Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cherry on Top Award.

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise - my hilarious (she really is wickedly funny!!!), creative friend I met through SVGCuts has sent me this award.  I've gotten to know her in the last little while, and found out that she has similar movie interests, her kids are about the same age as mine, and she loves scrapbooking - wow, I probably would be such great friends if we lived close.  I never knew that I would meet so many wonderful people when I started blogging.  Don't you just wish that you could meet them??? Thank you so much Bee (Belinda Brown) - you've made my day!  You could check her awesome blog here.

According to her rules - I'm supposed to state 3 things that I love.  Hmmm...  I never knew that, but here goes:  my family, my scrapbooking stuff and my tea.  I have to have a cup of tea (or two) on a daily basis.  These are things that keep me going.  And yes, if there's a 4th option, it would be chocolate.  I was never really into chocolate until kids came along - and I discovered that it really does help to reduce my stress levels!

Another rule - post a picture I love: 
This was taken on the day I came from the hospital after giving birth to my daugher the day before.  I always wanted a girl - and it was a girl!!! Now my happy family is complete :)

Now I pass my award on to 5 great people I met through SVGCuts.
1. Cely (  She's got a challenge going over at her blog right now till Sept 15.  You need to use one or more of her SVG files to create a card.  If you are the winner, you get a collection of your choice from SVGCuts.  I really need to work on this one.  Go check her blog out - she's wonderful gal!
2. Cheryl (
She's a crazy SVGCuts fan!  She's on top of it when it comes to making a card with a new SVGCuts collection.  She makes new creations all the time, and it's so fun to get some inspirations for these files. 
3. Celeste (
Another big SVGCuts fan - she's just amazing.  She makes tons of cards for the troops, does fundraising with her work, she makes journals for the patients...  She sure knows how to keep her Cricut busy!  Way to go, Celeste!
4. Cheryl (
She's truly talented as well - and makes really cute SVGs.  She's done a lot of crafting, too - so go check her out!
5.  Reets (!/profile.php?id=100001518410659&v=wall)  not really a blog (I don't think that she has a blog, but here's her Facebook site) - She's so genuine, so warm - you just have to love her.  She's gone through a great deal and has overcome all this because of her family, friends and crafting.  Be sure to check out all the wonderful things she's created.


  1. Congrats Thienly!! I love your blog and can easily see why you received this award. That picture is precious.

  2. What a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you...I'll try to live up to it. I even did a care that sad "with a cherry on top" the other day...must be my lucky day. Thank you again!

  3. Congratulations on your award.... I am so thrilled you chose me to share it with....

  4. I KNOW we would get into all kinds of trouble Thienly! One day One day...(we need to talk to all go to one of these conferences or weekend scrapping events...
    I have to tell you I LOVE that picture, it brings back all those feelings...Just how you never knew how much you could love such a tiny little thing. God bless xoxo

  5. Thienly I gave you this award too... ;-) (good for you you already did the work and don't have to do it again! LOL)
    And check on svgcuts forum, Reets has a blog address (I would have done it but my stupid computer keeps crashing when I try to open another page). Bee is right, we would have so much fun at a scrapping event, we are just all SOO far apart!... :-(



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