Saturday, September 25, 2010

My blog giveaway winner!

Hello!  I couldn't wait to see who the winner was, so I decided to pick the winner tonight!  I didn't realize that requires membership, and I would've, except that I had such a small turnout (which is awesome for the followers - more likely chance to win!), so decided to use a free service online.

The number picked for me was:
Random numbers generated Sep 25 2010 at 0:12:34 by

The winner of this challenge goes to:  Flamenco92627 who said "Ooh, how sweet, Thienly! Thanks. One interesting thing about me is I have been doing flamenco dance for about 16 years. I'm still amateur though LOL!

My favorite project you've done so far SO hard to pick, but I loved your dates to remember book. It is recent so it popped into my head, but seriously, I could name a ton. Thanks again! "  Congrats!  E-mail me with your address along with which blog candy you want and it'll be in the mail on Monday!

Thanks again for following my blog girls! 


  1. Congratulations to the winner....But I do have to say all of are winners for having Thienly in our lives with all of her wonderful inspiration.

  2. Celeste - you are such a sweetie! I would've loved to send something to everyone that follows me... Thanks so much - it means so much to me :)

  3. Woohoo! Thanks so much! I'm so excited! I'm sending you an email.

  4. I can't find your email LOL! I must be blind. Can you please email me at flamenco92627 at yahoo dot com? Thanks again! And I totally agree with Celeste!

  5. Congratulation Falamenco. And Celeste is correct. And, I win because I get to be inspired by Thienly's creations. Good job Thienly!



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