woman!  Anyway, we (and our families) hitted off really well immediately - and instead of just having lunch and a couple of rides together like we had planned, we spent the whole day together.  It was such a magical experience in the happiest place on earth :)  Thanks Bee and I miss you and your family already!

Anyway, enough about my trip!

On my next post, I'm going to show you all the crafting loot that I brought home!!! (I just need to take some pics :))

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My last little post before I'm gone!!!! - but there's some exciting news to share!

Sorry that I don't have any cool crafts to show, but I wanted to tell you that I'm gone for 2 weeks and no blogging won't happen for me during that time.  Sorry about the plain old card - it's something I did a long time ago, but I needed a picture to get your attention! and looks like it worked :)

Now that I have your attention, I thought that I'd share some exciting things:

1.  Watch out for the next SVGCuts collection next week.  Tres tres cute!!!  So cute that you're going to be tempted to buy them right away!

2.  I'm off to LA and San Diego area, hitting all the major attractions that I could possibly hit, and meeting up with my crafting buddies, Xochitl Rico and Belinda Brown.

3.  I will have a lot of goodies to show with you when I get back!  I ordered tons of crafting stuff, can't wait to share with you all and make pretty things with it!!!

4.  I submitted in another DT project for SVGCuts, so keep your eyes peeled - it may be up while I'm on vacation!  I'm very excited about my next project, got a little creative with my photography, and am so excited to show you!!!

5.  I am working on a Facebook page for mod paperie, so when I get back from my vacation, I hope to launch that shortly after... and hope to make more friends!

6.  It's SVGCuts 2nd Birthday! So go to their Facebook page, or their forum and wish them Happy Birthday!!!

Anyway, I think that's it for now!  See you in two weeks!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SVGCuts collection taken to a new height!

For those of you that missed the new collection release from SVGCuts yesterday, here it is!!!!

Isn't it CUTE???  It's super adorable Birthday Dinos!
The cutesy look is all the rage (especially in the new Cricut cartridges)
 and Mary has nailed it!

Get yours while it's free!
(Free with purchase of $9.98 or more!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just because cards. SVGCuts DT project.

Check out my 3 latest cards that I made as a project for the SVGCuts Design Team!
I've come to really enjoy working with sentiment stamps, and I've never, till now, thought about making some cards for my DT project!  I've been also working on my photography skills....  I flipped though some card magaines, researched how they take pics of the cards, and used ribbons and buttons as a prop with the cards.  I think that it gives some character to the photos this way! I'm tryin'!

Anyway, here are the cards!

For more details on my cards, the instructions, collections used, and its dimensions - please visit SVGCuts blog - click here.  Hope you like them!

Thanks to Cely - I forgot to give credits to the stamp companies that made these beautiful sentiment stamps! 
The "rainbows and sunshine" and "you're a doll" sentiments are from Papertrey ink, and "loving life" one is from Technique Tuesday!  LOVE LOVE LOVE their stamps!!!
Anyway, I wasn't too productive yesterday - I'll see how much I can get accomplished tonight!
(I think that my problem is that I'm making some awesome friends online - now it's too fun to chat, rather than to craft! LOL!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh, counting down to my vacation!!!

I've got 6 more days until our family leaves on VACATION!
Yay!!! I'm so excited!!!!!
It's been getting harder and harder to sit and craft right now, with my travel bug just making my body restless!

Anyway, got my Letterpress set out again, and made two cards - one for my great aunt which I'll be staying with for a few days during our vacation, and one for my sister-in-law's birthday (I really hope that she doesn't see this card yet!).

I just LOVE the simple look that the Letterpress creates!
and still so elegant!

For the thank you card, I used the Wedding printing plates with teal and dark brown ink, and for the birthday card, I used the Baby printing plate for the background, and used hat (Birthday Elements) and the frame (Robin's Return) from SVGCuts files.

And I just can't wait until you see the new SVGCuts collection - it is just sooo adorable! One of my favorite that Mary has ever made!  Guaranteed that it's going to be a popular collection! Stay tuned!

I've been also trying to learn how to take photos and I'm having so much fun with it!  It's my dream to be able to capture my kids expressions and create the "mood" from photography.  It's amazing though - with a good camera and excellent lens, I found that I'm now more interested in wanting to learn how photography works!  This is a simple shot of some dried florals that was sitting in my vase, but look how nice and clear it is with my new camera!

Anyway, I'm off to try to finish my next SVGCuts DT project before I leave!
Ciao for now!


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