Friday, March 25, 2011

Can't decide what to buy from SVGCuts? I`ll tell you my personal all-time favorite SVG Collections/Kits! (and $5 SVGCuts giveaway!)

I thought that today would be appropriate for me to share my personal favorites, as they conveniently has a sale right now and can get them all for 25% off until next Tuesday! (with discount code:  SPRING2011 (you can only use it once, so use wisely!)

It actually was really hard for me to choose (they are ALL AWESOME!), and took a lot of thinking on my part... but here goes... my top10 (in no particular order) are:

1.  Robin's Return SVG Collection

I don't think that I need to explain this one - as you can see, all cuts are just beautiful.  There's also a great variety in this collection as well - borders, frames, images, and my favorite is eyelet paper on the very back. 

I did my explosion box using this eyelet paper last year, and for those that haven't seen it, you can click on the image and takes you to the blog post :)

I love how versatile this collection is.  You may look at this, and you may not see much excitement with this one.  However, I've used these so much, and it's so pretty to add to anything!  It can be a border, add a touch of lace look to the card, can be used as a bag handle, and my favorite project with this was Christmas ornaments.

I've used a lot of these files in my various projects.  My favorite one is the gate, also inside my explosion box (shown above), and a tag and raspberry that I used for my jam jars (will be shown below) and I love the lattice and the chair...  I just haven`t had time to play full with this amazing set!

I have a good old memory with this one.  This is the file that just had been released, when I was appointed the first member of the SVGCuts design team.  I made Homemade Jam Jars project with this one.

As I explained last week, I think that this collection is so girly and so pretty! Love each of the papercraft included in this set - and they are super easy to make.  I am not going to show you my shoes, cause they are in the last few posts, but this is a must have kit :)  (I am also partially biased to this, as "Amelie" is also my daughter's name!)

6.  Premium Pop-Up Cards SVG Kit

Everyone loves pop-up cards, can't go wrong with this one!  My all time favorite card will be shared along with the next set.

7.  Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit

These cards are amazing when you open them.  It looks complicated, but it's super easy!  I decided to think out of the box, and used the above two card kits and welded it together to make a pop-up lever card!

8.  Explosion Box SVG Kit

This is not just for scrapbookers - there`s frames and embellishments you can add to any project!  My big project that I did with this one was Date to Remember book, using the frame from the bottom right. 

10.  (okay, I cheat.... but it's allowed 'cause it's my blog :))

......ALL 3D Flower SVG Collections.


Okay, I`m sure you can`t miss my flower topiary at the top of the page, it greets you everytime you come here, but this was made with these files!

So, as you can see, if you haven't purchased any of their collections, you are missing out!  In each of the collections that you get, you can print a pretty PDF (with instructions!) to start your SVGCuts binder (my favorite bed time reading! LOL!) and there's tutorials and videos that you can catch to help you assemble the complicated sets on the SVGCuts blog.
Okay, I've shared mine!

Tell me what your favorite collection is from them, and I'll choose one person (randomly!) to win a $5 gift card to SVGCuts! (chosen Monday evening!)


  1. hmmm your selections are totally cute, its so hard to choose just one. But since I love CUTEsy stuff I am gonna go with all of the cuddlies collection (cheated too ha ha) I love all the little critters. thanks for sharing, I am adding a few more to my shopping bag.

  2. WELL, it would be hard, i love the 3d flowers, explosion box looks awesome but i'd be terrified to try and make one, and the girly one with the shoe,,,who could turn down a shoe???

  3. Fabulous choices. I would have to go with 3d flowers.
    I gotta tell you I love your jam jars. They are mesmerizing to me. Something about them entrances me. I know that sounds weird, but seriously I want to frame them. They bring a smile to my face.

  4. Ohhh good choices. I like all of them and stitchable shapes. I use that one all the time. Right now I am on an Easter kick so I am in love with the spring bird houses. SOOOO Much fun!!! I love your work Thienly!

  5. I have all of your favorites except the explosion box and I have 20 or so more!!! It is VERY hard to choose a favorite and a lot depends on the season too. Humm.... I use a great deal from Moonlight Garden Party, Afternoon at Auntie.. and/ but the very most from My Happy Garden. OK...only because Spring is in the air, I have to choose My Happy Garden.

  6. WOW! I love your selection, I have all of those files except the winter flowers and fall flowers and Rosie's ribbon strips.... They're all favorite of mine. most of them I sadly haven't used to their potential, like Moonlight Garden and Strawberry Lane (I still have to make that big project of mine of the family house with all our pics in the windows!...) and I want to use a lot of the flowers to make a bouquet for a coming birthday... So many ideas, so little time!... :-S
    Oh and I really like the new Spring Birdhouses and I'm dying to play with Amelie's accessories...
    I just can't pic just one! LOL :-D
    I really really enjoyed seeing some of your projects again, I was just so wowed by that explosion box, and the lever-pop up card (still didn't understand how you combined the 2, LOL!), and the topiary, and the dates to remember book!... those all bring a smile to my face. :-D

  7. P.S: You need a slide show of all your creations at the top of your blog! :-D

  8. Pick a favorite??? How? I love them all and want them all! If I have to pick, I guess I'll go back to the very first one I collected: the Easter egg collection. It opened up my eyes to so many possibilities with my Cricut and SVG Cuts. The Easter eggs that I cout out then are setting right here beside me because I'll be putting them on my pencil trees today. Love them!

  9. I love every one that I have, but my favorite, at least right now, has to be Amelia's Accessories. It is so perfect for little gifts for my girlfriends! I just adore it!!

  10. Why do you have to make everything look so easy & cute?? I'm definitely gonna have to purchase a few of these now! :) Right now I'm working like crazy to scrapbook my baby's first year, so I love the Little Sweet Peas collection. I also love the Waterfall Cards & the Premium Pop-Up Cards as well.

  11. I LOVE :) So hard to choose just one favorite. I think my most recent favorite would be the Spring Bird Houses. I can't wait to play with it. :)

  12. OMG you are so amazing talented. I absolutely love the topiary and have started to make one. I especially like the Memory Garden files since I mostly scrapbook. My second choice would have to be Gourdes Galore for a themed file.

    Bev Beaudette

  13. I love the exotic treasures that I have. For a new set, I'd love the lever cards. You've done beautiful work!!

  14. I hadn't seen the explosion boxes!!! they're adorable! I think that's going to be my next purchase! thanks for sharing!

  15. I love the Explosion Box. I think it is the best project I've made this year. I even use it as my Facebook picture.

  16. Ok, this is extreamly hard to say which ONE collections is my favorit but.....I think I am with you on the 3D flowers!!! I continue to go back to them and make more, just love that you use them in such intergrated ways, thanks for sharing your ideas...and I love all the files that has to offer...

  17. I am loving building my collection of SVG cuts files, however my husband the pocket book are wondering what I'm up too!

    I think my favorite file so far is the Chamomile friendship cards, I have used them a lot the past month making special birthday and thank you cards for my Mom, Grandma and Best Friend.

  18. Wow, Thienly, you do us SO proud, showing off our files with such gorgeous projects! Always love what you come up with, and your style! Thank you for sharing, and for all your kind words, and I think you top faves are mine too! :) ~Mary

  19. My favorite is the explosion box kit! So much fun to take paper and turn it into something so stunning.

  20. I love them all but I will have to say The Explosion box is so unique.I have a couple friends and relatives that would flip over that. An of course I would need to make one for myself and embellish it all up to feature my grandchildren's adorable pictures. There are so mamy wonderful files and such wonderful support. I am so thrilled with the sale I could jump into Svg files verse locked into limited cartridges. This has opened up a whole new realm of crafting.

  21. Thienly, I have enjoyed your blog for a while now and love all your beautiful and creative projects. It's fun to see how you incorporate and use the SVGCut kits!

    I think one of my all time favorites right now is the Spring Bird Houses as well and we're still having fun with the Christmas Advent Calendar kit.

  22. My favorite for the moment is Vintage Paper Rosettes. I think tomorrow my fave will be Waterfall Cards. Tuesday maybe Robin's Return. Wednesday...Moonlight Garden....I hate picking faves - I can't be limited! :-)

  23. I think right now my favorite of the ones you have listed is Amelie's accessories. The favorite of the ones I do have are either the waterfall or breezy backyard lever cards. I love looking at all of your creations that you have here and at svgcuts!

  24. I think you made some great picks! I love the Breezy Backyard Lever cards and Boutique Bags and Boxes. Love your work!

  25. I am new to SVGCuts and I just placed my first order with the discount! I'm so excited and can't wait to work on the projects. My favorite is the 3D flowers, especially your flower topiary. You are very talented.

    hingfa at yahoo dot com

  26. Love the 3D awesome!!

  27. Love your selection Thienly, I have most but just picked up Robin's Return thanks to you, I never seen the eyelet background paper, how awesome, thanks!!



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