Friday, May 11, 2012

Leo and Mary's Housewarming Card!

Hey all! Happy Friday!
Wow - this week sure went by SUPER fast!

I've been meaning to post this, and I just had no time to do this until today, but wanted to share my card that I made for Leo and Mary. (In case you're not sure who they are, they are the owners of SVG Cuts).

The whole design team started thinking about how awesome it would be to do something fun and thoughtful for Leo and Mary, when they moved into their new beautiful home.  Then the wheels started turning, and thought that it would be cute and thoughtful to try to get as many cards from fans as we can and surprise them with it.  We also got the help of Leo and Mary's moms and we definitely couldn't have done this without them. Fleurette, who lives pretty close to Leo and Mary's place, put all the cards on a collage and took them over with balloons last weekend during their Cinco de Mayo party :)

I think that it was a success! We all divided up the 'letters' of the last name that we're responsible for, and messaged all that we can through Facebook.  It was so fun!  I was so curious as to what other's would make - and it's been really fun to see many cards popping up on Facebook!

Therefore, I thought that I'd share mine!


I was super impressed with what other's had made!  To me, a housewarming card meant something to do with a house, decor... but fans came up with all sorts of fun ideas!

My house was taken from the Strawberry Lane SVG Collection and I changed the windows a bit and added a picket fence (these are from Main Street USA SVG Mega Pack) and voila! Pretty house warming card! I love this paper, too - it's My Mind's Eye Miss Caroline collection.


In case you missed this pic up on SVG Cuts FB wall page, this is Leo and Mary proudly holding up our cards!


IF YOU HAD NOT BEEN CONTACTED ABOUT THIS AND WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CARD FOR MARY AND LEO - YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO! (We tried our best to contact who we know, but I'm sure there's many SVG Cuts' fans out there!)

Autumn Creative LLC
P.O. Box 223
Wasco, IL 60183-0223

...and for those of you that did participate - THANK YOU!!!

Oooh, and have you seen their latest kit just released tonight??? It's Tea for You and Me SVG Kit... This is probably my all time fave of Mary's work... it's just gorgeous... 3D teapot, 3D teacup.... not to mention the 3D spoons, tea dispenser box, teabag tray and a card.. WOW!!! This is the FREE GIFT of the week with coupon 'FREEGIFT' and a purchase of $9.98 or more!


I think that's it! Have a great crafty weekend everyone!


  1. I love it Thienly! It's gorgeous! :-)

  2. LOVE it...absolutely perfect.

  3. What an amazing card for a wonderful couple!!

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