Friday, April 5, 2013

A Ship Cupcake Holder and a Birthday Card for my lil' PIRATE! - SVG Cuts design team project.

Happy Friday to my crafty friends!

If you're looking for the Unity Thursday blog hop - click here
I shared a few cards there, so if you missed it, come check it out!

Today, I'm excited to share with you 
(although I'm sure most have seen it - but trust me... I do have a few more pics!) 
my latest SVG Cuts design team project!

I've used my super cute Pirate Madness Unity stamps in my project,
so hopefully, my FRIENDS WITH FLAIR Unity friends can also appreciate!

Now, I was inspired to make this project as we just had a 
PIRATE-themed party for my son that turned six.
(He had this party last year, too... 
and I must've done a pretty good job, 
as he wanted to have it AGAIN! 
Now, I'm a master at this! lol. 
Anyone thinking of pirate parties? 
If you can get me tickets to fly to your place, 
I'd be happy to organize it for you :) )

Anyway, I decided to make a pirate ship to hold that 'special' cupcake and a birthday card to go with it!


 photo DSC_0719_zps76d4dd70.jpg

I was so excited by how this turned out.
Canvas Corp papers were just PERFECT for the look that I wanted!

The base was made from a milk carton file and I wrapped paper around it.

 photo DSC_0738_zps9d64f6f9.jpg

It even has the Crow's nest!
 It was made from a pail from this kit, but I scaled it way down.

 photo DSC_0735_zps13ae743f.jpg

I love that anchor at the front... 
I was thinking that it would be a super cute addition, 
and WHOA - 
Mary must've been on the same wavelength 
as she came out with a kit with an anchor on it the same week I was working on this!

 photo DSC_0727_zps8cfc2443.jpg

Have you noticed how much I LOVE these crate boards
I used them to make slats on the ship!

 photo DSC_0729_zpsd2e07327.jpg

Here, you see the background shot of how I wrapped the wire around the wooden dowels...

To make the ship, you will need the following files:

...and then head on over to the blog to see the exact files/measurements,
and the full instructions.

Now, onto the pirate birthday card! 
I was inspired to make my first easel card, and it's so cute! 
I've got to make some more!

 photo DSC_0712_zpsd14bf605.jpg

I love how the Unity stamps worked SOO well, and it's so fun! 
My son LOVED it!

 photo DSC_0740_zps49964971.jpg

This dude totally looks like Johnny Depp, doesn't he?

 photo DSC_0741_zpse1055436.jpg

Love the inside sentiment, too!

Now... onto some to share some pics of the party... 
didn't get so much though... 
I was busy being the host :)

If you're interested in making this card,
here are the files that you need.

...and then head on over to the blog to see the exact files/measurements,
and the full instructions.

Here's my guy in the Captain Hook costume :)

 photo DSC_0763_zpsd5b9a36d.jpg

If you see, I got little wooden tags from Michaels, 
stained it and stamped 'pirate' on it.
It added so much to the look! Made a few more tags, too!

 photo DSC_0798_zps49a19e9d.jpg

Got these awesome pirate cupcake toppers and these were for the guests.

 photo DSC_0756_zps411681db.jpg

Kids LOVED these... 
I think that they went for these before the cupcakes!
I saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago, and had to do it!
(I got the files from this kit to make the flags)

 photo DSC_0778_zps4fdfd160.jpg

Another idea from Pinterest... 'fish n' chips'. HA! 
Loved this, and wanted to make a cool sign but ran out of time. 
My 10yr old son came very helpful!

Oooh, see the little handmade treasure chests at the side? 
It's also from that same Pirate Birthday SVG Kit
I cut them out in advance and got little ones to assemble and decorate.

 photo DSC_0774_zpsd9f9f3ff.jpg

I stamped the same pirate stamps onto a cotton muslin bag from State Line Bag Co
and kids got to put their little jewel treasures inside them!

Lastly, but not least, I made a super cool pirate pennant banner out of red and black striped fabric, 
and hung it all across the room... 
unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of that... 
so here's an instagram pic of when I started cutting it.
 It really was cool.

 photo piratepennant_zpsac689fea.jpg

Anyway - hope that you enjoyed my post - 
and that you liked my projects!

Thanks for coming by -
wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Oooh, don't forget to pick up the new collection that just got released, too!


  1. Oh WOW! This is fantastic! It's almost a shame to have guests mess it up. I am in LOVE with the ship!

  2. If I were a kid, I'd want a mum like you :) What a fun, fun birthday party!! Your son must be so proud of you, for making his day so special. You are so Talented!!

  3. What a fun party !! Wish I could have you as my party planner :)

  4. Awesome projects. Your son must have LOVED everything.

  5. What an awesome party idea! Love all your projects.

  6. Looks AMAZING!!!!! What a totally fun parrrrr-ty. <--- said in pirate voice.

  7. You deserve the mom of the year award for making a party like that! Everything is so fabulous!

  8. Very cute I bet all had fun arrrrgh, I like the fish & chips. What a hoot!

  9. Wow! What an awesome party with incredible decorations! Before I read down, I was thinking to myself how exactly like Johnny Depp your pirate was! LOL

  10. wow how cool and fun, this party must of been.

  11. Wow! I'm overwhelmed by this fabulous pirate party package -- totally fabulous.

  12. OMG! You must have been one busy lady making all of these goodies!!!! I love them all. So clever to use a milk carton file for the base of the ship and I love Captain Jack Sparrow on the card (I love Johnny!). :)

  13. Wow your party looks amazing with all the detail. That pirate ship is my favorite. But it is all so wonderful. :)

  14. How fun is this! Very creative, Thienly.

  15. Wow! Your son must have had a wonderful birthday! What wonderful projects for him. I had to laugh at the Johnny Depp pirate but I think your son was much cuter.

  16. Wow, so much wow goodness! What a fun party your son must have had! Terrific!

  17. Oh-my-goodness!! I cannot begin to even imagine how long this awesomeness took you. Every detail is perfection!! My boys would love this!

  18. Totally awesome crafty party decorations, love them and that pirate ship is just fantastic!!

  19. Ha ha, "Fish and Chips"! I must be getting slow with my old age! Had to look a few times before I got it! Duh!!!
    Looks like a fun time! The ship is super cute and every thing is so cool! Love the card, too!

  20. Oh all so cute what an amazing party!

  21. Love that ship! Awesome projects and party!

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  23. Arrrrrgh Matey, this be amazing! Lucky kiddo!

  24. Holy Tomoley!! You have mom of the year award in my eyes!! These arrrggh amazing!!

  25. Wow! What a work of art you created - very cool! :) Yes, I agree - your kiddo is very lucky to have you as a mom, too!

  26. Is the pirate easel card for sale? Just would love to download it and use for my sons birthday. Dawn xx



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