Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet me at the Creating the Hive!

Have you heard of the new social networking site for all crafters, Creating the Hive?

I just created an account with them today, and spent good part of my night browsing the site.  Instead of blog hopping, and finding cool blogs on your own, you can eliminate all that hard work by searching people by different categories -  for example in my case, papercrafting, card-making, rubber-stamping.. You can set the account so that any new blog posts, too, will be uploaded onto that site.  You can follow people and comment on them, you can view how many people have viewed your posts,  and you can see your rankings compared to other people belonging to the same interest. 

What's different about this site is that you get points for every activity that occurs on your account.  Whether you create an account, update your profile, make a connection, leave comments, upload blog posts, or refer someone to the site - you get points for them.  The more points you have, you would be place higher in the popular rankings and may be featured on the "Featured Members" box. 

It seems like a fun place to hang out - actually, hate to admit, way too fun that it may be another procrastination factor for me...

Click here to view my hive or click on the side button to create an account.  Looking forward to meeting YOU at the hive!

1 comment:

  1. Argh, I had decided against joining because of the procrastination factor, LOL... Now you make me wonder!... *sigh*



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