Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A friend that has made the most comments on my blog is...

Oh gosh, this was such a close one.  I had to count it twice to make sure that I got it correct.  It's just so close that I think that I'm going to send out something to both of these people.  I've gotten to know both of them personally and those two are really good friends, too!  So I just can't choose - they both make my blog life so fun!  So, you must be wondering who these two are - they are Bee Burg (24 comments) and Bee's Hive (23 comments).  Come on girls, you know how these things work - get your address to me, and I'll be mailing something in the next few days!  As for what - since there's two, I'm going to give the random winner the chance to choose, and I'll divide the other into two, and will most likely be adding a little more :)

I made more of these favorite cards with Stretch your imagination cart:


  1. these cards are toooo cute...

  2. Hahahaha I can't bee-lieve you don't have my address!
    I'm kind of bitter that Bee beat me though...are you sure- She is from Florida you know so she'll be acquainted with RECOUNTS!
    I'll email you RIGHT NOW!

  3. Hahaha, Bee you crack me up! ;-D How funny that the "evil twins" are together in this! Gotta love it! I love being there with you Mamasita! <3
    Thienly, it seems to me like I didn't find your blog this long ago so I shouldn't be the big commenter here... but come to think of it, I have pretty much reviewed almost all your blog entries (blame the little "you might also like this" button at the bottom....) and since there are so many things that make me ooh and aah I cannot help but comment! LOL Does it make me a "blog stalker"??... ;-)

  4. wow....! Very beautiful cards. I like so much.

  5. Ooh, very cute cards.. so festive! They'd definitely make anyone's birthday more special.



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