Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birth Announcements after Cricut.

Our youngest child was born after Cricut was in my possession. I was able to design my card before the baby was born. Although I was told at my ultrasound that I was having a girl, I didn't want to take any chance, so I stayed away from actually cutting them since I wanted to have gender specific colors. However, as soon as she arrived, I was ready to click the "cut" button, and assemble it together. Stress-free, unlike the last set I made.

In these announcement cards, I used New Arrivals cart diaper bag. I made the bag, and cut out the insert layer to hold the baby's information. I cut the bear and the bottle and adhered them on the bag insert and embellished the bear with a pink ribbon. I also cut out a rattle to place in the front pocket of the bag.

I made over 60 of them with Martha Stewart playground paper pack:

This is the bag insert with baby's information:

These announcement cards were in mail 2 weeks after I gave birth!


  1. So cute! And by the way, I hope to one day be on the design team with you. I'm working at it.

  2. Shame on me, my youngest got almost no birth announcements, even though I was a papercrafter then and not for the 2 1st ones!!
    We had computer and then printer problems at the time of his birth and I didn't have a Cricut then (got it last holidays) so I did by hand with stamps and punches and ended up making very few of them....
    I can only imagine what I could have made with the Cricut! (this being said not having a cricut didn't stop you from making those cool bib announcements! ;-P)

    Did you know that my little Nathan was born just 4 days before your little Amelie, funny isn't it? :-D

  3. Hi! I love this design and have been trying to use it myself, but I'm having trouble cutting a bear to match the diaper bag insert (I was hoping to do the bear in brown and bottle in cream like you did). Are they an exact match? How did you measure it? Please feel free to e-mail me at darbydugger@gmail.com. Thanks!



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