Monday, May 17, 2010

Cricut for kids.

My kids love Cricut. They are just as excited as I am when I get a new cartridge. They love to make puppets, posters, cards, basically anything. They even like the box, and they study the images on the back. They've learned to load and unload the mat, and to set to cut the images! Simple Cricut projects make a great weekend or after school activity. (They are so lucky when they ever have to make a school poster - in our days, we had to use stencils to cut letters, and had to enlarge images on the copier. Technology has come a long way!)

Last weekend, my son and I explored the Robotz cartridge (my 7 year old son contributed his $10 of his savings so that I could get this cart!) and wow, they are adorable! He loved the 3-D robots, and that's what we decided to make. I let him choose the colors and this is what we made:

I used Scor-Pal to score the folding lines, and that made it easy for the kids to assemble. Stickles are great way to add metallic feel to the robot, as well as aluminum foil.


  1. Very Cute!!! I love this cartridge its definitely perfect for a little boy!!

  2. I can't get over how adorable that is....I've been debating whether to get this cartridge but have talked myself out of it, but what I didn't have in that argument was that it DID 3-D ones! I think I have to have it NOW!

  3. Those little guys just make me giggle! :-D

    (and speaking of kids and Cricut, I bought the paper dolls because of my daughter... well, at least that's the official reason... ;-))



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