Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SVGCuts project - Gothic Wall Hang.

Here is my latest project for SVGCuts - the Gothic Wall Hang.  I've asked Mary (the artist that designs all the cutest SVGs for all us crafters) to be my model for my wall decor. Hehehe...  She's dressed up as a gruesome witch here, and she just looks amazing in it!  You would never guess what she looks like in real life - she's just so beautiful!

Again, if you would like the details about how to make this - the collections used, and its sizes to be cut at - please visit SVGCuts blog, click here.  The pics posted there have a different background (I posted different ones to make it more interesting) - looks so much better there with photo-editing! 

I love the chain that I used to connect the two parts together as well as for hanging at the top.  The chain adds so much to the project, I think :)   This is my last Hallowe'en project for the year, and I'm so excited about the next holiday - Christmas!

Another exciting news for SVGCuts today - the latest addition to the design team, Cheryl Becker (dragonflydesigns)- her first project has also been posted, it's the cutest project (not going to tell - you've got to see it yourself), so please visit the SVGCuts blog, click here, and welcome her!


  1. This is fantastic! The cuts look so fun. I like how you put the black cat on top of the sign and the bat attached to the chain!!

  2. Wow! This is a work of much detail, I love it

  3. You know how I feel about your work...but I look at this and your Christmas tree and just smile. It's so creative how you layer your items into a focal point. Do you teach classes Thienly? If you got to a local scrapbook store they would do so well to have you do a class on how to arrange objects. Seriously!

  4. Thanks Bee! and the answer to your question is no, but I think that it would totally be my kind of job! I would never bring home any money home though - it'll so go back to the scrapbook store :)



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