Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dull Cricut Blade? Don't buy replacement yet!

As I was cutting all my stuff on Cricut, I was losing patience watching all my beautiful cardstock gone to waste because of my old, dull, blade.  It would start cutting, and then it would tear and make the paper bunch up.  I didn't have any replacements on hand, and weather being so gloomy and rainy, there was no way I was going to take my 3 kids in the car to get a new blade.

Then it occurred to me that if I can sharpen a knife, why wouldn't I be able to do that with a Cricut blade?  I took the blade, ran it through the sharpening block just a few times and look at the difference:

I would recommend doing it only a few times, as doing too much would alter the length of the blade - and that would most likely create problems in setting the depth of the blade.  However, in the meantime, I do have 3 other dull ones - I'm going to pull all of them out and sharpen them before I decide to take my 3 kids out to buy a blade.


  1. Thienly
    Aren't you clever? I thought that might be possible but threw mine out before I tried it but will sure keep it in mind.

  2. Hah, how timely. I was just fighting with my blade last night. I could have sworn I just replaced it LOL! Thanks for the tip-I'm going to try it.

  3. Wish I had known this 2 weeks ago, but I know now and will keep my old blades and try. Great! Thanks for the may want to add to "tools and tips" on the svgcuts forum...perhaps you did and I missed.

  4. Oh very good information and thanks so much for sharing that. I just hate it when the paper starts tearing and bunching up, enough to pull my hair out, lol

  5. I have tried this before and it didn't work for me? What kind of sharpening stone are u using? Could u share a pic? Please? Thanks!!

  6. It's actually one of those knife sharpener sticks (metal rod like), I also just tried it against another blade (a blade on my trimmer), and that worked too. I think that the angle you need to do it is very important - try it again - it worked for me!!!

  7. revisited this post for old time sake since I will NOT be buying anymore supplies dealing with PC, so this may extend my blade time before buying another cutting machine. Thanks again,



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