Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My new favorite tool - i-rock ROCKS!!!

Many of you probably already have this tool, but I just got this about a week ago, and I'm just in love with it!  It is the same idea as putting the rhinestones and pearls on the card, but doing it with this tool is so much easier, and faster, and you don't have to worry about falling off!  I'm going i-rock bling crazy and you will notice that I'm using so much more gems in my creations.

Here's a card that I made - you'll see why I love this tool!  With this chandelier cut file (isn't it beautiful?), I had downloaded this onto my computer about a year ago, cut it, kept it, but never kept the file on the computer, nor remember who's blog this was from.  I feel terrible about this - I went searching tonight to see who this beautiful creation belonged to, but I could not find it.  So - if it happen to be you or know who's file it belongs to, please let me know!!!  I would love to give this person a credit for creating an amazing chandelier file (and I would love to have it on my computer :))


  1. Wow it is beatiful! I-rock? A tool that I do not have? Where did you get it, Michaels-JoAnns? Try looking at http://cuttingtime.blogspot.com it looks like Carolyns. She has a couple of great ones on her blog, if not I betcha she knows , she's the inkscape queen of know.

  2. I got mine at Ohmycrafts - my favorite place!

    Tried looking at her blog - she does have some amazing stuff, but her chandelier is not the same as what I have here.

    Anymore suggestions?

  3. Beautiful card...

  4. Hummm...maybe I did something wrong...need to ask Celeste....was having trouble with the I-Rock...loving on the blings!

  5. I'd go to the inkscape forum it's on my blog...I posted a link today. Join it and post your picture those braniacs will know where it came from. They actually have challenges on making SVGs too! Good luck it sure is beatiful. I'm going to Michaels today to get my ROCK on!

  6. as I'm perusing my files I'm thing this is an svgcuts chandelier, I found it on my hard drive too



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