Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elegant Holiday Ornaments.

I've created some cute ornaments for my tree from SVGCuts files and wanted to share with you all. 

Ribbon Strip Ornaments

The strips that I used are from Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection

and used strips 3 and 6.  I cut 4 strips in bronze and 4 strips in silver at 9.89" wide.  Then, one at a time, I glued the ribbon strips at the middle to another strip in the middle. Start by 4 of the same colors, and glue them together to look like an 8-sided star. Then, take the other color strips and glue them again at the middle on top of the original star so that it fills the gaps. In the end, it should be a 16-sided star.

With the inside of the ornament facing you, take the very bottom strip, bring both sides up and glue them at the top. Keep gluing the layers from the bottom until all joined at the top. You MUST glue in the this order - otherwise, your ornament will have bulges on some of the strips. Attach a ribbon at the top.

Suspended Star Ornaments


This file is from Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection

and used only one file - the orn_sil.svg (cut 3), orn_sm_star.svg (cut 2), orn_lg_star.svg (cut 2) and orn_frame.svg (cut 3) was all cut at 3" wide. After cutting all the pieces, attach a string on one of the frames at the top and bottom, in such way that the string is suspended between the frame. Attach the stars (back to back) on the string. Also glue another ribbon at the top of the ornament for hanging. Apply glue to the edge of the ornament frame (same idea like my tree) and attach to other 2 frames, and lastly, glue the 2 open frame end together - this creates dimension.
The bigger ornament was cut at 3.5" wide.

Design Tips

* Before you start, think about what style you are trying to achieve. Is your house modern? Contemporary? Country? Traditional? Victorian?
* Once you have determined the style - pick out colors that would fit your tree/house decor, and patterned paper to match the look.
* The ribbon strips - as long as the strips are narrow, there's quite the variety in Mary's collections. Get creative - each ribbon strips/borders give different look.
* In the Suspended Ornament, don't limit to using a star - it could be a snowflake, a holly, a heart... anything goes!
* If you are going after the traditional/country/Victorian style - inking the edges will add to the effect.
* I used Scotch 3M Quick-Dry Adhesive to glue the layers, used heat glue gun to attach ribbon to the ornaments.

The simplicity of this makes it very achievable to make many for your tree. You can also hang these from the ceiling, the windows or use them to decorate the table. The best thing about this is that if you decide to change the color or the style next year, it's easily accomplished by making them again!

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love the pattern on the papers you used in the snowflake ornaments...
    On top of Christmas cards you make these incredible things! Is there no end to your abilities?!xoxoxo

  2. Girl you are so talented.... I absolutely love what you did with these ornaments...They are beautiful

  3. Wow that is so pretty, I love your work!!!!

  4. Just such a cool idea with using simple items. Well Done they look fab!

  5. Beautiful ornaments. You are so talented.

  6. Thienly
    You are so talented. These are just lovely.
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  7. Beautiful ornaments, thankyou for sharing

  8. WAOW! Those are gorgeous! I love it!! At 1st when I opened your blog page I wondered why there was easter eggs on it, LOL, so I guess those ribbon strips ornaments would make beautiful egg ornaments too... ;-D

  9. I just love the ribbon strip balls!

  10. These are fantastic. I have bookmarked you and will keep looking at your blog. Keep up the great work.

  11. Beautiful ornaments and yes, you come up with the best stuff to make. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  12. Thienly,
    I love your ornaments with the stars in the center! You are so creative!

  13. Oh Thienly, what can I say except.. exceptional. I would love to be able to recreate these for our tree this year!! Thanks so much for being so wonderfully YOU!!!

  14. OH OH OH i made them.. or should i say HO Ho HO!!! Oh girlfriend you surely made some nice additions to our tree for sure!!! Thanks so much and when we trim our tree this weekend, I will be telling EVERYONE who inspired me!!! Thank you much gf !!!



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