Friday, July 16, 2010

Christmas in July Series - Part 2

For this card (3 years ago), we decided to create a pop-up card. We wanted to send out something so that when friends open, they would be WOWed and feel like they opened a gift.

As I mentioned before, Robert Sabuda's website, has templates for making your own pop-up cards. We came across a Christmas tree one, and thought it would be cute to have that open in the middle with our Christmas letter surrounding it.

I imported the template into my Scrapbook Factory software program, and used that as a guideline to draw a similar tree, and I hand drew with my Wacom pen all the ornaments and Christmas lights border for across the top. I got my husband to write his letter once again (yes, he has a sarcastic and loving sense of humor as you can see when you enlarge the photo), and I made the text fit around the tree.

I printed this onto a photo paper, folded in half, cut along the cut-lines, made it pop-up, and attached that onto a patterned-cardstock, leaving enough on the side for us to paste in our family photos.

We got a lot of comments on this card, and how they would never throw this one away. This again created another stress for us - we knew that people looked forward to receiving our cards, and that for next year, we need to out-do this one.


  1. Wow, what a CUTE card!!! Making your Christmas cards each year is quite ambitious. It must be difficult to come up with a new idea each year.

  2. HOLY SMOKES - that is fabulous! I LOVE IT! I can see why no one would ever throw it away - it's brilliant! Thank you for posting this on Obsessed with Scrapbooking! Hugs, Joy



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