Friday, June 21, 2013

Camping Under the Stars...

Oh, how we all wish!
That is probably one of many dreams of us Calgarians right now.

I don't know how big of a news this is in the other parts of the world/North America,
but we've been getting SO SO much rain,
the most that I've ever seen in the history of Calgary living here...
and the schools were shut down,
25 communites were evacuated,
the zoo became underwater,
all the bridges into downtown were shut down today,
and 100,000 people are not in their homes tonight.
It's been so crazy here,
actually quite scary.
Thankfully, we live on a higher altitude than most that live in this city,
so our family is safe and sound,
yet we feel so sad for all those affected.

Anyway - we got about an hour of sunshine today,
so I ran out and got some pics of my latest fun project that I made this week!

 photo DSC_1584_zpsc9248478.jpg

It's a TENT BOX!!!
I got these cute papers from Echo Park last week,
and I was dying to use these up!
I had a Campin' Critter cartridge (yes, a Cricut one!)
and bought it 'cause I wanted to make the 3D tent that was on it.
However, it's still unopened, and rather...
I challenged myself to make one with SVG Cuts files!

Now, you're probably wondering which files I used, right?

The TENT is a 'modified' version of the tree from this kit.
I will let you know how to do one later in the post!

I just want to share all my fun little details before ...
keep you in suspense, let you drool all over it and make you want one of these real bad :)
Just kiddin'!

 photo DSC_1586_zps5ad38e6b.jpg

I LOVE embellishing with stickers!
It's so fun and so fast, but to add some originality - 
I like to use SVG Cuts files as the base.

 photo DSC_1588_zpsdeb47f6e.jpg

I was wondering how I was going to use that cute sign.
It's pretty fragile, but yet just so cute, and couldn't leave the project without it.
I adhered a toothpick behind it and stuck it inside a little wooden spool!

Now, these wooden spools were affixed onto each of the 4 corners of the box
and each of the corners of the tent canopy strengthened with an eyelet 
was tied to the wooden spools with twine.

 photo DSC_1581_zps2a6e1ca3.jpg

I love the color combo for this paper collection, too - 
so vibrant and fun!

 photo DSC_1582_zps2173d974.jpg

I tried to embellish all the sides of the box, which made it more fun!
Hopefully not too busy!

 photo DSC_1590_zpsb9e2b2ab.jpg

This is the back of the tent... 
fox peekin' in...
Oooh, that would freak me out if an animal came and peeked into my tent!

Anyway - soo... 
to make this - 
all you need are these two kits

I used the default size from the Advent Calendar Tree (Tree 5)
and instead of cutting the door piece for the front and plain back - 
I replaced it with these files:

Using the file with the door as a guide,
take the triangle from Basic Shapes Library and make it exactly the same dimension.
Delete the door.
This is for the front.

For the back, add a square onto a triangle and back it with an acetate.

For the sides, I resized each of them to 5" high but kept the width the same.
Cut and assemble.

Cut another plain triangle, same dimension, but no inside cutouts,
and cut a slit down the middle.
Adhere this to the front, only on the sides,
and flip open the slit and adhere to each of the sides.

The canopy that goes over the top of the tent is 5.25" by 12.0"
folded in half, with the eyelet holes in each of the corners.

I used the rectangle from Big Boutique Boxes 
and I sized the box to 8" wide and 6" high for the top rectangle.
You will need to adjust each of the sides to correspond to each measurement.
I hope that this makes sense, 
but if you have any probs-
feel free to contact me!

Anyway - I should go - 
I have a birthday party that I need to plan for my son's 11th birthday tomorrow!

Oh, and before you go - 
did you see the newest SVG Cuts kit?
It's gorgeous!
It looks so real!
You can customize your own handbag! 
It's free with purchase of $9.98 or more this week!

Alrighty -
thanks for dropping by here!
Have a great rest of the weekend, 
and may your city be flood/rain free!


  1. Super cute camping project I love your idea! paper choices are really nice.
    challenge, Have a great day
    DIANA L.

  2. It turned out so adorable Thienly such great detail, that paper is awesome!!

  3. precious tent! had to come and tell you. :P so sorry for all the rain you have been having. it was bad where we live for a while too but not as bad.
    some states had a bad sequence of tornadoes, those were bad. weather has been very unusual lately.
    take care!

  4. I love all of the details you added - the spools with the twine as the stakes is perfect!!! You are so very creative! And the papers, so colorful and fun! I hope the weather has improved and things are getting back to normal for you.

  5. I dropped in to see what fabulous projects you ahve been working on - whoa........I haven't ever gone camping but LOVE this great project. Love this tent on top of a box that could possibly hold a mini ablum of the camping trip. Great colors (and paper collection) used for this project. TFS - always a inspiration!!!!!



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