Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Just a quick post to show you the inside of my Christmas card.

Our letter was made into a "mad lib" style where the readers can fill in the blanks.  These pages all fold up into a nice 4X4 card and I had a ribbon around it to hold it together.  This is what my husband wrote about me summing up my year: (the blanks on the card are bold brackets here)

"Despite my lackluster efforts, Thienly will still not join PA (paper-craftaholics anonymous).  She has collected an arsenal of equipment, started her “mod paperie” blog, and there are even (scary creatures)who pay her to do crafting by giving her stuff to support her habit. Admittedly, the (same scary creatures) are very nice.  And I can't complain about having more time to do whatever I want - it keeps her very busy.  She took a break from her crafting the other day to tell me that her braces should be out before Christmas, then she went back to her craft-seeking behaviour."


I made some with "extra love" and sent out these to my close family and friends.

Another quick card that I made from the Christmas Village SVG Collection from SVGCuts:

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!! 

Will defnitely be posting up more things again in the New Year!


  1. That is awesome... Your card is absolutely beautiful... Hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Huggs.

  2. A very Merry Christmas to you Thienly! Your cards are gorgeous! (and the one on svgcuts' blog is to die for, it warms my heart just looking at it!! :-)). Now you make me want the Christmas village, LOL I love the Papercraftaholics anonymous... there could be a LOT of members in there.... ;-)

  3. That card is so clever! Wish I had thought of it!

  4. Amazing work, as always!! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Thienly-

    I love your work, its so beautiful to look at. Would it be possible to post the pattern for your madlibs christmas card. That is such an innovative and fun way to catch people up on the past year and your readers have a good time. I'd like to try for next year.



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