Monday, January 31, 2011

Corner Wall Calendar.

Here's a project I did for the Lettering Delights Creativity Challenge.  This is something new that started in the LD website, and all the entries are posted in the idea gallery on their site.  It ran from middle of January and the cut off date is today, and you were to use the calendar file (free download) and use at least one of the Lettering Delights product.  It can be a card, a scrapbook page, or anything that you desire to make. 

I chose their Balloon Craze SVGs (super cute) and their pennant SVGs.  I decided to put each calendar month on the pennant, and have it strung with twine and held by clouds, balloon, rainbow and a mountain.  It's a year calendar that can be hung on a corner wall!  Super cute, I'd say!

To tell you the truth, I felt really horrible doing this, as I'm on the SVGCuts design team.  I'm a very loyal person, and all I could think about was how Leo and Mary would take this.  However, it's just a challenge, and I just wanted to try LD's files - see how they cut, see how everything is compared to SVGCuts SVGs.  That seems fair, doesn't it?   
My kids had a day off today, so spent the morning making Valentine sugar cookies.  They had too much fun - and had way too much sugar in the end!

Anyway, hope that you're having a fabulous day!


  1. What an attractive fun calendar to hang on the wall and OMG...those cookies look so yummy...wish I could cross the border and come eat some. OK...kodak moment with the kids baking. Now you must to a scrapbook page and show us.

  2. LOVE it! Super cute and whimsical,and I love the pastel colors... :-D
    As for the files and SVGCuts versus Lettering Delights, my opinion is that working with different companies and products just enhances your creativity... so it's good for everyone in the end1 ;-)

  3. This is really cute!!! I love that little rainbow!

  4. I'm with Bee...We all know how loyal you are and it only brings more attention to the craft of SVG's. I think SvgCuts has nothing to worry about LD and SVGcuts are both thoroughbreds in the industry.
    AND OMG those cookies DO look yummy! And the Calendar is FABULOUS too. You are the bomb!

  5. That is a super cute project! You have my vote on this one. As for the loyalty thing -- well, I probably would not be doing what I am doing today if I hadn't found SVGCUTS.COM. They are my #1 go-to, plus I couldn't make it without their customer service/tutorials/etc. And, I might not have found you if it weren't for Mary and Leo selecting you for the design team! I love your stuff. I think we all buy from other sources, but it doesn't take anything away from our favorite. Every now and then, I don't wear pink...;)))

  6. YOU WON!! My crazy talented friend, your calendar won 1st place! Way to go! :-D <3



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