Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hopping by to share some Easter cards :) and don't miss this sale at SVGCuts!

So - that dream of becoming a shoe designer lasted one day...  I think that I love my paper too much and my scissors and glue... and those cannot be applied to shoemaking.

Moving on - I'm thinking Easter.  Easter is now a month away, and thought that I would make some quick Easter cards for fun giving.  I worked on a few, but will be showing you one of the types today.  I'm trying to produce cards quick, without giving too much thought (I do that enough for my DT projects, so before I start on another one, I'm giving my brain a break! LOL!).

I made some bunny cards (from the Spring Bunnies Easter SVG Collection) and really liked the egg hunting bunny, so decided to make more of those simple weld and shadow technique cards.  I decorated the eggs with Ranger Pearls and the eyes with black glitter.  I didn't have an Easter stamp, so printed them on the printer (Yes, technically I could made Easter stamps with my new stamp maker, but takes too much time!) and color matched the font with the card colors. 

Now, are you aware of this amazing twice a year sale going on at SVGCuts???  All those collections that you've been wanting...  all those collections that you never thought that you need, until you see others making pretty things with them...  it's time to buy them all! From today til next Tuesday, everything that you put into the cart is 25% off with discount code:  SPRING2011.


  1. Oh wow, they are so cute! I love the pearl dimensional details on the eggs! <3

  2. Thienly
    These are absolutely darling.

  3. I love em! Too cute... may I ask what font you used for the "Easter" part of your caption? :) Thanks!

  4. Oh they are so cute!! The liquid pearls is an adorable detail!! love their cute little "pearly" nose too!! :-D <3

  5. cute easter the did an awsome job with those shoes.

  6. Liquid pearls?! What's this? I must have it now! I really should've went to bed now I'm going to start shopping while I'm supposed to be sleeping!
    Darling bunnies honey!

  7. Thes are adorable! Love the detail in those baskets!!!

  8. I bought the scal from pumpkin carts but do you know if I can use my silhouette to cut svgs? Also what machine do you use? I love all your creations...such an inspiration. TIA Tess



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