Thursday, March 3, 2011

Okay, I'll take my first review back.... my second attempt at the Stamp Maker.

So, after writing my review of the Stamp Maker a couple of days ago, I decided that I was going to give it another try. 

This time:

1.  I made the images larger.
2.  After I put the image template and the photopolymer pack inside a clamp, I pressed it hard to make the surface uniform and even.
2.  I let very warm soapy water run on the stamp for a LONG time, and cleaned it much, MUCH better.

The result?


Having the uniform surface seem to take on the ink much better and cleaning them throughly made the edges of the letters sharper thus creating a sharper image!
Here are some pics!

I must say, I'm much happier with this set and that I really enjoy designing stamps! 


  1. Awesome awesome your the Stamp Maker or the one by Theresa...what's the exact name? There are 2 out there.....I want one too. YOu and Celeste are bad for showing me this wonderful thing and were did you find the best price?

  2. fabuloso muchachita! I love them! I really love the "let's drink to that!", it's perfect for us!

  3. Love them! Don't think I will get into this though. Pricey machine and not sure I would use it too much. Never know though, I may want it seeing what you have done.

  4. OOOoooh, cool!!! I so hope you haven't just convinced me to add a new toy to my wishlist!! LOL



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