Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorry about neglecting my blog...

To all my dear crafting friends,

I haven't forgotten about the blog. 
I haven't stopped crafting. 
Ever since I became a part of the design team, I have been working hard and spending a lot of my time creating things.  Each one of my project takes a long time -  I make sure I pick the right colors for the project, I try to put in as much detail as I can, I work on each cut file carefully (ink it, emboss it, whatever it needs to make it look good), and I put in a LOT of LOVE - more ever than before into my creations. 

There's a few that I would like to share, but will try to make a post at the same time as SVG Cuts posts it on their blog, so please bear with me - don't forget about me - I have great things to share with you all!

Thanks for being my follower, and I am very overwhelmed that I hit 50 followers last weekend. 


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