Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stitched Magnet Board - Epiphany Crafts DT Project.

Happy Wednesday! (Regardless of the days of the week, I always feel happy!)

I've been hibernating away working on my next SVG Cuts project... but today, I've got a project to share with you over at the Epiphany Crafts blog!

This week, we have had the opportunity to play with pretty Lily Bee papers - for me, it was the Handmade collection.  These papers totally resembles the patchwork patterns, and I thought that it would be so cute to incorporate the quilted look into my project!

So, what I made today is a Quilted Magnet Board!


I cut out tons of diamonds on my Sizzix machine and then arranged them in a pattern on a think backing paper using a bit of double sided tape.  Once I was happy with my pattern, I stitched all the pieces together using my sewing machine.  I adhered this to a cookie pan (use Mod Podge), and voila - an instant magnet board!


All I had to do was to make some pretty magnets using Epiphany Craft tools, as well as add some magnet sheet to some of the pretty embellishment stickers that came in the Handmade collection.


This magnet board can also function as a pretty decor to your kitchen or office area. Use it to add important dates, emergency phone numbers, phone message center, calendar, pictures... really anything!




I love these pennant magnets!


If you don't have sewing machine, that's okay! You don't need to stitch them, it still looks cute! Or, you can even use those 'faux-stitch' stamps to stamp all around the pieces. If you're patient enough, it would also be cute to ink the edges of every piece - which would give it more of a vintage feel.

Anyway, here's the list of the supplies I used!

Epiphany Crafts Round 14 Shape Studio Tool and Bubble Cap
Epiphany Crafts Oval 25 Shape Studio Tool and Bubble Cap
Epiphany Crafts Round 20 Button Studio Tool and Button
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting Tea Room

Lily Bee - Handmande collection
Cookie Pan
Sewing machine and white thread
Magnet sheet
Round Magnets
Metal Clips
Thin Backing Paper (any thin paper)
Glue Gun
Craft Glue for Metal/Mod Podge

Anyway, that's it for today!

Yesterday, I got me some more Copics, so I've also been trying to teach myself how to color! It's fun, and feels like I'm back in preschool! I think finally, I got enough to start trying to blend some colors together! Yay!


  1. I love this! That's alot of stitching! I made one but didn't do the stitching because I suck. LOVE all those magnets too

  2. This is adorable Thienly! I LOVE it! So so cute and useful at the same time, what's not to love!?... :-D <3

  3. i just absolutely love all your work but this is a super idea for me to do for some gifts!! its adorable, awesome, cute, you name it its got it! only good names though!! thanks for sharing i am a follower on your fb page im just not one to leave a lot of comments, but this deserved some attention.
    again great job!!

  4. This is amazing! Such a great way to use up some scrapbook paper I'm hoarding.



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