Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's chaos here.

Life is getting pretty crazy with our upcoming reno to our house coming up. We have 3 kids, but with only 2 bedrooms for the kids, it was tough for us. Each one would keep the other up, and if one slept in my room, I would have to entertain them in the middle of the night. Our temporary solution resulted in us losing our master bedroom to our little girl. So sadly, yet I'm actually getting really used to it - I currently sleep in the hallway! However, we needed a solution and we've finally decided to extend over the garage to put another bedroom upstairs.

With this reno, we've also decided to change our main and upstairs flooring while we are at it, and thus, we are packing up everything in our home, including my craft supplies! We (including my Cricut) are moving out into my parent's house for 4 months. It's a huge chaos here right now, but also getting really excited at the same time.

SO - if you are wondering what does this have anything to do with this? Forgive me if I don't put up a post on a daily basis.

Here's a card I made with Sweet Treats:

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