Sunday, March 6, 2011

... and the winners of my Cutie Patootie Blog Hop giveaway are.........

Of course, I'm not going to tell you just yet!  I wanted to thank everyone of you for coming out to "hop" this event and I thought that is was very successful!  I've got exactly 50 new stalkers from this event!  It was my first one that I've ever done, and now I think that I'm going to get addicted to this!  Who wants to do another blog hop with me??? Hahaha....  Anyway, big thanks to JustYolie for hosting this event, and another big thanks to Mary and Leo for donating me a gift card to giveaway. 

I got a feedback that my bee stripes were not correct....  Hmmmm... I admit that I have never really paid attention to how the strips should be... however, pointed out to me, I can see that it may have looked awkward to those bee experts out there!  So - I had to whip up a super quick card today for my son's preschool friend as she's become a big sister and attending a party later today.  So - I attempted to make another bee, this time using a bee from the Birthday Bash cart!  I didn't do my "out of the box" thinking on this - just cut and paste and that's the only time I had.  But I think that it's darn cute and not bad for my 10 min job!

Anyway.... I'm sure that you all want to know if you have been chosen.  I made my picks totally fair - I did the random org thing and I counted it a few times to make sure!  Now, I really did check... the winners had to do my requirements.  One of the winners that I had picked was NOT my follower! So... I repicked it!

So....  scroll down....

and more....

The lucky stalkers are:

An SVGCuts Collection giveaway:

72...Christina said...

I love your work. I have been following you for a while now. I did just add you as blog to follow through google. I already have your site as one of my favorites. I also follow svg cuts on facebook and their newsletter. I just liked the Pumpkin Cart Crafts on facebook.

If I win I would like the The Robins Return svg collection. Thanks for a chance to win.   Christina

19..... Tammy D said...

Well I've been a fan of SVGcuts from the very beginning! I love the stuff you have been doing with their files. I don't have the waterfall or the new Bird house collections yet. They are looking pretty doggone fun!

and ..... drum roll please....

the big $20 Pumpkin Craft Carts Giveaway goes to...

March 5, 2011 10:29 AM

36... Paula said...

WOW - Beautiful bag (i wish I had seen this on Thursday, just gave a girlfriend so garden seeds and this would have been perfect!!!)

I'm following you and "liking" SVGCuts and Pumpkin Cart Crafts! Looking forward to more of your creations...oh and I'd love the Cliff's Clubhouse Cards SVG Kit if I won!!
Congratulations ladies!!!!
I will be contacting you ladies shortly!!! (probably tonight as I need to head out to this party thing now....or feel free to express your excitement and message me at
Thanks again for making my blog hop a fun one!


  1. Ok what was wrong with the bee on your gift bag? I thought it was soooo cute....Like a little round pudgy bumblebee. I actually like that one more than this one, but oh well it each their own....I like the boots on this one though, cute in a different way.


  2. The hop was a lot of fun - thanks for sharing your projects. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. Not too shabby mammasita! This bee looks like it needs chocolate or a shopping excursion, however, just saying. I'm kind of bitter about not winning though errrrrr, but I love you anyways:)

  4. Oh my, what mean wasp dared commenting on your bee? LOL *wink*
    This doesn't look like a 10 mn card to me! Then again I am a real snail when I papercraft lately, LOL!
    I think you should make another bee the opposite way, put them next to each other and see if one strikes you as right more than the other one... ;-) Just saying... cause you know, a rainbow is a rainbow... *wink* LOL You make me laugh! :-D

  5. So I hope I wasn't the winner that wasn't a follower of your blog! I just noticed that I'm not technically a "follower" but I have been following you for months with your blog linked to the side of my blog. I love everything you do! :) Congrats to the winners!

  6. Congrats on all those new followers, Thienly! I can remember when you were just starting. :0)
    Congrats to the lucky hop winners, too!
    I'm with Bee....who dared commented on your bee? I thought your project was darling! And to think the one today was ten-minute job?! You rock, woman!

  7. I am so excited! Your work is awesome and so imspiring!

  8. I hit enter by mistake before I typed Thank you!


  9. Thank you! I am excited because I never win and I love your work so much. Thank you again.

  10. congrats to all the winners!
    and i like both bees. i thought the other one was adorable! and this one is cute too! thanks
    and i gave you a blog award, check it out here

  11. I love your journal writing inside of you card really nice. Bee happy because you bee is just fine.

  12. Yeah, who would comment on the bee? Don't worry, It was my good blog friend Bee above that did, and it's all good :). Just thought that it would be something to write about! The stripes were facing the opposite way :)

    Glad you guys enjoed the blog hop - thinking of doing another one soon! And yes, Cheryl - it wasn't that long ago when I started, and it's definitely been a great journey!

    Thanks butterflygypsy for the blog award! I'll go check it out!

  13. Cute card! Ok now I am wondering what was wrong with your other bee ?!? I thought it was just pefect!



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