Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas cards 2010 - the first batch is out!

I've been working on our Christmas cards like mad in the recent weeks and I've neglected my blog in the meantime.  I will be posting up more pics, but here's what the first batch looks like.

The inside of the card will be posted up later. 

I also made some foam gingerbread houses with the kids yesterday and here's the completed project.  Considering it was me with 3 kids, 8,3, and 1, I think that it turned out darn cute!

In the meantime, don't forget about SVGCuts live show tonight at 8PM Central time.  They are giving away Cricut Expression, SCAL and gift certificates!  And - Mary is going to be showing us her Christmas crafting with us!  So excited.  Hope that you can all join us!


  1. Wow! You HAVE been busy! Beautiful! I can't believe how gorgeous that gingerbread house turned out with all those little ones! Mine would have looked like a hurricane hit it...LOL. Happy Holidays!

  2. That sure is a bunch of cards there girlie... The gingerbread houses are amazing...

  3. The Cards: HOLY MOLY!!!
    The House: How cute is that!!!

  4. LOVE your cards Thienly!! They are gorgeous!

  5. Wow thats alot of Cards, They are awesome, how many did you have to make??

  6. Wonderful cards and a lot of them wow! I just finished 80 "Save the Date" cards for my son and fiance so not too many Christmas cards went out this year, but I sure enjoyed looking at all of yours!

  7. Wow that is a lot of cards to make, well done. I love the gingerbread house, it looks so neat considering you had help from the little elves.
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  8. Looking at all those cards makes me dizzy! LOL You are one brave crazy crafter Thienly! :-D I didn't even make the simple pics cards yet.... I hope you'll be done soon so you can share more of your creativity. Miss you! :-)

    (Love those gingerbread houses!! Great job with the kiddos, they look wonderful!)



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