Sunday, November 10, 2013

Counting down to Christmas... :)

Hello Sunday!
I just love this day of the week...
everything just seems so calm, and laid back.
Well... at least that's what I hope Sundays are to be. :)

Since us Canadians are done with Thanksgiving,
we are excited for upcoming Christmas.
That being said, I refuse to pull out all my decorations until December 1st,
but we talk about it a lot :)

I decided to surprise the kids with a fun little ADVENT CALENDAR this year.
It was super easy as I'm using to breaking things apart, welding, and altering and such...
this - it was just cut it out, and decorate it some fun stickers!

 photo DSC_2835_zps0b11be0e.jpg

I used the Echo Park's Holly Jolly Christmas and was perfect cuteness for this.
I matched the colors of the patterns from this collection to choose the colors of the trees.

 photo DSC_2839_zps073bc790.jpg

Each of the compartments are big enough to fit in several candies or even little toys.
You don't need to rip the doors open, which means that you can use this over and over again, too

 photo DSC_2838_zpscf635718.jpg

Using a collection makes it super easy - 
especially ones that already comes with fun stickers!

 photo DSC_2837_zpse04b0006.jpg

The compartments in the last few days get a little bit bigger..
which means there's more space to make it extra special!

 photo DSC_2836_zpsd837f74b.jpg

...and of course, the last day is the biggest! 
Wonder what's inside?
(Nothing yet! lol.)

So, if you're planning on making one this year - 
it's a good time to get this started!
You can get the FILE here.

There's ANOTHER version of an ADVENT CALENDAR, too - 
which is also super fun to make!
You can even make both! :)

Oooh, and have you seen the latest peek for the newest KIT?
I have a feeling this is going to be amazing!
My son has passion for TRAINS, so yeah, 
I'm sure you'll be seeing my version sometime here soon! :)


  1. The tree advent calendar was my first kit purchase and I love it! Your version is darling! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the train!!!

  2. These are awesome. You are awesome! Beautiful work and a really fun way to help the whole family get into the holiday spirit.

  3. These are so fun, love the bright festive colors!



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