Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm sorry... I got a virus.

Okay, I didn't get a virus on my computer. You are all safe to open up my blog.

Today, I explored a little bit more on Robotz cartridge, and just fell in love with this robot that looked "guilty." I knew I wanted to make an "I'm sorry" card with this guy.

To make the card more interesting, and robot-like, I used metallic papers in copper, silver white. (It's hard to tell in the picture, this gave it a sci-fi look) I embossed the background of the card with Cuttlebug traffic jam and spots&dots folders. I then wanted an apology line that would be fitting to the card, and my clever husband came up with "I'm sorry I forgot... I got a virus."


  1. Too funny! The sentiment really fits the robot face!

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