Saturday, June 15, 2013

Travel Pooch Gift Card Box

Happy Saturday!

It's a week and a half 'til my kids are out of school 
and it sure does NOT feel like summer is anywhere close.
The weather has been miserable, WET and COLD... (the worst combo ever)
For those of you that are complaining about the hot weather,
you may want to consider that there's people like me suffering the 55 degrees Fahrenheit... :)

Anyway - got a little project to share with you today -
it's a suitcase from this kit,
but I shrunk it down quite a bit...
(hey, it rhymes!)
just small enough for a gift card box!

 photo DSC_1545_zps9877b860.jpg

Isn't that pooch SO super cute?
I'm LOVING this paper collection from October Afternoon's recent collection - 

The suitcase doesn't have a hinge - 
it opens up just like any ordinary box.
It's a tighter fit though - 
so you can hold by the handle and won't break open :)

 photo DSC_1496_zpsb48a28b7.jpg

I just love how Mary from SVG Cuts pay attention to all the little details in her files.
The handle, not to mention the handle accent.
The corner bumpers.
The accent piece that goes on top of the suitcase...
all these little things add to how cute the project comes out in the end!

 photo DSC_1493_zps80310b70.jpg

Sorry about the redundant pics, 
but had to share this one, too... 
at least you can see how the box opens ;)

 photo DSC_1498_zps88bc7a90.jpg

Inside the suitcase, I placed a tad bit smaller version of the bottom part of the box, 
upside down. (Did I confuse ya?)
I also 'welded' on a gift card holder slits from this kit,
so that it'll hold the gift card in place.

It's a simple idea, but cute, isn't it?

Here are the dimensions if you want to make one!

Suitcase from Summer Holiday SVG Kit
 lid.svg: 6.216" wide
bottom.svg: 7.90" wide
corners.svg: 5.691" wide
background.svg: 4.158" wide
top_accent.svg:  4.366" wide
accents.svg: 3.471" wide (didn't use the flower)

Now, for the gift card holder insert:
1. Open ball_ornament.svg from this kit (Give a Gift Card SVG Kit). 
Use the default size (4.5" wide).  
2. Break apart, and delete the outside shape, leaving the two slits for the gift card insert.
3. Regroup. Place this in the middle of the bottom.svg (suitcase), this time at 7.80" wide. Cut.
4. Trim off  0.50" off from all ends, and assemble.

...and while you are here - 
did you see the latest SVG Cuts Kit?

My, oh, my... everything is just so beautiful...
the piano, the topiary, and amazing cards...
Oh, people are gonna have so much fun this weekend!

This is free with purchase of $9.98 or more with coupon: FREEGIFT.

Thanks for stopping by - 
you have yourself a beautiful weekend! :)


  1. Very Cute Project. Love the color combination and all the elements added in. Simple sometimes makes a grand entrance... Thanks for sharing ~ Sandra V. ~

  2. I think this is so adorable! Very fun!



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