Monday, October 18, 2010

Adding Texture and Dimension does a LOT!

Remember those days of scrapbooking, where we had no cool embellishments, no embossing machines, and adhesive was considered as a plain old glue stick. I am always so amazed at how the technology changed over the years, and how that affected our ways of card making and scrapbooking. I used to be so excited with those Stickopotamus stickers, then the Jolee's stickers came along and that was unbelievable. I remember seeing those very first Sizzix machines (the big rolling ones) at the scrapbooking stores, and thought that was the neatest thing.  I also used to buy embossed papers per piece, and never thought that one day, I'd be able to make the same thing at home using any paper.

So, this is where we are, and the world of scrapbooking is hotter than ever.  With the new Imagine Cricut machine and matless die-cut machine E-craft system, and I also heard a rumor about Provocraft sewing machine that embroiders the picture on the cartridge.  How cool is that?  It never ends either with amount of things that I would want.  You think that you're good for now, until you see the next cool thing on the market.

Anyway, here's a card that I made today - I used a stamp with pop-dots on the back to bring them out, used paper raffia with plastic label on top, and backed it with embossed background cardstock.  See what difference it makes to use different texture and dimensions to the card.


  1. Texture, texture, it love it love it....will need to scraplift...thank you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful card.... I love the textures.

  3. Love that embossing folder - and a REALLY beautiful card too..

  4. Very cool card! Great stamps and loving all the texture!!!

  5. Really pretty! Love the embossing and the caption and just everything about it!

  6. Very pretty card! I love how embossing adds so much interest to everything.



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