Monday, April 2, 2012

Felt iPhone case - Epiphany Crafts DT project.

Happy Monday!

I just had quite the stressful morning over here... nothing major, but just one little thing over another, and was almost late to pick my son up from preschool! AND... on top of that, I swear - I had this post all written up and ready to go - and it's all gone!

Anyway, here I go - I'm back to share another project for Epiphany Crafts again with you all!

This week, we are to make anything Easter or Spring related accessories.  The first thing that I thought of making was hair pin/clip... (and I even bought clips for it, and changed my mind...), and then it went to brooch, and then little purse... anyway, I scrapped all my ideas because I decided to make an iPhone case!

I had these beautiful scrumptious felts from Papertrey Ink sitting inside my drawers for almost couple of years now, and waiting to be used.  There was never a perfect occasion to use them, and when I wanted to - because the felt size is pretty small, it just wasn't big enough.

So, here's my lovely case that I made:


Okay, you see this little hand stitching?  This is a big, BIG DEAL to me.  You will not catch me stitching a button or anything close to that.  I just simply cannot stitch.  I HAD to stitch my hubby's buttons on his jacket a week ago, and felt so proud... only until he pointed out to me that I had sewn it right through his pocket and can't use the pocket anymore... Oops! I have yet to fix that! lol...

Here are up-close pics of my case. I used Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Round 14 with Vintage Setting from Tea Room to make a sun!


I also used Epiphany Crafts Button Studio Flower 20 to make flowers, of course!


I used zig zag scissors to cut felt to make grass. The big pieces of felt measures 3.25" wide by 5.25" high and are blanket-stitched together. I left 0.5" opening from the sides as well, to allow easy use of the case.


Anyway, that's it! Hope that you enjoyed my little project today, and for further inspiration on more accessories, go visit Epiphany Crafts blog for projects from my fellow design team members.


  1. Thienly this is just adorable!! :-D <3 And I am so proud of you for all that amazing stitching!! I bet your hubby's jaw dropped with that one, after the recent button incident! LOL ;-)

  2. Oh so very cool! I'm getting my iphone in June ~ thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love your story as much as I love your project!!

  4. Very cute!!! :) Your stitching is amazing!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  5. This is so very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so adorable Thienly! I hear you on stitching, I can't draw a straight line much less stitch one...I think there must be a support group for us.
    However your little ipod holder came out lovely.

  7. You know I love this!! It would be such a cute little gift!



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