Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Grandfather's Clock - SVG Cuts DT project

Hello again!
Wow, it's been a busy week for me for blog writing!
Lots to share, so fun!
I hope to create things over the weekend, so I'll have more to show next week!
(no promises though!)

This project that just recently got posted over at SVG Cuts -
I was SO excited about!

I love how this turned out, and probably one of my favorite projects I ever made!
It looks so real in person!

 photo DSC_1398_zps4edd8945.jpg

I thought that it would be a stunning gift idea for Father's Day.
I've actually wanted to make this for the longest time as an SVG Cuts project...
but not having the clock file made it difficult...

As soon as I saw Maison de Madeline SVG Kit come out -
I knew it was time.
(Get it? Ha ha.)

The next question came as to HOW am I going to make it?
What files are there available from SVG Cuts that would mke it look the most like the clock?

Of course, there weren't any that I can just quickly use, so I had to break this together into 3 main parts:

After what files I was going to use -
everything came together smoothly.

 photo DSC_1407_zps10d45b5a.jpg

I wanted to have the clock works 'encapsulated and sunk in' within the outside case,
so I created another little box which I mounted the clock on, and put it inside the jukebox.

That decorative accent at the top was perfect, too - totally just gave it the 'antique' look.

What's perfect about the jukebox file is that 
because it was made originally to have a little battery-operated candle inside,
it already had a little 'door' that opened at the back.
This was the perfect size for you to be able to change the time and battery from the back!

 photo DSC_1406_zps1cdcbf84.jpg

Another bonus to using a jukebox file was that the bottom had a 'base that overhang'
which 'covered' up a portion of the letter "I" below...
making it look more 'attached' and together.

 photo DSC_1414_zpscd7193d7.jpg

Oh, and a birthday candle was also PERFECT for the pendulum base!
It even had a little opening already, which I used to attach wires :)

This was a tricky part...
not only because I had to let these three weights hang,
but also - I didn't have a way to allow it to open as I put acetate opening on four sides,
and the two ends were attached on.
This means that I HAD to make sure that the weights are in place,
and that it's not gonna fall off after I seal all the sides :)
IF you're really keen and up to the challenge -
you COULD take one of the 'door' from this advent calendar
and weld it to the front.
This would actually make it look more like the real thing -
but just didn't want to complicate my project oh, so much.

You can even omit the whole base, too  -
and just make the top part, the jukebox clock.
That's pretty cute, too!

Here's a shot from the side:

 photo DSC_1347_zps6ddfd543.jpg

So fun to be able to see through your project :)

So... if you're interested in making this,
you will need these following kits/collections.

Then - head over to SVG Cuts blog for exact file size dimensions and detailed instructions.

I hope that you liked my project and that you'll give it a try!
If you do - please do share it on the FB wall - I'd love to see!

Oh, and before I let you go - 
I'm so excited for the latest kit that is just going to be posted tonight!
(I know they are super busy trying to get this done, 
but have seen most of the kit contents, and it's to die for!
Definitely worth the wait!)

I know how we've been all asking and asking about this file... 
and Mary finally made it for us!!!
I can't wait to play with this,
and can't wait to see your version of it!


  1. Absolutely fantastic work here... This is just true art, girl! I will never understand how your mind works to figure these things out...

  2. So excited, I'm giving this project a try!
    Thanks to your always amazing creativity!
    I'll post it.
    I admire you ! :)

  3. FANTASTIC! Thienly you are the BOMB! WOW! Just amazing how you put all this together and what a beautiful clock!!!!! I LOVE it! I'm gonna try this for you remember what paper you used?

    1. Hello Sheri! Thank you! I used Bo Bunny's Back to Basics collection. If you make one, please be sure to share it with me! :)



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