Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jack O'Lantern-in-a-Box - SVG Cuts DT Project

Helloooo my SVG Cuts friends!!!

Oh, how I've been waiting for this day!
It's been too long since I've shared my last project with them (Christmas House one) -
and was getting anxious to share!
(Hope that you haven't forgotten about me!)

First off - I wanted to congratulate Leo and Mary for being the
GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards.
There were over 2300 nominees!!!
Now, that's quite the achievement!

They get to meet Martha in New York City and attend her American Made Workshop, 
get featured on her website AND they receive a $10,000 prize!
That a pretty amazing way to start their married life!

ALSO, I'm so excited that I have THREE SVG Cuts projects to share within a week!
So - stay tuned!
Lots of fun coming your way!!!

I hope that you've been enjoying the Halloween Party as much as I have.
All the fellow members have made some fun and creative projects and it's so fun for all of us to share daily!

My first project for this party is the....


Be surprised... when you open this box...

 photo DSC_2592-1_zpsd39db073.jpg

Just untie the ribbon and ...

out comes....

 photo DSC_2585-1_zps2b7b68af.jpg

PUMPKIN (all dressed up)!!!
So cool, right? 

 photo DSC_2594-1_zpsd5fed650.jpg

I even put a little handle at the side.
(and it actually turns - for fun!!)

 photo DSC_2603-1_zpsdc259d70.jpg

... and for the carnival feel...
I added some fun Halloween tickets at the front.

Do you see the box of candies at the back?
Yep - the bottom box pulls up and reveals yummy treats at the bottom!

I saved the pic of the whole project til last
(just to be different this time!)

 photo DSC_2596-1_zpsf2768fd4.jpg

I hope that you liked this project as much as I enjoyed making it!
(I had so much fun setting up the photo props for this project, too!)
The paper collection - Happy Haunting from MME was perfect for my project :)

To make this - here are the kits/collections that you'll need.

1. Gift Boxes SVG Kit (top box and the lid hinge)
2. Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit (bottom box)
4. Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit (pumpkin)
6. Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit (pumpkin face)
7. Salazar's Scary Squares SVG Collection (cool side panels!)

Once you have all those - 
then head on over to the SVG Cuts blog for file dimensions and detailed instructions!

Before you go - 
just a reminder to pick up your FREE KIT OF THE WEEK!
(on purchases $9.98 or more, and coupon: FREEGIFT)
DID YA NOTICE - Mary used the same paper collection as my project?

 photo manor_zps7de50317.jpg

Okay, that's it everyone!
Lots of excitement today!
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Wow, this Jack In The Box is so awesome!!! Spooky and cute at the same time.

  2. You never stop amazing me. Love this!

  3. Oh girl, Thienly !! Not a real Halloween celebrater, but love to see the different projects. I can transfer it to any other theme anyway ;-) Love this !! And congrats also with the win !!

  4. My mind is blown!! This jack in the box is amazing!!

  5. WOW!! This is AMAZING!!! What a COOL project! I love it and all the details are fabulous!
    Sherrie K

  6. My jaw is still on the floor....... And it turns.....And their is candy inside......And it is FABULOUS!!!!



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