Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christmas in July Series - Part 3

For this Christmas card, we decided to create a book. Yes, it's literally a book. It had 12 pages, and it had a cover, an inside title page and table of contents, it had chapters, it had page numbers, it had illustrations and pictures, and ended with comments from the author (my husband). We mass produced about 110 of these books and our house turned into a publishing house for that

It is so hard to make family letters interesting. It is better than getting "to so and so, and from so and so", but letters that go on and on is just as bad. We had so much to share, but we wanted to keep the readers interested.

Again, going to my Scrapbook Factory program, we produced a cover with the title "The Most Unusual Book." We used the picture of the gingerbread house that my son had made, and printed this on vellum.

Every chapter we tried to focus on each member of the family, and incorporated a couple of pictures for each person and some art work. Trying to print this like a book was the trickiest part, as we had to print double-sided. We had to make sure that where we cut, it needed to line up perfectly with the back page. It was really confusing! After numerous tries, we got it and was ready to print.

We printed these pages all day. I don't know how many ink cartridges we went through. But after putting them together (we stapled the pages with deep-reach stapler), it was so well worth it.

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  1. OK, I am going to check out that Scrapbook Factory software! This is SUCH A CUTE idea! I can't believe you made over 100 of these! GORGEOUS! Thank you for posting this on Obsessed with Scrapbooking! Hugs, Joy



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