Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A gift from Cely - Creating Carolina.

I just found a surprise packet in the mail today, and it was from Cely!  Cely is the wonderful SVG artist from Creating in Carolina.  She makes cool cards with the designs either from SVG Cuts or her own SVGs.  She makes the funnest SVGs that you can download (for free!) few times a week, so if you haven't been there already - make sure that you check it out, cause you're missing out!

So here's the goodies - Hallowe'en stamps, paper clips (so cute!) and papers (I commented on one of her cards that I like the paper she used, she told me that she got it from Hobby Lobby, and when I told her we don't have that store in Canada, she sent it to me!).

Thanks so much Cely!  You made my day!


  1. Cely is one of a kind... In a good way...She is the absolute greatest friend ever...great gifts she sent you.

  2. Oh how funny and how nice...glad you like the things. Love you little blog as you call it, but every little thing is exceptional. It's hard to say what I have liked the best...I guess the extra pop-up card which I haven't challenged myself to do yet. About myself, I love creating svgs and love seeing other people use them. I'm a lover of the beach and water and I love taking things apart to see how they work..of course they no longer work once I take them apart...aha



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