Friday, March 1, 2013

Nobunny like you...

Happy Friday!
(and welcome to all my friends from Friends with Flairs :) )

I'm FINALLY back into my crafting mode, after coming back from my two week vacation.
It was an amazing trip, but unfortunately, I came down with something right before I left 
...and INFECTED my ENTIRE family (Six of them, including my parents)
It's been a rough ride, and just found out that four of us have bronchitis, 
so we're now treated, as of yesterday :)
Hoping to get better soon!

Today, I have a fun Easter project to share with you 
using the current Stamp of the Week from Unity Stamp Company.
I love these weekly stamps - so cute and easy to get inspired!
ONLY TWO more days to get this stamp - 
so if ya love it - 
(I know you do!)
Go sign up at the link above!

 photo nobunnylikeyou_zps051fafa2.jpg

I decided to make a Easter basket filled with 'carrots'. 
All the files are from here, of course SVG Cuts. 
I love how their files add so much to Unity stamps!

 photo DSC_0572_zps64e3b23c.jpg

Isn't the stamp cute?
 I adore that bunny, and you may not able to tell, 
but I made this into a lollipop holder.

 photo DSC_0564_zps9d31d5c8.jpg

I also LOVE the sentiment, which I decided to stick them on a rod, like a sign.

 photo DSC_0571_zpsc34c70da.jpg

This was the first time I made this basket and I was so impressed,
 as with any other Mary's files. 
All the weaving strips fit together so well - 
I was blown away. 
I have NO idea how one would make not only rounded, 
but a basket, and make it fit together so perfectly.

 photo DSC_0567_zps5d730a5a.jpg

You've got to check out these adorable carrots, too!
They open up at the top, so you can fill them with little Easter goodies, like tiny eggs and jellybeans.
The basket and the carrots are all in one kit!

 photo DSC_0568_zpsc213ccc8.jpg

...and they are SUPER SIMPLE to put together!

Anyway, that's it for today.
Hope that you liked my project!

Don't forget about the fabulous releases from Joslyn Nielson this week!
Have you seen it?
Go check it out at the store!

See the promo this week as well - 
ALL Itty Bittys are Buy one, Get one for $0.01!
and there's a FREE GIFT with EVERY ORDER over $25!

 photo Unitypromo_zpsf0440d38.jpg

Oh, I saw the 'sneak peeks' of the latest SVG Cuts new kit.
It's mind blowing. 
It's gorgeous.
I'm gonna have SO MUCH fun with it!
Just wait and see... :)

Thanks for stopping by! 
Have a beautiful day!


  1. I know I posted a comment over on FB but couldn't help myself...This is just so adorably cute! Love it!! And I am so envious that you have seen the new kit already! :)

  2. That is such a cut project! I just made those carrots this past week as well :)



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