Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Our Family" Explosion Box.

I would like to share my second SVG Cuts project with you -
"our family" explosion box. (the file is from here)

From the
SVG Cuts blog:

Ever since Mary produced the Explosion Box SVG Kit, I’ve always wanted to create one of these beautiful boxes. I wanted to make something meaningful, and decided the theme to be “our family”, focusing on the love and the strength that binds us together. The focal point is the tree, and it seemed appropriate for this project – “Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of us will always be a part of other.” – Anon. I filled the box with lots of love, and just to give you some idea, it has 88 of Mary’s SVG cut files (all distressed at the edges), 6 buttons, 6 brads, 52 pearls and rhinestones, 14 pieces of ribbons, and 18 pictures. I believe that this box captures the love and how we are so close to each other.

For more info on how to make the box, as well as the SVG collection used, please click here.

Thanks for looking at my creations!

Have a great day!


  1. This is such a stunning project! I told you already at svgcuts blog, but this little tree in the middle is just *love*! And your color scheme really complements your pictures so well. I would love to see it in real life (not gonna happen, you're slightly too far, LOL).
    BTW you have a beautiful family, I love seeing pics of the 5 of you, you all look so happy! :-D

    Your box inspired me. My daughter is coming back tomorrow from NY, and I told her we would make a box just about that trip, and use the Statue of Liberty svg file to put in the middle where you have that cute little tree... It should be fun! :-)

  2. You have amazing detail in your work! Love this.

  3. Thienly-

    I just searched and found this posting last week. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I will try to re-create something similar to this. I know that the patterns will only accomodate a small box size, but have you tried making a bigger box maybe 6X6 or 8X8 and piecing several pieces together to make a bigger box? I would love to hear it if you have. I would like to eventually try to make something bigger, maybe out of chipboard, so it can be a permanent fixture on our coffee table.

  4. Anonymous - Thanks for your comments! No, I have never made a box bigger than this - this was my first explosion box and haven't done one since. I would think that piercing the papers would work - that would be amazing for the box to be made out of chipboard. However, with all the layers together, when you close it, it's quite sturdy. Let me know if you ever make one, I would love to see it! Thienly



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