Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School Locker Gift Box - SVG Cuts DT project

Hey all! I'm so excited to share my next SVG Cuts project with you!

I wrote this before I left on my vacation, so some things may sound funny:

It's been so hectic here with two vacations back to back... (can't complain!) but between the vacations - I had about 12 days... I had to whip up 8 projects! So, I've got a simple, yet cute project to share!

Back to school is around the corner... can't believe how fast this summer is going! and thought that it would be cute to find different ways to give a little gift to a child.  I loved that crayon box that Mary designed as a freebie! Anyway, I thought that it would be so cute to make a 3D locker! A locker would work well for a bit older kid, too!

So... (my brain thinking...), of course, I had to think about how I was going to do this.  I decided to take the letter "I" from the 3D Letters SVG Kit and combine that with Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit to make the door opening.  After that... it all came easily.

Anyway, here's my project!


Cute, right? It measures about 7.5" tall, so it's tall enough to hold pens and other small things!


I took my favorite Note to Self paper collection from Echo Park as accent papers. It was perfect (I think!) This paper almost gives it a teenager look, so if you want to make it out to a smaller kid, maybe use more fun and colorful papers?


If you really have items inside the box and want to prevent from the door opening, you can tie a ribbon around the whole locker when giving :)

...and when you open the locker...


So fun!

You can totally customize inside the locker and even add in some items that would fit the child! If it's a music student - add in an instrument? If it's for an athlete - add in a racket or even hang skates inside? Lots of potential here!


Again, you can even write in a message onto one of these memos!


So, you know what the best thing about this whole box? The divider is foldable, so you can add in longer objects! Of course you can use the divider if you have little things to add in, but the divider being able to collapse makes it so practical! (or is it me that's excited by all this!? lol...)


So... are you inspired? Want to make one of these?

Here are the collections that you need!

1. 3D Letters SVG Kit
2. Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit
3. Back to School SVG Collection
4. School Days SVG Kit

... and once you have that - head on over to SVG Cuts' blog to get the full details of the dimensions, exact files, and instructions!

Hope you liked my project!

Oh, and have you seen the latest SVG Cuts Kit? It's a FOOTBALL PARTY SVG KIT!

It is SO FUN! Perfect for those guys' football parties, or to make football themed birthday for your little one.  You can customize your own colors and logo and make it more personal!

Even if you're not into football, there are so many elements that you can take and use it for other sports!  With SVG Cuts files - the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for stopping by - have a crafty day everyone!


  1. Your creativity/imagination/cleverness never ceases to amaze me! Thanks!

  2. My SVG IDOL! This is amazingly adorable and cute...great work!

  3. I love this card. Great job!

    Jessica Lynn

  4. WOW!!! No sparing any details on this one! It is remarkable Thienly!
    Jessica S

  5. Wow, this is such a great project! And I am so honored that I was chosen from your blog to win the 10 Itty Bittys!!!

  6. I just love this! You are so creative!



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