Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to get back into crafting.... cause my son's birthday is coming up!

First of all, before I get on with my post and share with you my little project for today, I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments in regards to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  My family is fine (they are in the Tokyo area), except there's still worries about the radioactive leakage and there's supposedly countless numbers of aftershocks (as high as magnitude of 6!) throughout the day.  The food is getting scarce, mostly due to lack of delivery from factories, as there's no gas.  However, the businesses are starting to reopen and trains are starting to go back to their regular schedule.  Thank you to all those that have contributed any monetary amount to Japan - I'm sure that they would be really appreciated. 

Anyway, it occurred to me after several days of watching television and mind just staring off into space, that is was not the healthiest thing for me to do...  I enjoy crafting, and I do it so that it gives me stress relief, it's a way for my mind to get away, and cause I enjoy sharing what I make with others.  So, it made sense after all that - that I should just get back into making things...

Besides, my son's 4th birthday party (we're only doing family one) is this weekend, and haven't thought anything about it.  He has told me that he wants yellow decorations (LOVES yellow!) and I know that he loves anything with wheels.

So - I decided to whip up a party hat for him  - a hat that I hope he'll feel special wearing it.

It's simple - just took SVGCuts freebie Party hat file, and added on the Construction bear and bull dozer from last weeks free gift - Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection.

Measurements: (the rest of the parts - size it proportionally to what's given)

Party Hat SVG 11.3" wide
Construction bear Theo 2.67" wide (body)
Construction Bull Dozer   5.61" wide (truck itself)

I hope that he likes it!  I'm going to hide it and am going to surprise it on Saturday.
I am planning to make his birthday card and some other decorations tonight!


  1. Oh wow, what an adorable project! LOVE it. It's always great seeing what you make, and I'm sure he will have a blast seeing it and wearing it on his special day. :) Thinking of you and everyone affected there and sending prayers and love.

  2. Love your son's party hat - you'll have to post pics of him wearing it! :)

  3. it turned out super cute.i love the colors and just every detail.

  4. Wonderful hat, Thienly! I bet he'll be thrilled with it!

  5. I love it! Gave me an idea for scrapbook page for Ethan and Tyler! :) I have not been able to craft for the last week either. I think it's because I don't have anything I WANT to do! I hope I snap out of it soon!

  6. What a cute hat! Love that little construction worker! So happy to hear that your family is doing okay.

  7. Baby got her Mojo back BIG Time! That is one special birthday hat for a special little boy:)

  8. This is really nice. What a great project for a little boy's birthday!



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