Saturday, September 11, 2010

My mom's second present for ME!

Here's the second creation of my mom's handbag series.  This is a smaller one - made from cotton fabric.  She put in interfacing between the layers to make the bag hold its shape, and I just love the way it turned out!  The flower is made from layers of handcut flowers, made stiffer by using cornstarch, and handcrumpled it to give it a natural look and was sewn together.  How cute it that???  I really think that she should start her own blog or her own store.  But for now, thanks mom - I LOVE the bag!

As for my project, it's about two thirds done - oh, can't wait to show you my newest project!!!


  1. Love Love it....How much does she sell them for?.....

  2. Can your Mom adopt me...I'm sure she knows that you can never have too many daughters???
    I'll even behave for her...
    (this is adorable btw....and the straps look like they would feel so nice and not cause your arm to fall off.) Mom's the bomb...right sis?!

  3. Thanks guys! I keep telling her to start selling them - she makes awesome bags! Bee, you are just too cute - I would love to have you as my sister :) and yes, MOM's THE BOMB sis!

  4. I see where you get your talent from. Your purse is beautiful. Your Mom should definitly sell them.

  5. This bag is so cool do you have a tutorial for this??? Would love to make this



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