Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Popcorn Cupcakes. - Epiphany Crafts DT Project.

Hey everyone! I'm back with another Epiphany Crafts project to share! I've got another project up for  Epiphany Crafts and this one is a super cute and simple one to put together! If you have some kids, this is the perfect treat to surprise them with! (Actually I really loved these, too!)

Do you like white chocolate?
Do you like buttered popcorn?
Do you like Easter M&Ms?
Well, then, imagine a treat that's all combined together!
That's heavenly! and it's possible!

I made Easter popcorn cupcakes, and you can make these in no time! 


These little cupcakes are even more adorable with just a simple packaging! Okay, I warn you - you'll be seeing lots of pics, and I couldn't choose as I thought all the pics were cute!

All you need are clear bags, wrap them around with twine and top it off with Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Round 14 with a vintage setting.




To make the packaging, here's all the stuff you'll need:

Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bags 2.5" by 6" wide bags
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool Round 14
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings - Tea Room (light pink, brown)
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings - Cabana (turquoise)
Twinery Twine (Carribean, Blossom)
Trendy Twine (Chocolate truffle)
Patterned Paper to match pink, brown and turquoise (I used Echo Park Dots & Stripes Candy Shoppe Collection) as a base for the epoxy Round 14

...and when you open these bags, here's what you'll find!


Don't they just look so yummy? Well, they are!


I think that this picture has got to be one of my fave pics that I've ever taken! It's so cute and colorful and looks delicious!

So, you want to know how to make these?

All you need are these ingredients:

(recipe derived from Mommy`s Kitchen) 1 bag Buttered Microwave Popcorn 6oz. Vanilla Candy Coating/Chocolate (white) Vanilla Candy Coating/Chocolate (blue and pink) Easter M&Ms Cupcake Wrappers

1. Pop 1 bag of popcorn, and place them inside a pan.
2. Melt white chocolate in the microwave at a medium setting for a minute, and at 30 second intervals thereafter until melted.
3. Pour all over popcorn and mix.
4. Mix in M&Ms while the chocolate is still soft.
5. Form into a ball and place them into the cupcake wrappers.
6. Place them into a freezer for a minute to harden the chocolate.
7. Melt pink and blue chocolate in the microwave at a medium power at 30 second intervals until melted and drizzle over the popcorn cupcakes.

Hope that you liked my little Easter treat ideas today using Epiphany Crafts products!
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Thanks for stopping by and have a super duper crafty day!


  1. Yummy! I love the presentation. Such cute packaging. These are just darling. You are so creative !

  2. Delicious!!Amazing!Great Idea!Love it!TFS

  3. These are adorable! And look delish!

  4. Have I EVER told you how much I love popcorn? In any variation, but my absolute fave is sitting down and watching a movie with my bowl of popcorn, milk chocolate mixed in and a big frosty glass of Diet coke...ahhhh Thanks for taking me to a happy place!



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